GamingMonk: A Community of 1 Million Gamers

GamingMonk, a community-focused gaming company servicing Esports and content, has just hit the 1 million user mark.

As one of India’s largest Esports community platforms, GamingMonk aims to spread awareness about gaming and its competitive nature.

Started by Ashwin Haryani & Abhay Sharma in 2015 as a gaming e-commerce company, GamingMonk has pivoted to an esports platform since.

GamingMonk operates across three fundamental verticals that aims to fulfill user engagement and satisfaction: Play, Watch and Discover.

Play– GamingMonk organizes competitive online and offline gaming tournaments for games like PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, WCC Rivals, Clash Royale, FIFA 20 etc. Users can participate in multiple tournaments throughout the day and win cash prizes.

Watch– Users can watch livestreams of various tournaments conducted by GamingMonk throughout the day, and also consume video content around Esports and Gaming.

Discover– Users can discover new games, new content around games and engage with other gamers across India through the discover section.

In the past, GamingMonk has partnered with leading brands and organizations like Logitech, Asus, Nubia, Colourful, Nvidia, Sony, EA, Riot Games, Tencent, Benq, Poco, Xiaomi, Oneplus, Juglee games, AFK gaming, Network 18, and many more.

The company recently hit the 1 million user mark, where more than 300,000 of those users were acquired in the last 3 months itself.

Ashwin Haryani, the co-founder of GamingMonk said, “All of us at GamingMonk are excited to hit this milestone of 1 million users. We started off doing small-scale offline events inside restaurants/cafes with just 80-100 participants, today we conduct 100+ tournaments online everyday replicating the same competitive and social experience of those offline events. We want to take this opportunity to thank all our users who have shown immense support & love for GamingMonk.”

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The Poco Battle Arena- Powered By Poco in Partnership with GamingMonk

GamingMonk and the people’s favourite smartphone brand Poco have partnered together to bring to you the PUBG Mobile Poco Battle Arena.

What is the Poco Battle Arena?

The PUBG Mobile Poco Battle Arena is a huge tournament for the game PUBG Mobile with over 500 squads. These squads will be comprised of 4 team members each. The qualifiers for this tournament will occur on 28th April and 30th April. The winning squad will be awarded 4 Poco X2 smartphones, one for each squad member after the Grand Finale on 4th May.

A Livestream for the tournament will also be available to watch on YouTube and the GamingMonk app.

How to Register?

To register for the Poco Battle Arena, you will need to download the GamingMonk app and create a GamingMonk account if you haven’t already. Then in the ‘Tournaments’ category, you will see the Poco Battle Arena tournament listing. Click to Join the tournament and invite your friends to the squad. All you have to do then is wait to be notified about your match on the day of the tournament.

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The Ultimate Clash Royale Guide For Beginners

Clash Royale is a hugely popular game in India. And it’s nothing like PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile, instead, it’s a card-based strategy game where you take on opponents in 1-v-1 battles. So if you’re used to the action of PUBG Mobile and are planning to try this as well, you might find that the same tricks don’t help you. So we’ve made this beginner-friendly guide for people looking to get started with Clash Royale.

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to ensure you have a fun and thrilling experience starting this game and bag some wins:

1. Balanced Deck

Always keep balanced units in your deck. This will make sure you don’t need to wait for too long for your elixir to refill and you’ll be able to deploy units faster. It will also help you be quick when it comes to launch counter-attacks and defend your tower. A good, balanced deck will be very helpful in keeping your opponent under pressure.

2. Don’t Waste Elixir

The most important thing in Clash Royale is Elixir management. If you’re good at timing your cards and managing Elixir, you can take down your opponent even if your deck is weaker than them. In the beginning of a match, if your opponent is waiting, it might be best for you to wait as well, for your Elixir to fill up to 9 bars before you start placing your units on the field.

But if you’re being attacked, there’s no point in waiting too much because you’ll end up taking a lot of damage on your towers in the meanwhile. That’s why in most situations it’s best to deploy your defensive units as soon as the enemy starts attacking you.

Saving up Elixir won’t help you in every situation, the only thing that will happen is your opponent will be able to deploy more units and recharge his Elixir again, so make sure you don’t let them do that, otherwise they’ll gain a significant number advantage on the field. It’s okay if you’re trying to execute a specific strategy, like baiting your enemy into a trap, but otherwise make sure you make good timely use of the Elixir.

3. Zonal Play

The playing field in Clash Royale has two halves, one for you and the other for your opponent. You may feel like it’s best to place your units as close to the enemy half as possible in the starting, but don’t make that mistake. If your enemy has just deployed a unit and it’s moving towards your half, wait for the right moment. Let it enter your side and then launch a counter-attack. With this you’ll be able to take down the enemy units more easily as your own towers will fire at them too, and you won’t waste any time killing the enemy units.

Similarly, when you’re on the offensive, make sure you don’t activate the enemy king’s tower. It will remain passive until you attack it directly and it won’t shoot your units at all. This will make sure your troops take less damage and be able to put more pressure on the enemy by damaging their towers.

4. Don’t Panic, especially at the end.

Apart from Elixir management and deck building, the most important thing in Clash Royale is to make sure you don’t lose your calm and play with a cool, composed mind. If you panic, you’ll end up making some wrong moves in a hurry and the opponent will be able to take advantage of your mistakes and defeat you.

The probability of this happening is the most once the timer goes below the 1 minute mark, because then the Elixir starts recharging twice as fast. Make sure you don’t put all your units on the offense, and take care of your own towers and focus on their defense as well.

By doing this, you can even turn around a losing game by the time that last 1 minute gets over, because your enemy will try to make sure to do the most amount of damage to your towers and might even let his own towers remain open for attack.

5. Mind Games – Play Your Opponent, Not Just Their Cards

In the middle of the match in Clash Royale, you can use quick chat and reactions as well. You can use these to irritate your opponent, frustrating them into making a rash move. Make sure you don’t cross any limits, and time the reactions well to make sure your enemy loses his focus as being distracted can directly give you an advantage in the game.

These were our 5 top tips for beginners to help them get started with Clash Royale. If you found these helpful, be sure to check back regularly for more guides for all your favourite games, from PUBG Mobile to COD Mobile, Clash Royale, Garena Free Fire and more!

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4 Hidden Tricks in PUBG Mobile That You Might Not Know

We have posted quite a few PUBG Tips but here are a few tricks that you may not know about that could be useful if you’re ever in trouble and need some way to get an advantage. So without further ado, here are four hidden tricks in PUBG Mobile you might not know about that can be helpful.

1. Car Bug

The car bug is when you jump onto the side of a car but not on top of it. You jump right onto the edge so it looks like you’re floating and then you go prone and you’re basically completely hidden while also being in a usual spot from which you can aim and get people.

2. Crawling Underwater

If you are near a body of water and think someone might be over and don’t have any cover, you could use this trick. Go prone outside the body of water and select any throwable object. Then start aiming to throw it but don’t actually throw it. Just hold it and start crawling towards the water until you’re completely submerged and not visible. You won’t have to worry about oxygen and can catch an enemy by surprise.

3. Red Zone Camp

This is a risky thing to do but can help you switch your tactics. You take damage if you’re in the red zone, however, if even a single small pixel of your character’s body is touching the blue circle, you won’t take damage. You can use this and always stay at the edge until the very end. Remember, camping is a viable strategy in this game.

4. Stairway Spot

If you’re inside a house and want to ambush people use this. If there’s a staircase, you can jump onto the ledge on the wall of the staircase and position yourself above the staircase, a spot where nobody tends to check, especially in FPP. You will literally have the drop on them once they start climbing the staircase as they won’t spot you and you can kill them. You will be in a vulnerable spot though so if there is more than one person and you shoot too soon, you could be in trouble so do this when there’s back up around.

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COD Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile, Which Is Better?

A lot of people have been playing COD Mobile recently while it was in closed beta, and the game is actually pretty good. Not only does it have the same Battle Royale as PUBG, but it also has a ton of other game modes if you want some variety. With COD Mobile soon coming back in open beta, many have been asking what the differences between the two big games are, and which game will be more fun with friends.


Firstly, let’s talk about the graphics – Both games look good on phones, but for my preference, COD Mobile looks a bit sharper. It only has one map in the Battle Royale mode, but it has a lot more maps in the different games modes and all of it adds a lot of variety to how the game looks.


Next is the gameplay, and this is probably what will mean the most to players. PUBG Mobile leans more towards a more realistic military feel, while COD Mobile is a lot more arcade-ish. You move a lot faster in COD mobile and the gameplay is lot more frantic. If you prefer a more tactical and slow approach, PUBG Mobile is more suited for you. However, if you prefer a faster gameplay style, COD Mobile is easily the best in the genre. Weapons feel tight and accurate, and the movement is really fluid.


Anyone who has played PUBG Mobile for a good amount of time will know that the game has terrible optimization. Fun as the game is, it has a lot of performance issues, and the game constantly drops frames below 60. COD Mobile, however, is super smooth and runs at 60 FPS without any lag at all. This alone made me want to play a lot more of COD Mobile over PUBG Mobile. Picking up items and opening doors always felt janky in PUBG Mobile, while it’s really responsive in COD Mobile, and it feels great.

Game Modes

The biggest difference between COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile are the game modes. Both games have the popular Battle Royale game mode that is all the craze right now. However, in COD Mobile Battle Royale, you can drive even more vehicles and even fly a helicopter. This is a lot more fun and gives you more options to chase down enemies. You can also jump off the helicopter and redeploy the glider to land safely. Apart from the Battle Royale mode, COD has lot of other popular multiplayer modes like Free For All and Deathmatch, with a lot of different maps.

This is a big difference from PUBG Mobile, which does have a few other modes but feels really lacking in comparison. This variety is also refreshing and is a good reason for you to keep playing the game and get some good practice with the shooting, even if you get bored of the Battle Royale mode.


Overall, it really feels like COD Mobile is a more refined version of PUBG Mobile, and players will have a lot of fun playing it. It’s not that COD Mobile will be a PUBG killer, but it sure will give it some tough competition. Almost everyone I know who plays PUBG Mobile has great things to say about COD Mobile and said that they would rather play COD Mobile over PUBG.

So which one do you think is the right game for you, PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile? Let us know in the comments what you think about both the games and which one you like more.

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PUBG Mobile Best Weapons Guide

PUBG Mobile has a lot of weapons you can choose to help you win. From Pistols and SMGs to Shotguns, Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles, there’s just about every kind of gun you can find either on the battleground, or in the air drop. With so many options, choosing the right weapon for your play style can be a difficult task. So here’s a handy guide with all the best weapons in PUBG Mobile across the different weapon types. Without further ado, let’s see what they are.

AWM- Long Range God

The AWM is the most powerful gun in the game as it will kill someone even with a level 3 helmet with one headshot. However, the gun can only be found in airdrops which mean that getting it is a risky affair. If you do get it though, you will tear through your opposition if you’ve mastered this gun.

SKS – The Assault Rifle for For Long Range Fighters

With the proper attachments, the SKS is better than the SLR which is also a fantastic weapon to use. For battle between 200-600m, this gun with attachments is a beast that will not let you down.

AKM- The Power Hitting Rifle

The AKM is a damn good weapon if equipped with a compensator as it deals the highest damage out of the other non crate ARs. The fact that it can be found so easily and with an attachment can be turned into a mean machine makes this a very viable choice.

M416- The All Rounder Assault Rifle

With all the attachments, this weapon right here will have an edge over the AKM. However getting all the attachments can be tricky but if you do, this weapon will never let you down.

UMP9 – The Close Quarter Killer

Set it to auto and watch enemies close to you drop like flies. This thing is great when it comes to close encounters due to its high rate of fire and its magazine capacity. The Vector is also a good choice but can get you in trouble due to its magazine size.

The AUG, Kar98, Scar-L and the Groza are also great weapons that if you find are absolutely worth using with the proper attachments. What are your favourite weapons? Let us know down below and check out the links below if you’re looking for more PUBG Mobile guides, or tips for any of your favourite games, like Call of Duty Mobile, Garena Free Fire or Clash Royale.

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Free Fire: Best Guns To Use

Free Fire just like other battle royale games offers players over 40 weapons to choose from but not all weapons were made equal. Some guns give you a tactical advantage over your enemies. They also provide you with better options as to how to engage with your opponents.

The Groza is hands down the best assault rifle you’ll find in Free Fire. The sad part is, that you can only find it in airdrops, but if you do find it, go with it because it’s better than all the other assault rifles.

It has a high rate of fire, high damage, and very low recoil. So if you can get to the airdrop and loot it, by all means, do it because it will definitely be worth it.

FAMAS is another solid assault rifle whose damage is a little higher than the SCAR. Its rate of fire is pretty good too so if you can find this, we recommend it over the SCAR any day. It is also the only burst fire weapon in the game.

Due to its ability to one tap, the FAMAS has great accuracy and damage. However, In the right hands, the FAMAS is the best assault rifle in the game and possibly the best weapon in the game. 

You won’t be able to find the M79 easily in the field, but in case you do, be prepared to literally blow your enemies away. Its damage is unsurprisingly very high, and using it is a piece of cake.

If you’re the only person left in your squad and you’re up against teams of 2 or more people, the M79 can be an absolute godsend. If you can use it well you’ll be able to take multiple people down with a single shot.

The AWM is the best Sniper Rifle in the game. So much so, that simply its name is enough to instill fear in your enemies. Finding it is not an easy task at all, but if you can manage to get your hands on it you should definitely use it because it has incredibly high damage output.

It can feel slow but a single shot of this gun can be enough to take your enemy down. So work on your aim and you’ll be killing left and right with the AWM in no time.

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PUBG Mobile And Reliance Jio Potential Partnership

After PUBG was banned it was quite apparent that if the game was to make its way back in India it would need the help of an Indian company. Previously, it was reported that PUBG Corporation was looking for Indian partners to publish and distribute the game in India.

According to several reports, Reliance Jio is in talks with PUBG Corporation and can take over the PUBG License to operate in India. It would make sense if this turned out to be true as the RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani himself has showcased his interest in the gaming market with Reliance also investing heavily in the industry.

The PUBG Corporation is reportedly in talks with Reliance Industries Ltd’s (RIL) telecom arm to win it over as a potential publisher and distributor in the country. The reports also mention that the discussions were in an “advanced stage” with the two companies negotiating revenue sharing and plans for localization. 


Having an Indian partner will not only help PUBG enter the Indian gaming market once more but might also help repair its brand image in India. But there are only a few companies who are capable of handling a game as big as PUBG in India.

However, since the talks aren’t final yet, no official statement that has been given out by either PUBG or Reliance Jio.

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COD Mobile: Best Primary Weapons To Use

COD Mobile gives players over 45 weapons to choose from but not all weapons were made equal. Some guns perform better than the others and may give players a tactical advantage based on what kind of weapon they use.

The majority of players prefer either assault rifles, SMGs, or LMGs. In this article, we will discuss the current meta of the game and tell you what weapon is best for your playstyle.


The DR-H is one of the best assault rifles in Season 10 of the Call of Duty: Mobile. This gun deals very high damage with a good fire rate, recoil, and optimal range. Players can use the DR-H in varied situations. This gun is really good to use in close range and is really powerful with OTM Mag attachment.


The Man-O-War is the second-best option for an assault rifle on this list. While the rifle can deal a good amount of damage along with great fire range, the recoil control is very much required. The optimal range for the Man-O-War is close to medium range. 


The ASM10 combines high damage with long-range accuracy, making it the ultimate sniper alternative for everyone with an itchy trigger finger. It is also highly viable at short range, taking only 3 shots to kill an enemy.


The QQ9 is probably the best submachine gun in the game. It is a monster at close range with fast ads speed, high damage combined with an extremely fast fire rate it kills enemies before they can even react.


The Razorback is the second best option in terms of SMGs. It has high damage, good fire rate, and recoil control which makes it viable at close to medium range as compared to QQ9.

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Free Fire: How To Play On PC

Yes, you heard it right with the help of emulators you can play Free Fire on PC. While the game is made to play on mobile many people don’t like the controls offered by the game. This is true even if you are using a mobile controller as many players find it more comfortable to use keyboard and mouse.

The emulator we would recommend is called ‘Bluestacks’ and it is quite popular in gaming community. You can also download other emulators such as LDPlayer, MeMu, KoPlayer, and Nox.

Step 1: First thing you have to do is download and install the emulator from this link

Step 2: Now that the emulator is installed, open it and follow the instructions to log in to the Google Play Store.

Step 3: Search for Free Fire and download it

Step 4: Run the game and log in as a guest or via your Google, Apple, or Facebook account.

Step 5: Adjust quality settings according to your PC hardware and now you are all good to go.

Note: The emulator may take a while to download even with fast internet connections.

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How to download PUBG Mobile 1.0 international version

We all are aware that PUBG Mobile has been banned from India following border tensions with China. It was banned along with a slew of other apps, the complete list of which, can be found here.

The version of PUBG Mobile which we had in India was published by Tencent which is a Chinese company whereas the developers of PUBG Mobile are originally Korean. This means that the international version of the game is, in-fact, published by Bluehole with no Chinese stakeholders whatsoever. 

In this article, we’ll give you step by step instructions on how to go about downloading the international version of the game and keep enjoying those chicken dinners without having to worry about the PUBG Ban India. 


  • Download APK from here.
  • Download OBB file from here.
  • Enable ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ in Android. To do this go to Settings>Safety and Privacy>Allow Installation From Unknown Sources.
  • Install the APK but don’t open it.
  • Copy the downloaded OBB file to Android/OBB/com.tencent.ig. Create the folder if it isn’t there.
  • Launch the game. 

Disclaimer: Indian players please download the global version at your risk as it might lead to bans.

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Inno3D Geforce RTX 3080 Review

One of the biggest claims by Nvidia is that the company’s new flagship RTX 3080 will have twice the performance of RTX 2080. However, true or not this does make me regret my decision of buying a 2080 just a couple of months ago.

It should be noted that in this review we will be keeping the technical jargon to a minimum and think like a consumer while focusing on the practical side of things. The reason for that is because it would be pointless to argue about the specs of the graphic card cause as it stands it is the best option in its current price range.

A huge thanks to Inno3D and Volted PC for providing us with this opportunity. For more details go to this link


The new RTX 3080 not only has better performance than the last generation flagship RTX 2080 Ti but also shows improvements in various other aspects.

Inno3D RTX 3080 features an improved thermal design and 4 fans with the graphic card which keeps the GPU 20 degrees Celsius cooler than the RTX 2080. It should be noted that despite the additional fans it is a bit quieter compared to other graphic cards.

Now, this all might seem like a small change but in reality, would benefit consumers in the long run. However, this still feels a bit lacking as Nvidia’s GPU has a reputation of heating up a bit without a proper cooling system, a problem that persists in this product too.

Another major thing that made a big impression on me was finally having some cool looking RGB options for my graphic card. Inno3D RTX 3080 in particular has a great design and cool looking effects, which looks quite amazing if you have a proper tower PC with a transparent glass window. What’s even better is that you can sync the RGB for your graphic card directly from your motherboard.


Benchmark (Max Settings)RTX 2080RTX 3080 % change
Microsoft Flight Simulator17fps29fpsup 70%
Control (DLSS quality + RT)50fps72fpsup 44%
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (DLSS)65fps94fpsup 44%
CoD: Warzone61fps85fpsup 39%
Metro Exodus (DLSS+RT)30fps49fpsup 63%
Gears 549fps80fpsup 63%
Fortnite53fps98fpsup 85%
CS:GO205fps261fpsup 27%
Destiny 263fps80fpsup 27%
Death Stranding66fps103fpsup 56%

The performance offered by this graphic card makes it seem like the old RTX 2000 series were just mere beta versions for the new Ampere based RTX 3000 series. This has definitely lead to many poor RTX 2080 owners like me to drown in our sorrows with only memes to help us through this sad time.

According to our tests, RTX 3080 showed a 30-40% performance increase when compared to RTX 2080 Ti and a 60-70% performance increase when compared to RTX 2080. However, It should be noted that you might even see better performance based on your processor, so make sure that yours does not bottleneck.

Speaking of bottlenecks don’t run and buy a new processor just because you are getting 150 FPS in CSGO instead of 200. Probably wait for a sale or AMD and Intel to announce new processors which according to recent leaks shouldn’t take that long.

In terms of graphics and resolution, the RTX 3080 is built for 4K and possibly even 8K gaming. Previously, even if you had the best PC setup, you could only experience 4K gaming with ray tracing on by sacrificing your FPS considerably. However, with this beast of a graphic card playing games in 4K is much more viable option now.

It is a shame though that there aren’t many games on the market right now which can make use of advanced features such as ray tracing and DLSS.


The launch price for this graphic card will cost you around Rs.70,000, give or take a few thousand. Which is not much considering the performance boost you can expect when compared to anything within this price range. However, you can expect some price fluctuations post-launch due to the difficulties involved in shipping the graphic card all over the world in these turbulent times.

Just recently when the card was launched in the US it didn’t take long for stocks to run out and entire websites to crash while taking orders which has become pretty common nowadays. So make sure to grab it while you can or have fun regretting later.


When building a gaming PC the general rule of thumb is to buy a graphic card which is around 30 to 40% of your budget. But considering the price of this beast of a graphic card, it seems more likely that you will have to sacrifice on some of the other parts of your PC to fit this in your budget.

Let’s assume you want some reasonable PC build with the new RTX 3080. It should be suffice to say you are going to be spending at least 1 to 1.3 lakh on your PC. So make sure to keep your budget in mind when building a PC with RTX 3080.


RTX 3090RTX 3080RTX 3070
CUDA Cores1049687045888
Boost Clock1.7 GHz1.71 GHz1.73 GHz
Memory Config24GB GDDR6X10GB GDDR6X8GB GDDR6
HDMI 2.1 SupportYesYesYes
Power Consumption350 W320 W220 W
Recommended PSU750 W750 W650 W
Dimensions (inches)12.3″ x 5.4″ (3-slots)11.2″ x 4.4″ (2-slot)9.5″ x 4.4″ (2-slot)
Launch DateSeptember 24, 2020September 17, 2020October 2020
Price (USD)Rs.152,000Rs. 71,000Rs. 51,000


Nvidia has clearly knocked it out of the park with their Ampere based RTX 3000 series graphic cards. Now even if AMD announces its competitor the BIG NAVI graphic cards, I doubt they will be as good as the RTX 3080. Even if the RTX 3080 may seem out of your budget do keep an eye out for future releases in the RTX 3070 which is supposed to release this October.

The bottom line is that this card is made for 4K gaming and even if you are not interested in that and only want better performance RTX 3080 is the card for you.

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Warzone: Coming On Mobile?

Activision’s premier Battle Royale game, Call of Duty: Warzone, has amassed a huge dedicated following and quickly rose up the ranks to become one of the most played battle-royale games out there. It seems that Activision wants mobile phone users to have the same experience because a now removed job listing on Activision’s website stated that they were looking for an executive producer to work on “WZM” which seems like an acronym for Warzone Mobile. The job listing also mentioned, “new AAA mobile FPS in the Call of Duty franchise.” A screenshot of the same can be seen below.

It seems that the mobile port will be a diminished version of the console and PC version but nonetheless it will be exciting to see how soon mobile players will be able to jump into Verdansk if the rumors prove true. Though COD Mobile already has a BR mode it will be interesting to see how the Warzone experience ties in with that or whether the progression will be simultaneous on both games. 

Source: TechRadar

With Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War around the corner, it seems that Warzone will get expanded with new abilities and gameplay elements, including maps that should alter the experience significantly. If and when Warzone Mobile comes out, it’ll be sure to have those gameplay elements incorporated into it. 

PS5 Release Date, Prices, and Launch Titles Announced

After months of speculation and leaks Sony has finally come out announced the release date and price for PS5 along with some major titles coming to the platform. In a recent live stream, Sony announced that the Playstation 5 will release in the US, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea on November 12 and later to the rest of the world on November 19.

The PS5 will cost $499, while the PS5 Digital Edition will cost $399. Based on previous console releases it is safe to assume that the Indian prices for consoles would probably be around Rs 50,000 for PS5 and Rs 40,000 for PS5 Digital Edition. In comparison, the Xbox Series X is priced at ₹49,990 while the Series S is priced at ₹34,990

Make sure to grab one when pre-orders become available for India. Due to the current world scenario, it is expected that stocks will soon run dry and the supply might take a while to catch up with demand.


Right at the end of the live stream, Sony also dropped a teaser for the next God of War game by Santa Monica Studious which is supposed to release by 2021. This is by far the most anticipated game for the PS5 and continues the story of Kratos and his son Atreus from the previous game.



Sony also announced a number of PS4 games that will be available on launch for the PS5 via Playstation Plus Collection. It seems users will have access to these games by using the Playstation Plus monthly subscription service. The games included will be the most popular titles in the PS4 library such as:-

  • God of War
  • The Last of Us: Remastered
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • Battlefield 1
  • Monster Hunter World
  • Fallout 4
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • The Last Guardian
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Infamous: Second Son
  • Days Gone
  • Bloodborne
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Batman Arkham Knight
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Persona 5
  • Until Dawn
  • Resident Evil: Biohazard

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Call Of Duty Mobile: Sniping Guide

The sniping mechanics have always been an integral part of the Call Of Duty franchise and it’s no different for COD Mobile. Being a good sniper can win you many games and also make for some really cool montages(all of us have seen those). But there are some things you need to keep in mind to become a good sniper. Be it positioning, selecting the best sniper, or quick scoping, a good sniper needs to practice in order to reach their true potential. In this article, we’ll tell you how to become a good sniper and the various nifty tricks to enhance your COD Mobile sniping skills.

Selecting a sniper – There are a total of six sniper rifles available in COD Mobile and each one of them has its own pros and cons but most people swear by the DL-Q33 or the Arctic.50. A complete list is given below:-

Source: ZillionGamer

Positioning – In order to be a really good sniper and actually win games and gain an advantage in gunfights, you need to position yourself correctly and this comes by learning the map and getting to higher ground to have a clear shot on your enemies. Now contrary to what you might hear, going prone and sniping is not really a good idea because the mobility trade-off is not worth it. Do it only when you’re sure there’s no one around. Narrow alleys are your best friends because it’s easier to quick scope enemies in them. 

Source: Mobile Gaming Unlimited

Settings – Your game settings are also key in order to have a better time sniping and a good overall experience. Try to keep your graphics settings balanced so that you don’t have to deal with low FPS. Your sensitivity also matters, a lower sensitivity is preferred because it provides better precision but if that doesn’t suit you, you should go for whatever floats your boat. 

Source: PC Quest

Set up your loadout – It’s imperative that you have a good loadout to go with your sniper as all of your engagements are not going to be long-range. Try to keep trophy systems or trip mines so that you’re protected from people who may try to push you. Don’t lag too far behind your teammates as things may get messy if someone gets the jump on you or them. Select the right attachments for your sniper and spend time trying different ones to see which ones suit your play style the best. 

Source: BlueStacks

Shooting – There are some snipers that are one-hit kills if you shoot people in the upper chest or the head. Try to almost always aim for the head if enemies are stationary and unaware of your presence. If they are moving go for the chest as it provides a larger surface area for your shots to land. 

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Among Us: Impostor Guide

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about Among Us as it is all the rage in the gaming community right now. This tacky multiplayer game is one of the best mobile games available currently. If you have been playing it, then well, we have a guide for you on how to play as the impostor in this fun game.

Source: Among Us Wiki

Try not to stand out – If you’re the impostor, the worst thing you could be doing is stalking other players in order to kill them early on. Instead, just try to act as if you’re part of the team by completing tasks and always being near a console or computer to blend in. Another good tip is to be active in the discussion when a dead body is found. 

Source: Malavida

Don’t be seen – As an impostor, this should be of utmost priority and you should be using stealth to your advantage. Take note of the security cameras as most impostors are caught on one while they do the killing so be vigilant at all times. Avoid using the vent system as it is an impostor only ability and if you’re seen using it early game then it may spell trouble. Use them when you need to leave the murder scene quickly. 

Source: AIR Entertainment

Use the environment to your advantage – While looking like the most innocent lad on the server is all well and good, impostors need to kill off the other crewmates too, and doing this is not as easy as it seems. In order to do this, you need to sabotage whenever possible and keep shutting doors to one out your enemies and kill them. 

Source: APK Pure

Know the crewmates – You should try and take out the more seasoned players first as they will realize who is the impostor if allowed to stay in the game for a longer time. Note how one navigates the map, if they’re sure of what they need to do and are moving around very quickly and efficiently it means that they are probably old players who know how the game works. Try and kill them first. 

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