Warframe For Switch Launches November 20

Free to play Sci-fi Ninja Warframe on Switch

The Switch version of the free-to-play space ninja action game Warframe will launch on November 20, developer Digital Extremes announced. It is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Here is an overview of the game, via Digital Extremes:


With more than 38 million registered players worldwide, the cooperative, free-to-play hit Warframe is a third-person online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. Warframe gives players the chance to master the Warframe armor as the enigmatic Tenno, a race of ancient warriors wielding blade and gun, who are awakened from centuries of cryo-sleep by the mysterious guide,Lotus,to restore order throughout the Solar System.

Key Features

  • Space Ninja Action: Play solo or assemble two-to four-player squads in epic PvE or PvP battles as a blade and gun wielding warrior with insane parkour moves, mind-bending powers and endless missions to master throughout the Solar System.
  • Your Warframe: Each Warframe possesses a different set of devastating offensive and defensive Abilities that can be increased and modified to help change the course of any battle; don’t miss the infinite cosmetic customization combinations players refer to as ‘Fashion Framing’. Show off your style
  • The Foundry: Collect artifacts, blueprints and resources to craft unique weapons and new Warframes.
  • Mod System: Collect, combine and create custom Mods to tailor your Warframes, weapons, pets and Sentinels to create a deeper, more personalized experience.
  • Clan Dojo: Unite your clan: Build rooms, new weapons and lavishly decorate your Clan Dojo, plus hone your skills in one-versus-one duels against your clan-mates.
  • Sentinels and Pets: Add a fierce companion to accompany you into battle; choose from hovering mechanical Sentinels or Kavats and Kubrows, the sci-fi versions of cats and dogs. Collect precepts to train your Sentinel and pets for battle, protect you from enemies, gather artifacts and more.
  • Automatic Mission Generator: Never experience the same mission twice with procedurally configured levels for a unique raid every time.
  • Open Worlds: Explore beyond the caves and corridors through the vast Plains of Eidolon; spend the day and night visiting with inhabitants, fishing, flying and battling the mysterious Spectral Sentients.
  • New Content Monthly: The depth of gameplay and playability continually evolves with major monthly content updatesthat are meaningful and game changing,not just cosmetic additions.
  • Warframe Nexus: Stay in tune while away from the game with the iOS and Android Companion App –receive Alerts to critical missions. Track your Foundry progress and stay up-to-date on all aspects of Warframe through the extensive Codex database.
  • Fair Economy AAA F2P: A constantly evolving, feature rich, Free-to-Play game with AAA quality production value along with gamer and industry wide praise of its fair Free-to-Play economy.

Watch the Switch release date announcement trailer below.

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Top 5 Games that Could have an Awesome Battle Royale Mode

Battle Royale here, Battle Royale there, Battle Royale everywhere. While the best Battle Royale game is still Minecraft with a hunger games type mod, there are a few games out there that could have a really fun Battle Royale mode if implemented properly. Here are 5 games that I kinda wish had a Battle Royale mode.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

My most played game on Steam and an extremely fun(sometimes frustrating) game that is one of the best shooters out there. Counter-Strike fans want more from Valve and there were rumours of a Battle Royale mode for CSGO but nothing has come of it yet. With the Panorama UI update finally being pushed, we wonder what’s next for CSGO. Is it Source 2? Is it Battle Royale? Either of those would make CS fans happy. The Battle Royale mode could be very fast if someone had an AWP or AK because they could just one-shot opponents. A 5 person team for up to 100 players with matchmaking would blow the minds of people. So please Valve, If not Half-Life 3, give us this.

Grand Theft Auto V

There used to be a clear distinction between Saints Row 3,4 and GTA V. Used to be. GTA V’s online now has flying cars, jetpacks, flying bikes, air fortresses, huge truck HQs, nightclubs and almost everything and anything. They’ve added a lot of fun things in the game but the good stuff tends to be expensive and the grind gets boring. Battle Royale could be a way to ease that grind while also introducing a fun game mode. Empty the city of LS, throw in a whole session full of people and let them have a go at each other.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls’ PvP is great and has a lot of interesting players that you meet and fight against but what if everyone started at a level playing field. Imagine picking up spells and being forced to use it even though you’ve always played a warrior type of character. It could really help players try new playstyles while also helping them to try and improve by fighting only actual humans. it could be very interesting and I’d love to see something of this sort. Oh, and you can level up if you kill enemies. That would be a very risky move but you could improve yourself if

No Man’s Sky

Take everything cool about No Man’s Sky and put it in a Battle Royale mode. A Randomly generated planet, have players come in, the planet slowly starts falling apart. It could have a building system that rivals Fortnite in terms of manipulating the world around you. Maybe even jets that could only be used to fly close the ground but with limited fuel. Maybe this is how they could complete their resurgence after their horrible launch.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

An older game that had a very different multiplayer that was active but has slowly gone down over time. A Battle Royale game where you crawl your way to victory by being sneaky and smart with your traps. Maybe even give the players the ability to call in support from “Motherbase” if you pick up the correct stuff. Add in a day and night cycle along with the weather system, and this could be a very fun stealth focused Battle Royale game.

That’s my list of games that I want to see get a Battle Royale mode because the games have interesting mechanics that could work very well with the integration with the BR Mode and could also help bring back players while being a breath of fresh air in a genre that seems to be getting stale. What games do you want to see the Battle Royale mode in? Let us know down below.

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Easter Egg in Marvel’s Spider-Man Turns Into The Saddest Story Ever

If you think yourself to be the unluckiest person in the world, think again. What could have been a perfect marriage proposal from a gamer in this year’s best game turned into a sour reminder, and probably the saddest easter egg ever.

For those not familiar with the story, in May, a fan by the name of Tyler Schultz tweeted Insomniac Games, the studio behind Marvel’s Spider-Man, asking for help proposing to his girlfriend. The studio loved the idea, and decided to include a message saying “Maddie, will you marry me?”, displayed at a movie theatre that you can easily see walking around in-game


Sadly, ’twas not to be. As it turns out, Madison, Tyler’s girlfriend, had left him a few weeks before the game’s release. Explaining in a YouTube video, Tyler said that his girlfriend dumped him to go with his brother, “throwing away the five years” they had together.

In the video, Schultz thanked the studio and said he was happy that the easter egg was there in the game, even though it might go down as the saddest easter egg. Madison has also given a statement clarifying that she is not in a romantic relationship with Schultz’s brother, and never meant to hurt him. She also said that for the past one year, their relationship had taken a turn for the worse and she had given Tyler a month to change his ways but that didn’t happen, so she broke it off. In response to Tyler’s story, Insomniac has since then offered to remove the easter egg from Spider-Man altogether in a patch.

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What Battle Royale Game Should You Play?

The Battle Royale trend just keeps on going on and there doesn’t seem to be an end to it. With so many different Battle Royale games on the market, each with their own quirks and playstyle differences, which one should you play? Which one will suit your playstyle and needs, let’s find out.


An extremely popular Battle Royale that has it’s own competitive tournaments. This Free to play Battle Royale is quite vibrant and has a very unique art style which really sets it apart from the competition. If you haven’t already played the game, don’t let the art style throw you off because this game’s gameplay mechanics are like no other. With a heavy focus on building and destroying objects, you can create your own little fortress in the safe zone to fight off enemies. While gunplay isn’t as accurate and precise as you like, it’s a blast to play with all the quirky taunts that you can do to piss off your opponents after you kill them.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The one that seemingly kicked of this craze, while PUBG wasn’t the first Battle Royale it certainly is one of the most popular ones. PUBG is slightly more grounded and realistic when it comes to Battle Royale games with its normal visual style and a lot of focus on gunplay, ammo conservation, and health management. There’s a proper bullet drop system implemented, bullet penetration exists and is being perfected more and more as the game goes on. There are various vehicles that one can use to traverse the map, various tactical grenades and item drops that players can use to tilt the battle in their favour. Plus, there’s quite a few maps to choose from now and a training mode for players to experiment and learn the mechanics of the game on a deeper level.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout

Call of Duty has decided to get in on the Battle Royale action and they’ve done a fantastic job to make it stand out from the rest. It is very arcadey, just like you’d expect from a futuristic CoD title but has its own systems and mechanics implemented that make it feel very unique and fun to play. Call of Duty Black Ops is famous for its zombies and they are hugely present in the Blackout mode. There’s also quite a lot of verticality in Blackout which is usually not seen from Battle Royale games and is great to see in this. You can read all about our impressions of the Blackout Beta here.

Battlefield V- Firestorm

Battlefield V is also getting on this trend and have dubbed their Battle Royale mode Firestorm. Because there’s a Fire encroaching in on the players. What makes this unique, just like Blackout is that they’ve implemented and incorporated the core Battlefield Mechanics into this game mode. Since they’ve introduced a new building system into Battlefield V, they added it here too and could have been the reason it is in the main game in the first place. While not as robust as Fortnite, the building system is there to aid players and for them to get creative with it. Oh and Battlefield’s destruction system is also going to be in this so if you think you’re safe in that house, think again because a tank could just roll through the living room.

Ring of Elysium

Developed by Tencent, Ring Of Elysium is also a very interesting Battle Royale game.  It’s got the grounded and realistic looks like PUBG but in terms of gameplay it very arcade-y. Do describe it using other games, it’s like PUBG mixed with CoD Blackout.  There’s cover mechanics which is lacking in other games and also a dynamic weather that affects your player and could even be the death of you. It launches on September 19th so it should be interesting to see how it fares against the rest of the games.

Realm Royale

Paladins is a free to play game that was often confused as a clone of Overwatch that was free. Well, they’ve made a Battle Royale game now called Realm Royale which has lost 97% of its player base in 2 months according to this report. That’s not a good sign for any game but it seems to have stabilized now. The game features 5 classes to choose from, each with unique abilites and puts players in teams of 4 to survive till the end. It’s not a great Battle Royale game but it is available for free so players can check it out if they want.

Those are some of the well known Battle Royale games that are out or will be soon. They’re your best bet a good and fun Battle Royale experience but that depends on your playstyle. Some of these are free so there’s no harm in trying them out. Is there any Battle Royale Game that you play that isn’t on the list? Let us know down below.

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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Might Flop Due To Crowded Release Window

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the finale of Lara Croft’s trilogy of how she becomes the infamous Tomb Raider and is slated to release on 14th September. While the game does look great, will it be overshadowed because of the releases surrounding it? Let’s take a look and find out.

Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 released on September 7th to widespread critical acclaim with many calling it the best superhero game to date, a game even better than the games from the Arkham series. The game has been out for a week and players are still hooked onto it because it has so many things to offer. From side quests to the extremely fun picture mode, this game has PlayStation users singing praises of Insomniac Games’ masterpiece.

But here’s the thing, this phenomenal game is only available on the PlayStation 4 unlike Shadow of the Tomb Raider which will be available on all major platforms. However, those who have spent $60 to buy Spider-Man won’t be so excited to pick up Shadow of the Tomb Raider and might wait for a sale, later on, to pick it up.

Sports titles like NFL and FIFA are going to come out in the coming two weeks and they have a very loyal fan base who would prefer those games to any other AAA titles most of the time. NBA 2K19 is already out and you’ve got even more competition for SOTR. While they aren’t similar titles in any way, they’re competing for the Player’s attention and money.

And as September ends with the release of Life of Strange 2, a sequel awaited by all those who’ve played the original game, September just feels way too packed with either release of a yearly series or a game that people have been waiting for quite a while. October rolls in and so does Forza Horizon 4 also launches on 2nd October but racing games, especially ones like Forza are usually bought by fans of the series or of racing games in particular so I don’t see it affecting things much. The big first release of October though is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on 5th October and this game is an odd one because it changes a lot of things and brings a lot of series firsts in terms of gameplay and story and since it is part of an established long-running series of games, there’s no way this game is not going to be bought by a huge amount of gamers. Now rolls in a period of about a week after which releases, Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

Call of Duty games always do well and this is surely going to do well because this game also has a lot of new changes and fresh ideas that players have been wanting for a while. Then comes the two weeks during which I feel SOTR could do amazing if it were to even go on a slight sale because people are anticipating Red Dead Redemption 2 and since PC players won’t be getting this game at the moment, it seems like the perfect time to help boost sales for SOTR because once 26th October rolls around, everyone will just be talking about Red Dead Redemption 2. Whether it’s going to be positive or negative talk is yet to be seen but it’s going to be what everyone will be buying and playing.

November starts off slow but picks up with Hitman 2 and Spyro Reignited on 13th November and Fallout 76 on 14th November. The next big release is on 20th of November with Battlefield V. Battlefield V was initially slated to release on 19th October but was pushed to 20th November later which seems like a good move since it is a relatively calmer period for game releases and it won’t be competing with RDR2 or CoD Black Ops 4 for sales in a jam-packed October.

We’ve been spoilt with a bunch of great releases in Q4 of 2018 but SOTR seems to be in a weird place. It releases at the start Q4 but during a very competitive period which could mean bad initial commercial success even if the game is good. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is playable now for those with the Croft Edition of the game and while there seems to be a lot of positive news about the game, it’s release date could hamper its commercial success.  It is going to be interesting to see how this quarter of the year plays out in terms of sales and how games fair commercially.

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Bethesda Shows Off Elder Scrolls: Blades on the New iPhones

At a keynote event yesterday, Apple revealed three new iPhone devices, the iPhone XS, XS Max and the iPhone XR. While the XR is a lower-end device for the price-conscious, the XS and the XS Max on the other hand are quite expensive. All three devices pack in the new A12 bionic chip, with 50% more graphics processing power than last year’s devices.

To show off the mobile gaming capabilities of the A12 chip, Bethesda’s Todd Howard showcased the upcoming game based on the popular The Elder Scrolls franchise, The Elder Scrolls: Blades. The main focus of the segment was to highlight how the new technology can improve the gaming experience on smartphones. Howard talked about the OLED display can brilliantly capture a high amount of visual detail in both well lit as well as darker areas of the game. He also discussed the intuitive precision touch controls, highlighting haptic feedbacks for attacks and sword movements.

Apple also announced the specs for the revealed devices, which are as follows:


iPhone XR iPhone XS Max iPhone XS
Dimensions (mm) 150.90 x 75.70 x 8.30 157.50 x 77.40 x 7.70 143.60 x 70.90 x 7.70
Weight (g) 194.00 208.00 177.00
IP rating IP67 IP68 IP68
Wireless charging Yes Yes Yes
Colours Black, Blue, Coral, White, Yellow, and PRODUCT (RED) Space Grey, Silver, Gold Space Grey, Silver, Gold
Screen size (inches) 6.10 6.50 5.80
Resolution 828×1792 pixels 1242×2688 pixels 1125×2436 pixels
Protection type Other
Pixels per inch (PPI) 326 458 458
Processor hexa-core hexa-core hexa-core
Processor make Apple A12 Bionic Apple A12 Bionic Apple A12 Bionic
Internal storage 64GB 64GB 64GB

Talking about price, the iPhone XR will start at INR 76,900, while the iPhone XS and XS Max will cost INR 99,900 and INR 109,900 respectively. The XS and XS Max will be available from 21st September, while the pre-orders for the iPhone XR will go live from 19th October and the device will start shipping from 26th October.

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Insomniac Games Is Open to More Marvel Titles

Following the new release of Marvel’s very own Spiderman, which is a hit in the action-adventure genre. A
After a jaw-dropping response and a minimum of 8.5 rating from major gaming media houses, Insomniac Games isn’t holding back from releasing more marvel titles. We saw Spiderman topping the charts, here are most of the ratings.

Going through them, also, considering it was their first licensed title, they did a pretty good job. It seems like Insomniac Games has got the right boost to make more of such kick-ass titles. This is what the community director, James Stevenson had to say about their future plans.

“Sure we’d be open to another licensed game. I feel like the question hints to whether there are downsides to it. It’s different of course; you have other people involved who can tell you whether something is on-brand or off-brand, which is different for us than, say, working on a Ratchet & Clank.”

“But it’s not like we wanted to go too far away from what makes Spider-Man great. It had to be an authentic experience, so in some ways, it’s helpful having extra people around who know the character so well and are pushing you to make things better. Working with Marvel probably drove us to be better than we can be when we’re working on our own thing.”


Can Call Of Duty Blackout Really Kill PUBG?

Battle Royale is the hottest genre around right now, and big publishers are out to get a piece of the action. While PUBG and Fortnite are currently the biggest contenders in the genre, Call of Duty is bringing its own take with Blackout Coming as one of the multiplayer modes in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Blackout is a massive Battle Royale mode with the Black Ops twist – it’s faster, arcady and immensely fun And it’s throws in some zombies!

As we’re playing the Beta running this week, we have been having an absolute blast with the game, and it feels like a real contender to PUBG. Veteran Battle Royale players will notice some similarities and appreciate the differences. New comers will find Blackout a much easier experience to jump into.

The Jump

As is the norm in this genre, you jump out of an aircraft on to a massive map. In Blackout, you jump out of a helicopter, while in PUBG it’s an airplane. Unlike PUBG, once you jump out in Blackout, you have a lot more control as you move in the air. You don a wing suit and can maneuver a lot more accurately. You can get farther across the map and land precisely where you want to.


Given the speed at which Call of Duty moves, the looting phase is also more frantic. Like in PUBG, you’ll be running around looking for gear, weapons and ammo. The interface does a good job of making items look sharp and clear. Picking up and dropping loot is done well with a controller, and the inventory is easy to navigate once you get a hang of it.


The map is the biggest we have seen in a Call of Duty game, and even the barren locales are littered with interesting spots to discover. I came upon a small camp while running around in the middle nowhere, and was pleasantly surprised. It gives the map a feeling of being lived in rather than just being an abandoned warzone. Some areas are more likely to spawn zombies, like the Asylum and a graveyard. Also, there’s medkits lying on top of graves. The main named zones in the map are inspired from previous Black Ops multiplayer maps, and returning fans will be immediately familiar with some of the layout.


The encounters are where Blackout and PUBG differ the most. The time to kill is a lot faster in Blackout, but so is the healing and reviving. You are encouraged to take cover, and the standard Call of Duty run’n’gun will see you dead real fast. You can heal, shoot, reload while sprinting and vaulting, and hence every combat encounter feels like a frantic mix of offence and defence. Expect to die, a lot.


There’s a solid variety here, and Call of Duty goes wild with how many different weapons it offers you. There are weapons from past Black Ops games, so both older and futuristic weapons make an appearance here. Also, there’s nothing quite like taking down a whole squad in a helicopter with a rocket launcher.


Speaking of helicopters, Blackout has a good variety of vehicles as well. You have a fast paced two man buggy, a large truck with an open back, and a helicopter. Players can move around freely on the back of the truck, and passengers can shoot out of helicopters. However, you are not safe inside vehicles and can die rather quickly. Fat time-to-kill, remember?


Call of Duty’s perk system also makes an appearance in Blackout. However, there are no loadouts, but you can pick up perk items in the map and activate them one at a time. This is an interesting change can using them wisely can change the tide in a fight. Perks can boost your health, reduce the damage you take, increase your speed, and so on.

With these changes and improvements, Blackout is set to be a real challenge to PUBG. Even in beta, the game felt fairly optimized and that’s already an improvement from where PUBG is today. It may not be the same intense experience as PUBG or offer the fun, flippant attitude that Fortnite has, but it lies neatly in between offering a good balance between the two. And that might be its biggest strength. We can’t wait to get out hands on the full retail experience once Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 releases on October 12th 2018.

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Spider-Man Wouldn’t Have Existed Without Sony’s Support

Spider-Man has been a huge critical success for both Marvel and Sony, quickly becoming the fastest selling game this year. Both fans and critics have showered it with praises, and it is the first ever game to receive the Marvel Stamp of Approval. But it seems like we would have never got to see New York’s swinging superhero if it wasn’t for Sony.

According to the game’s Creative Director, Bryan Intihar, the game would have never existed without Sony and their support. In a video interview with Kinda Funny, he said, “This game would not exist if it wasn’t for PlayStation, if not for their support. Any time I wanted to do something, and I wanted to make some drastic change, it was just like, ‘Okay’. I never heard about anything. It was just like, ‘Go do it.’ The question was, ‘Is it gonna make the game better?’ and I’d say, ‘Yep’, and they’d go, ‘Okay’, and that would be the last time I’d hear about it.”

We already know about how supportive and motivating Sony is towards its first-party titles, and here it seems like Insomniac had total control over the game’s creative aspects. The result, as we all have seen, is an amazing, fun-filled game.

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4Chan Leak Might Reveal Details about Fortnite’s Season 5 End and Season 6 Beginning

With Fortnite’s Season 6 just around the corner, discussions among fans regarding what new direction the game will take are at an all-time high. The mysterious cube seems to be the centre of attention around which the events would revolve.

According to a post on 4Chan, that claims to know how Season 5 is going to end and how Season 6 will begin. Apparently, the post contains a few details that appear to be true, hence it is being given some credibility. However, until there is some form of official confirmation by Epic Games, it’s advisable to take the information with a grain of salt. Here’s what the post says:

The Enforcers are the ones who sent the cube. The Enforcers cant live in Earths atmosphere so they must change it. The cube creates small domes that mimic their planets atmosphere. At loot lake the cube will absorb water and send energy to the domes, making them grow. Season 5 will end w/ loot lake drained and the domes twice as large. The trailer for season 6 will show people walking up to the cube and getting struck and bounced away. Drift walks up to the cube and when the lightning strikes him, he doesnt get knocked back (because hes human). The cube keeps striking him and the bolts get bigger. Drift becomes charged and the cube explodes

-The wailing woods bunker opens up. The person inside decides to follow his dream: building a chicken restaurant. 1 of the battle pass skins is the restaurants mascot. The restaurant expands into an amusement park throughout the season, replacing wailing woods
-Other new restaurants w/ mascot skins will appear during the season. Durr burger, weary of new competition, expands
-Lonely lodge is damaged by the explosion. Its turned into a campground and tourist attraction w/ caves and a river w/ rideable canoes
-Loot lake is wiped out by the explosion and a black hole (its a portal to the dark side of the world) is left in the middle. During the season the Enforcers will build a futuristic city around this area.

I mentioned a portal to the dark side of the world. You can go to the dark world w/ the portal, or w/ the new crystals. The crystals (parts of exploded cube) are used like hop rocks. They take you to a dark version of the world for a bit. You will be invisible to other players while there, and they will be invisible to you. You cant use weapons there

-Dark world versions of regular skins- Some previous skins from the store will have new challenges available that allow you to unlock a dark version of the skin
-Restaurant mascots

Season 5 is coming to an end in a couple of weeks, so there is still a little way to go before we find out what’s going to happen. Till then, keep yours eyes peeled for any new information that might surface.

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