Anthem CES 2019 Trailer

Electronic Arts debuted a new trailer for Anthem at Consumer Electronics Show 2019.

The 4K resolution trailer features never-before seen Javelin, enemies, and environments.

Nvidia also announced that the PC version of Anthem will support Deep Learning Super-Sampling (DLSS).

Anthem is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22, 2019.

Watch the trailer below.

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Rebellion Continues to Expand by Acquiring TickTock Games

Rebellion Expands to Four Studios With Acquisition of TickTock Game

Independent UK developer and publisher Rebellion today announced the acquisition of Yorkshire-based studio TickTock Games for an undisclosed sum.

TickTock Games, founded by industry veterans Arden Aspinall, Jonathan Wright and Paul Kelly, have worked with many major partners across their 12-year history, including, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Nvidia and BBC Worldwide. TickTock have recently lent their creative and industry expertise to Rebellion projects, working on Rogue Trooper Redux and the Nintendo Switch version of Battlezone Gold Edition.

TickTock Games will become Rebellion North, the fourth games studio falling under Rebellion’s umbrella, joining Rebellion Liverpool and Rebellion Warwick as sister studios to the company’s headquarters in Oxford. Rebellion North has already begun work on upcoming Rebellion games, as the company readies itself for another big year, with multiple unannounced titles set to launch in 2019.

“Bringing more great people to the company is a great way to start 2019,” said Rebellion CEO and co-founder Jason Kingsley OBE. “The company continues to grow and it’s important we bring in the right people as part of that process. We’ve worked with the team at TickTock Games for a while now, and we know they’ll continue to prosper as Rebellion North.”

The news comes after another landmark year for Rebellion, which not only saw the release of new IP Strange Brigade, but saw the company acquire a $100m facility to convert into a film studio, and become the custodian of the world’s largest catalogue of English language comic book IP, thanks to the acquisition of the comics and fiction assets formerly belonging to IPC.

The year closed out with more good news, as Rebellion Co-Founder and CTO Chris Kingsley was awarded an OBE for services to the Economy in the New Year Honours List in recognition of his services to independent UK games development and the UK games industry as a whole, having led Rebellion with his brother for more than 25 years.


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Dragon Quest XI S Introduces Gemma, Vince, And Mia Japanese Voice Actors

The newly launched “Kaiun Omikuji S” fortune page on the official Japanese website for the recently revealed Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age S has introduced the Japanese voice actors for characters Gemma, Vince, and Mia.

Each character’s voice actor is as follows:

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age S is due out for Switch in 2019 in Japan. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is available now worldwide for PlayStation 4 and PC, as well as for 3DS in Japan.


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Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds launches January 24 for Switch, later for PS4 and Xbox One

The Switch version of Japanese-style RPG Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds will launch via the Nintendo eShop on January 24, publisher Another Indie and developer Semisoft announced.

The PC version first launched on the same day in 2017.

While a release date for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions was not announced, Semisoft told Gematsu that they will not launch alongside the Switch version.

Here is an overview of the game, via the Nintendo eShop:


Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds is a love letter to our all time favorite JRPGs with a fresh take on classic turn-based combat and tactics.

Welcome to Legrand, a beautifully hand-drawn world riddled with curious creatures, devastating wars, and intriguing tales of vengeance and redemption. Embark on an epic adventure through this sprawling fantasy universe and fight alongside the Fatebounds as they attempt bring peace to Legrand! But be careful who you trust because everyone has a secret to hide…

Key Features

  • A fully immersive experience with stunning FMV, fully rendered 3D cinematics, and epic original soundtrack.
  • 3D models and original assets come together with gorgeously stylized hand-drawn backgrounds.
  • Action packed turn-based combat and tactical warfare scenarios that will test the limits of your wits.
  • Recruit craftsmen to restore the abandoned city of Dumville, play mini games, or embark on rewarding side quests.
  • Collect loot from slain enemies to craft items and upgrade weapons.
  • Configure items and grimoires that characters can wield in combat or set combat formation.
  • Command the military might of nations in intense tactical battles.


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Unannounced Kunio-Kun Game Starring Masao Kobayashi Rated For PS4, Xbox One, Switch, And PC In Taiwan

The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee has rated Izasuze! Kobayashi-san, a new title from Arc System Works, for PlayStation 4Xbox OneSwitch, and PC.

The rating includes a photo featuring the Kunio-kun series’ Masao Kobayashi standing next to the game’s Chinese title.

Image result for image:


Other new ratings from the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee include:

Neither of these titles have been officially announced.


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Feudal Alloy launches January 17 For Switch And PC, ‘Very Soon’ For PS4 And Xbox One

Action adventure game Feudal Alloy will launch for Switch via the Nintendo eShop and PC via Steam and GOG on January 17, developer Attu Games announced. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are also due out “very soon.”

Here is an overview of the game, via its store pages:


Feudal Alloy is an epic action adventure featuring fish-controlled medieval robots!

Explore an unusual medieval world with a fish-controlled robot, Attu. Improve your combat techniques and skills by smashing many kinds of mechanical creatures in a beautiful hand-drawn world.

Attu is an ordinary farmer robot who lives in a small cottage in sunflower fields. He had been living a simple but pleasant life until a bunch of outlaws attacked the village, stole their oil supplies and burnt his house.

Fortunately, he managed to grab his old sword and fled into the woods.

Get lost and discover a huge interconnected world, filled with a wide range of enemies, bosses, skills, and equipment. Choose which paths you take and which enemies you face. Try to defeat the evil and find your way back home.

Key Features

  • Fish-controlled medieval robots!
  • A dynamic action-combat system with swords, grenades, dodges and other special attack moves.
  • A lot of different equipment that changes both player appearance and attributes.
  • A huge, interconnected world to explore, filled with a wide range of enemies.
  • Varied hand-drawn environments.
  • Loot, a lot of loot!
  • Hidden collectibles.
  • Secret areas.

Watch the launch trailer below.


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Review: BenQ EL2870U 4K Monitor

The BenQ EL2870U is a 28″ 4K HDR Monitor with AMD FreeSync technology that has a lot to offer but is it worth its price at about Rs 30K and who is this monitor exactly for, let’s find out.

Build and Specifications:

Brand & Model BenQ EL2870U
Panel Type & Backlight TN / W-LED, edge array
Screen Size & Aspect Ratio 28″ / 16:9
Max Resolution & Refresh 3840×2160 @ 60Hz
Density – 157ppi
Native Color Depth & Gamut 10-bit / sRGB
Response Time (GTG) 1ms
Brightness 300 nits
Contrast 1000:1
Speakers 2 x 1w
Video Inputs 1 x DisplayPort 1.4
2 x HDMI 2.0
Audio 3.5mm headphone output
Power Consumption 26.2w, brightness @ 200 nits
Panel Dimensions
WxHxD w/base
25.9 x 18.8 x 7.8″
658 x 478 x 198mm
Panel Thickness 2.4″ / 62mm
Bezel Width Top/sides – .7″ / 18mm
Bottom – 1″ / 25mm
Weight 12.6lbs / 5.7kg

The monitor is quite big and heavy at 5.7kg which means that it is very sturdy and doesn’t move or shake easily. Due to its size, there’s some thickness at the side along with a fair amount of bezel around the monitor. This bezel does take away from the premium feel of the monitor and makes it look a little less appealing and mesmerizing. The power supply is internal which also adds to the bulk of the monitor.

The monitor is limited in terms of adjustment as it has 15° back tilt and 5° forward. There is no swivel or height adjustment so if you need any sort of adjustment, you’ll have to use the 100mm VESA mount holes which is a good inclusion.

The monitor does come with speakers in case you don’t own speakers and need a quick way to listen to something. The speakers aren’t mind-blowing or special in any way. They’re decent enough to get the job done but they really shouldn’t be used as your main audio drivers.

There’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack which seems to be disappearing from mobile phones but at least monitors aren’t kicking them out yet. Like the speakers, these are good enough for your cheap earphones or cheap headphones but don’t think they’ll drive your medium to high-end headphones or anything of that sort. Plus, most people will be plugging their headphones into the motherboard or a DAC.

For input ports, the monitor features two HDMI 2.0 ports and a single DisplayPort 1.4. There are no DVI ports but then again if you’re using a monitor of this level, you’re probably going to be driving it with a high-end GPU that also uses similar ports.

Visual Fidelity

Onto the main show we go. The panel used in this monitor is a 28 inch TN Panel that only goes up to 60Hz. While the refresh rate might seem like a bit of a bummer, a 4K monitor with HDR and a higher refresh rate than 60Hz is either very expensive or doesn’t exist. On the upside, it has a response time of 1ms so if you’re playing FPS games or fighters, you won’t have to sacrifice input latency or worry about ghosting.

This monitor does come with HDR but it does have its caveats. The BenQ EL2870U supports HDR10 which is the most common HDR standard but sadly does not support the DCI-P3 colour gamut which makes it a little less visually punchy but, it does feel a bit punchier than an sRGB monitor even though this is an sRGB monitor. The panel also has a 10-bit native color depth which is great to see. Honestly, the lack of DCI-P3 is not a deal breaker but it is something to keep in mind for the purists out there.

Hitting a smooth 60fps at 4K can be hard especially in demanding titles which is where FreeSync comes in very handy. It helps a lot when games drop below 60 for the few seconds or moments that they do but FreeSync really helps keep it from becoming a stuttering mess. This here is what will appeal to a lot of gamers especially those who own GPUs like the 1070 Ti that can play titles at 60fps on lower settings but not at a smooth 60fps.


So who is this monitor really for? Gamers who don’t play competitive FPS titles will enjoy playing games on this monitor. Folks who enjoy consuming visual media will also like this monitor. However, for professional colour work this might not be the best for you, even though it does have decent colour reproduction. If your main focus is HDR then there are better options but, if you want a monitor to consume media and play games, then this is a great choice with the inclusion of FreeSync and HDR. While it is a bit costly, it is a great buy in its price range and if you go for this, you will not be disappointed one bit.

The BenQ EL2870U is available for ~Rs 30,000 on Amazon, PrimeABGB, and Mdcomputers.

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DreamHack Mumbai: Recipe For Disaster

DreamHack Mumbai was the first time an event with a big international name had an event of such a scale in India. However, things might not have been as expected from an event carrying such a big name so let’s take a look at DreamHack Mumbai.

DreamHack has been known to have large events filled with energy, smooth operations and the best experience for gamers and participants. Sadly, this was not the case for DreamHack Mumbai which had its fair share of issues that hampered the experience. Let’s start with the esports part of it.

While DreamHack has usually been an event that has been PC centric, this one was a little different. The focus was more on Mobile Games like PUBG Mobile and not games usually played at esports events. Furthermore, the misorganisation of the tournaments led to teams leaving before the end of the tournament because of delays in match timings which went on till late into the night.

Courtesy: Dreamhack India FB

Our colleague who attended the event as a Streamer had quite a few grievances about the PC that was provided and the Internet. The Legendary Gamer ticket which costed Rs 15k featured a “Gaming Rig” which had a GTX 750Ti GPU, a 4-year-old mid-range GPU. The Internet was not up to standards at all, disconnects were frequent which led to a lot of dropped frames in streams or the stream straight up dying.

A lot of people came to side with DreamHack stating that this is the way the internet is in India which is not an excuse for such a big event. Not to mention that there are ISPs out there which provide stable and fast internet. The tables and chairs provided were not up to standard, especially for a place where most of the people would be sitting and playing.

Some tickets got you vouchers for food but the food itself was marked up by a lot and was expensive so for students and youngsters attending the event on their own, it would not have made sense to get food from there.

Now let’s talk about something that was brought to limelight by Rishi from Gadgets360 who reported that DreamHack Mumbai was not using legitimate consoles for their Retro Gaming Zone. While most DreamHack events use the actual consoles, it seems that here they were using clones of NES console. Rishi reached out to DreamHack and Nodwin and got this response from Akshat Rathee, CEO and Founder of Nodwin:

“You ask and you ask again, and you keep asking till the time either someone says ‘no’ or says ‘okay if it’s just a community thing, go for it. The fact that it is for the community, the fact that it is something which is there, it helps their brand. I’m not monetising any of those, it’s not a commercial license. It’s not like there’s a coin-operated machine that I’m going and taking any kind of a revenue from them.”

Courtesy: Gadgets360

“It is an emulator — Open Internet Project has gone and talked about it and, Creative Commons is a great example to go ahead and talk about it, this is not about licensing. This is about building this [Dreamhack Mumbai], and if they tell me tomorrow not to do it, I won’t”

They further stated that they were using Raspberry Pis for emulation which doesn’t seem to be the case as seen from the image taken from Gadgets360. Mr. Rathee also states that they are not monetizing it but the only way to gain access to the consoles is by buying a ticket which starts at Rs 500. They also advertised it on their website so this whole Retro Zone seems very fishy and is pretty much Piracy since they don’t own the console or the games. Not a good showing for an event with such a huge brand name attached to it.

Visitors of the event were also not happy with the flash sales for tickets which offered discounts of up to 70% a few days before the start of the event. This left people who had purchased the ticket beforehand frustrated as they had bought the ticket for full price. Not to mention, Comic-Con Mumbai attendants also had access to DreamHack with their ticket and according to the report from Gadgets360, the organisers were also letting in those who had made purchases at a nearby food court.

Now let’s talk about entertainment. There were 4 stand-up comedians and 6 DJs. Was this really necessary for an event with the main focus on celebrating video games and the community? The event was lacking in a lot of areas so would it not have been better to use that money to strengthen parts of the core experience like the seating, the internet, and to get even more personalities?

Courtesy: Dreamhack India FB

The event wasn’t all bad. Fans got to meet their favourite streamers, personalities and got to watch some of their favourite teams in action. Many people got to witness their first large-scale gaming event which will help pave the way for other events that come along after this. However, this was still much left to be desired.

People have taken to social media to air their grievances but have been shut down by others because “They should be happy with what they’re getting and should be thankful about a big brand name coming to India”. That’s not the attitude to have and that would just further lower the standards of future events because organizations will feel that people are satisfied with the bare minimum.

India has a huge gaming community which is slowly coming together and if we don’t raise our voices to help make our community better then there won’t be progress and growth. So share your concerns and your praise, talk about it but don’t stay quiet. Let us know your thoughts about the event and how your experience was at Dreamhack Mumbai.

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G2A Charges Users For Not Logging In

G2A is a marketplace that has a very bad reputation but people still tend to use it. Maybe this will help change that.

The greymarket website G2A is now charging people who have not logged into their account in over 180 days. They’re charging 1 Euro for every subsequent month after the 180 days of not logging in. When a user on Reddit posted about this, here’s the official G2A response.

G2A PAY charges an inactivity fee after someone has not logged into their G2A.COM account for 180 days. An e-mail is sent 3 days before the charge to remind the user and allow them to log in and easily avoid the fee. This fee is €1 and is taken from the user’s G2A Wallet (if there are no funds on the Wallet, PAY does not charge anything). Another €1 will be taken each month that the user stays inactive. If they log in, the timer resets itself and they have another 180 days before they are charged. If there are no funds left (or no funds to begin with) on their G2A Wallet, then the account is set to inactive. All a user needs to do to reactivate it is log back into G2A.COM. We never force the user to make a transaction or do anything with the funds. It’s just to let the system know the user is active, and the account has not been abandoned.

Why do we do this? To try and explain in as few words as we can:

It costs money to upkeep accounts (IT infrastructure, server maintenance, etc.) and if someone does not use the account, it doesn’t make sense to upkeep it. We don’t require these users to buy anything, just log in at least once every 6 months, just so that we know they are still with us. As a financial institution we are also monitored, supervised, and audited and have to back up and explain all our accounts and the funds stored on these accounts. Once an account may be considered “abandoned,” we take certain steps to make sure we are in line with all regulations, jurisdictions and laws.

They really do want to uphold their reputation of being a scummy company. This isn’t the first time they’re under fire either. They get keys through “not so legal ways”, they charge you extra just to guarantee that the key you bought will work and closing your account or any customer service takes absolutely forever. Not to mention the whole Gearbox debacle in 2017 after they declined Gearbox’s request to come clean.

Multiple game devs have gone on to say that buying from sites like G2A is worse than pirating the game because even though you’ve bought a game, none of that money goes to the dev. Seriously, do not buy from G2A.

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