New Call of Duty 2020 title and release window leaked by Doritos

Activision have yet to officially announce the new Call of Duty for this year though that hasn’t stopped people from leaking information about the new installment in the series. The leak came about when twitter handle TheGamingRevolution posted promotional materials from a future Doritos campaign that confirmed not only the title but also the estimated release date for the game.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

Through the promotional images it can be clearly seen that the Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is the title of the new addition in the series. It has been long rumoured that the game will focus on the roots of the series by going back to the cold war era. Many speculate that Activision may be treat this game in the same way they did Modern Warfare by rebooting the series and getting back to fan favourite characters such as Victor Reznov, Frank Woods and Alex Mason.

Though it should be noted the development process of this year COD game has been going through some rough patches. You see Activision has a three year rotation plan between Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Sledgehammer to develop a new COD game each year and this year was supposed to be Sledgehammer’s turn. 

But according to Paul Tassi from Forbes, “Whatever they were working on was deemed not good enough, so Activision decided to pull in Treyarch to make a new Black Ops game a full year early with Sledgehammer and other studios working support.

The release window

The leak also mentions that the promotion will start from October 5, 2020 and run till January 31, 2021. Previously, Modern Warfare had similar promotion which began in early October 2019 with the game releasing later that month. Based on all this it can be assumed that the new game might be released late October or early November.

However, despite such leaks it should be noted that it is already a very weird development cycle for this year’s Call of Duty due to the Sledgehammer’s cancelled work. Additionally any game coming out in this window is expected to be a cross generation title and add in the factor of a global pandemic, it makes matter much more complicated.

Even with more than one studio working on the the game, many wonder would a game made in such conditions turn into the finished product that they have come to expect from a Call of Duty game.

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Call of duty mobile season 9: what to expect

With the end of season 8 just around the corner, players are wondering what would the next season have in store for us. Season 9 which launches on 6th August 2020 brings with it a lot of great addition to the game such as a new battle royale map, gunsmiths, new operator, fan favourite COD locations and many more.

New maps

Many popular multiplayer maps from previous Modern Warfare titles are likely going to make their way to the mobile version of the game soon.

Pine, the very familiar Gunfight map from Modern Warfare 2019 – according to @CODM_Updates.

Terminal, as seen on the test server, is set at an airport and seems the same as the one from Modern Warfare 2.

Shipment is the small-sized map best suited for Team Deathmatch mode.

Two other maps called Rebirth and Breakdown have also been confirmed to be coming – according to @CODM_Updates.

Additionally all options in the community pool have been released, apart from Dome and Shipment. Many believed Shipment was meant to arrive in Season 6 or 7, but we’ve still yet to see it arrive. Tunisia has also yet to be released.

The maps Shipment and Terminal in particular were seen on the public test servers, indicating that these might make their way into Call of Duty Mobile in a near future update.

New battle royale map

A new battle royale map is being added to the game which is a port of the Alcatraz map from Black Ops 4’s Blackout.

Zombies game mode

Data-miners have also found game files involving Richtofen, one of the four main characters in COD: Mobile Zombies. This along with the return of Rebirth Island which was a zombies map from the original Call of Duty Black Ops have led many to believe in a return of the beloved zombie game mode which was removed back in season 4, or it could just be a new playable map in Multiplayer or Battle Royale.

New class- Hacker

It seems a new class named ‘Hacker’ is also coming in the future update. The class offers 2 abilities-

The Active skill of this class is ‘Ice Pick,’ which will black out the minimap of nearby enemies.

The Passive ability of the ‘Hacker’ class is ‘Hard Wired‘ this ability will prevent you from getting revealed whenever an enemy is using the ‘Scout’ class and any interference will not block the radar in your minimap.

This class can give you considerable advantage as enemy players will not be able to use their abilities when hacked.

New operator skills

Two new operator skills were also recently revealed recently

Photo via @CODM_Updates

Shadow Blade‘ has the following description: “Swiftly kill enemies at close range while also detecting hostiles within the shroud of any smoke grenade.”

Photo via @GrowPositiveYT

Equalizer‘ has the following description: “Dual integrated machine guns with built-in suppressors for close-quarters combat.” The skill takes inspiration from Synaptic’s Payload in Infinite Warfare.

Gunsmith, Armour plates and much more

Season 9 also gives players access to brand new Gunsmith customisation options,  inspired from Modern Warfare 2019. Just like in Warzone, airdrops will carry your ‘Personalized Custom Loadouts’ so players will have a chance to grab their customized weapons with all the amazing attachments.

Keen eyed Call of Duty fans may have noticed that season 9 takes a huge inspiration from Call of Duty Warzone. Adapting many of its amazing features and even adding the ‘battle royale intro animation’ and ‘Armour plate’ mechanics directly picked up from Warzone.

In the test server, the armor plates can be used to regenerate the health of players’ damaged vest. These armour playes can be found when looting with each plate giving an additional 50 Health Points (HP) to players. However, players can only equip 3 armor plates at a time.

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One phone to rule them all? ASUS ROG Phone 3 revealed

ASUS recently unveiled the latest iteration in its android gaming phone series, the ASUS ROG Phone 3. 

It’s designed keeping in mind the needs of the modern mobile gamer with an overclocked processor, a high refresh rate display, and a huge 6000 mAh battery for those long gaming sessions.

In this article, we will take a look at the specifications, price, where to buy, and other essential info.

Here’s all you need to know about the new ROG Phone 3.

ASUS ROG Phone 3: Price and release date

The ASUS ROG Phone 3 was unveiled on 22nd July 2020 and it will be sold on Flipkart at a price of ₹49,999(8 GB RAM, 128GB ROM) on the 6th of August(expected). 

There’s also another edition called the ASUS ROG Phone 3:Strix Edition which trades the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus for the standard Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC.

ASUS ROG Phone 3: Notable features

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus SoC: The ASUS ROG Phone 3 is one of the first phones to hit the market with the Snapdragon 865 Plus chip. The 3.1 GHz CPU paired with an overclocked Adreno 650 GPU makes for a deadly combo.  

Bigger, better battery: The phone sports a 6000mAh battery bundled with a 30W wired fast charger.

144Hz display with low latency: The ROG Phone 3 has 6.59 Inch AMOLED display with HDR 10+ support. It also comes with a 144Hz refresh rate along with 25 ms touch latency.

Quad Cameras(3+1): The back camera has a 64MP Sony IMX686 sensor, along with a 13MP ultra-wide lens, and a 5MP macro camera. The front camera is 24MP.

Air Triggers: The ultrasonic pressure-sensitive sensors placed on the sides of the phone make a return on the ROG Phone 3. These Air Triggers can be configured for individual games too.

Software: The X-Mode on the ROG Phone 3 helps you configure lighting, performance, and other nitty-gritty tweaks on the phone. Armory Crate lets you configure individual games.

ASUS ROG Phone 3:  Specifications

The complete specifications of the ASUS ROG Phone 3 are as follows:-

Is PUBG’s run in India over? All you need to know about the PUBG ban.

After the sweeping ban on 47 more Chinese apps by the Indian government on Monday, it seems that the next app to come under the crosshairs of the government is PUBG Mobile. 

PUBG Mobile has around 175 million downloads in India which had propelled it to become a household name in India. 

Though PUBG was developed by a South Korean company called Bluehole, the catch is that Tencent, a Chinese multinational corporation owns a major chunk of the game.

The government is considering this ban possibly because of border tensions, data-security, and privacy concerns that Chinese apps are notorious for.  

PUBG has been the subject of criticism in the past too but it was mostly due to the addictive nature of the game which had a psychological impact on players.

PUBG ban was implemented in Pakistan too, citing long term psychological effects but on July 26 a Pakistani court revoked the decision and the game was unbanned. Though it’s highly unlikely that a PUBG ban if it happens, will last indefinitely due to the developers being South Korean and Tencent just owning only part of the share.

PUBG season 8: everything you need to know

PUBG season update 8.1 is upon us and with it comes a completely reworked island of Sanhok, a new way to gear up with the Loot Truck, a new Survivor Pass, start of the next Ranked Season, and loads more. It’s a lot but don’t worry cause we here at GamingMonk have got you covered as we read through the patch notes so you don’t have to.

Return to Sankok

What was once one of the most unpopular map in the game is now seeing some new limelight with a complete overhaul to its graphics and performance. The remaster changes several key locations to make the gameplay more engaging with a focus on high risk high reward encounters.

The most notable areas that you would want to turn your attention are:-

Airfield, the only place in Sanhok where you can find a motor glider to give you aerial supremacy (look who has the higher ground now Anakin).

Getaway, a loot packed resort town designed to separate tourists from their money. Featuring poolside bars, a boardwalk, Sanhok’s premiere dance club, there’s plenty of neon haze to go around. Just don’t let it distract you from why you’re there.

Bootcamp has been completely reworked. There is now plenty of line of sight for long range engagements but also lots of cover for players to advance on opponents. There are underground areas for aggressive close quarters combat as well. Overall, the changes have amplified the risk vs reward gameplay players want from a hot drop, while giving everyone more options to best approach different situations.

In Quarry the stone blocks are now larger to provide better cover from opponents with the high ground and some perilous rope bridges have been added to give players more options for crossing without having to go through or around. All in all, Quarry should now be a meaningful destination for players who want long firefights and non-conventional engagements.

Ruins after the reworked has become the massive, labyrinthine, and deadly destination it should be, with plenty of loot for those willing to raid its treasures.

New Feature: Loot Truck

A new option for those sick of camping behind crates from air drops, the Loot Truck is a brand new feature that gives players an additional, albeit risky, way to gear up. Trucks spawn in one of 8 garages around the island and drive along roads, enticing players to attack them. As these trucks take damage, they’ll drop some loot and continue on their way.

Players persistent enough to destroy the truck will be rewarded with a large amount of top tier loot, including possible exclusive weapon loot. Exclusive weapons are pre-skinned, specially named weapons decked out with attachments. Be careful when attacking these rolling behemoths, though they can take a lot of damage and doing so will certainly draw some attention creating a high risk high reward gameplay loop.

Survivor Pass: Payback

Season 8 brings with it a lot of changes and improvements most notably the aptly named season pass Payback, which brings nearly 100 new skins, missions, and an increase in experience gained while playing. Players will now be able to acquire more XP proportional to the time survived in normal/ranked matches. Players can earn approx. 600XP per 1 hour of normal gameplay and up to 7200 XP per day.

All mission sets are now available at season launch, rather than the previous system of unlocking new mission tracks on a monthly basis.

Ranked mode changes

Vikendi is now added to the Ranked Mode lineup, and players can now get bonus Kill Points when killing an enemy whose rank is higher than theirs. There are also some Ranked specific changes to the Vikendi map and some additional changes across Ranked Mode as a whole such as item spawn, vehicle spawn, motorglider spawn and disabled flare gun to call in the BRDM-2.

New and improved

Season 8 brings in a plethora of new features the most useful being quality of life update that is the Team Up System, where players can now easily form a team with others met through Normal or Ranked matches. Along with a complete remaster of Sanhok map PUBG has also released some ‘recovered footage’ of an organization called ‘Battlegrounds’, introducing characters known as the ‘Sanhok 4’ for players interested in the lore of the game.

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