All You Need to Know about the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Tonight

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the most looked forward to first-person shooters and the hype for this game keeps building as we inch closer to the release date and get tidbits of information. The multiplayer reveal is tonight at 10:30PM IST which means we can expect a lot of new info.

However, we have information from someone who claims to have been at the Multiplayer Event and they decided to do an impromptu AMA(Ask Me Anything) about the Multiplayer aspect of the game.

Reddit User PotatoA1mz  seemed extremely excited about the game and loved every moment of the game and go on to say that the game is a 10/10. They were also really taken aback with the plethora of customization each weapon had.

They also revealed something very interesting. The game has licensed Metallica music which is pretty awesome and will have it both, in the trailer tonight and also in the game itself.

The game will also feature a 20v20 Game mode that is chaotic and fun with maps that are sized appropriately so it doesn’t turn into a map that’s overcrowded or where it’s hard to find players.

Aside from this, we also know that when using KillStreaks in multiplayer, players will be able to use White Phsophouros, a deadly chemical weapon to kill their foes. If you’ve played Spec Ops: The Line, you know what this is.

We can’t confirm anything that the Reddit user posted but the trailer tonight will confirm whether or not the information they provided was true or not. It’s safe to say though that we’re extremely excited for this game and hope it can recapture the magic of the original two Modern Warfare titles.

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