AMD Navi 20 GPU May Be Faster Than RTX 2080 Ti, Will Support Ray Tracing (Rumour)

Fans have been waiting for AMD’s Navi GPUs to be revealed for a for while now, but we have seen nothing but more speculation on that front. Fortunately, we do have some juicy rumours to look forward to.

By now it’s no longer news that the Ray Tracing is possible on AMD cards, as we saw in the recent CRYENGINE demo. Rumours suggest that the high-end Navi 20 GPUs may actually end up having better ray tracing performance than their NVIDIA RTX counterparts. The only issue is, the mainstream Navi 10 GPUs are supposedly releasing later this year, and the Navi 20 GPUs are expected to release a year later. This gives NVIDIA plenty of time to bring their own graphics cards to 7nm and compete with the red team. For now, the green team seems to be in no hurry to do so as they believe they can achieve the same level of performance with their 12nm process.

Additionally, there are more rumours that say AMD will also bring features like Variable Rate Shading which we have already seen in the Turing cards. With NVIDIA’s current GPU line-up going strong with both the RTX and GTX cards, things are bound to get interesting when the red team reveals what it has up its sleeves.

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