AMD Working on an “Nvidia Killer” Graphics Card?

AMD looks to be preparing to take the fight to Nvidia in the high-end market with something they seem to call “The Nvidia- Killer” and with a name like that, there’s no pressure on them to succeed. Right?

This leak comes from RedGamingTech who also leaked the Radeon VII and the release dates for the Ryzen 3000 Series so they seem to have an actual source on the inside. According to them, there are two GPUs that AMD is going to release next year. The Navi 21 and the Navi 23.

The Navi 23 is supposed to be the “Nvidia Killer” but we don’t really know in what way. It could either outperform it in raw performance or it could be something that has better performance vs price. This Navi 23 might also have Hardware Raytracing.

This makes sense we did see leaks that they’re patenting a hybrid Ray Tracing technique that uses both hardware and software, unlike Nvidia’s method which only uses the hardware. The next-generation consoles like the Xbox Scarlett and PS5 will have Ray Tracing and will also use AMD GPUs that use the current rDNA architecture.

The reason we didn’t get these before is because AMD didn’t want to take a risk. They moved to a new manufacturing process of 7nm and also because they were working with a new architecture called rDNA. While both of these changes have improved performance, they also are new technology and they just wanted to play it safe for now. Now that they’re more comfortable with both of those, we can expect them to start bringing out the big cards.

These new Navi GPUs will probably release around April or May next year so not only will they have to compete with the current RTX line-up but also with the GeForce 30 series GPUs and Intel’s Xe GPUs which are also supposed to release next year.

It’s safe to say that next year is going to be an interesting time for the GPU market which will hopefully be very competitive and bring in some good affordable tech.

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