Anthem Won’t Have Lootboxes or Pay-To-Win

Anthem will not have lootboxes according to the Lead Producer Michael Gamble in his tweets which has put fans at ease.

He stated that lootboxes didn’t have any place in the game and will instead only have cosmetic microtransactions for those who want to partake in that.

He also went on to say that while in the demo cosmetics cost 25 Coin, that won’t be the case in the main game as they will be cheaper and they’ll also give you some Coin to spend on cosmetic items.

From his tweets, he’s making it pretty clear that Anthem won’t have any Pay-to-win microtransactions or RNG based lootboxes where you gamble away your money in hopes of getting something good. Nor does it seem like they’ll be forcing you to pay for items that you may want as it seems like the premium currency “Coin” will also be obtainable in game and will only be used for cosmetic items.

A lot of people who were interesting in the game were concerned about this but this brings a little bit of peace to mind especially since there’s been a lot of positive feedback about the game.

After what went down with Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare really needs to make this work. The game is highly focused on the co-op aspect but we really hope they don’t skip out on the story and characters in the world because that’s what made people fall in love with BioWare games in the first place.

Anthem’s demo will be available from 25th-27th January for folks who have pre-ordered the game on all platforms. The open demo will take place from 1st-3rd February for all platforms and will be available for everyone to try regardless of if you have the game or not.

Anthem releases on 22nd February with Early Access for Access members on 15th February.

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