Area F2: Basic Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Dying to play Rainbow Six Siege but don’t have the hardware to run the game well? Or are you just bored from all the battle royale games on the play store? Then try this game out. This is Area F2 and it is the first CQB or Close Quarters Battle shooting game on mobile. You will find a variety of different operators and maps with destructible roofs and walls which can be used tactically.

Getting into this game is certainly tougher than other mobile games. But here are some basic tips and tricks that you can employ to get better at the game.

Map Knowledge

Unlike most FPSs with larger maps, this has smaller maps and the combat is confined to rooms and corridors, hence it’s called a Close-Quarters Battle game. This means map knowledge is key. It is extremely important to know every corner of the room especially when you are on the attacking side. The defenders can place traps and can be hiding anywhere.

Use the Preparation Phase

Before every round there is a preparation phase. This is an extremely important time and you should use it wisely. Attackers can use their drones to spot enemies and the objective while the defenders can place traps and defences. You can also plan with your teammates and coordinate with them.

As a bonus, attackers can hide their drones in various hiding spots once they have spotted the enemies to keep an eye on them even after the round has started. Defenders should look for these drones and shoot them off as soon as possible.

Barbed Wires

Barbed wires in this game are extremely effective if used correctly. Don’t place barbed wires in obvious spots like under a barricaded door where the attacker can easily spot it and avoid it. Instead place them in choke points forcing the attackers to walk through them. Not only does it slow them down but it also makes a sound that reveals their location. Attackers can break these wires, but if you shoot them then your gunshot will be heard by the enemies. Use melee weapons instead.

Look for Clues

In this game bullet holes stay for the entire round. Use this to guess where the enemy might be hiding or coming from. Attackers can also make guesses on where the objective is by spotting defences and traps set by the defenders.

Don’t Be Stupid

While playing as defenders, many players barricade themselves into one room without thinking of the repercussions. This makes it easier for the attackers to overwhelm you as there aren’t many spots left for you to hide or take cover in. While barricading, make sure that you use at least two rooms so that you have enough room to move around.

So these were a few tips to get better at Area F2. Stay tuned for more such guides and updates on multiplayer games. If you’re interested in reading more such articles, check out the links below.

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