Batman: Arkham Collection Out For Xbox One

The Batman: Arkham Collection is officially available for users to purchase for the Xbox One.

This new bundle features all the Rocksteady Arkham games with all the DLC. This means that Arkham Origins is not included in this collection. The collection is also said to be “Xbox One Enhanced” and according to user reports, as of this moment, there is no Enhancement patch for Arkham Knight while the Return To Arkham titles have the same Enhancement patch as it did when it first came out and has the weird 45 framerate cap.

For the price of $60, you get both previous games plus the premium edition of Arkham Knight which features all the story packs, skins and story DLC for the game which is a good deal if you haven’t played these games. The lack of an enhancement patch for Arkham Knight is a disappointment as we expected that with a bundled release as such, they might also push a patch for the last release in the series. We could have expected something along the lines of 4K @ 30fps or 1080/1440p @ 60fps since it is doable on the horrid PC version which has been patched a lot and has decent performance now.

Arkham Origins has been left out of this bundle though which is sad to see. It does, however, receive Backwards Compatibility support if you have a physical copy of the game. Arkham Origins was not developed by Rocksteady but instead by WB Games Montréal and released to a mixed review due to how buggy it was on launch. However, as time has passed, many hail it as one of their favourites of the series. It would have been nice to see it with an Xbox Enhanced Patch because it had a very unique aesthetic that was close to Arkham Asylum’s comic book style of characters.

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