Battlefield V Bringing Major Changes After BETA Feedback

Open Betas for games these days seem to act as demos instead of an actual Beta for developers to take feedback from but DICE has actually listened to the community which is always good to see.

DICE made a new episode of Battlefield V Dev Talks to discuss the changes and feedback from the Open Beta.

They plan on balancing the War of Attrition mode by changing up the ammo count for weapons, reducing the number of Supply Stations due to the fact that players will now spawn with a Health Pouch. Instead of being prebuilt, Supply Stations will have to be constructed by players.

Player Visibility was an issue that many players felt needed to be fixed so DICE is doing just that. To do so they’re adding a distance haze to make players pop more and they will also make changes to the lighting levels and visibility to ensure that players don’t face this issue at launch.

Dying and Respawning is a very important part of the game and for a more fluid experience, DICE will be tweaking the respawn time based on how long you were Bleeding Out in an effort to allow players to shout for medical assistance without feeling like they’re wasting extra time. The revive shots will also be polished so that players can be seen and heard more easily.

Time To Kill and Time to Death will be getting tweaks as well with changes to weapon stats which means a lot of weapons will be rebalanced and also a full netcode pass since they seemed to have a glitch which allowed bullet damage to stack, leading to quicker deaths.

Players felt that the amount of vehicle types were not enough in Beta so DICE has stated that those were just a taste of what’s to come and the the full release will have a huge selection of vehicles to choose from. Speaking of vehicles, Extended Systemic Vehicle Damage will be coming to the game. This means that your tank just won’t straight up blow up but certain parts of it will stop working based on where it took damage from.

Air Combat will also be tweaked as planes will continually be worked on to make flying them feel better. Pilots and gunners will also get improved visibilty of enemies which means that they can also acquire ground targets so that they don’t get separated from the battle occuring on the ground. The full game will also release with plane upgrades like Radar and Parachute Flares so players can look forward to that.

That’s a solid gist of what DICE spoke about regarding the changes but if you’d like to know the full details check out their post here or you could watch the video linked above.

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