Battlefield V Tips & Tricks To Dominate The Enemy

Battlefield V is now available for those with EA Origin Access Premiere. If you want to get ahead of the crowd, here are a few tips to help you get started and gain an edge over others.

Bait Enemy Tanks

People in tanks tend to get a false sense of security, especially against those on foot. You can use this to your advantage by baiting tanks into places where you have set up traps or mines. Similarly, if you are in a Tank try to stick to unexpected routes and don’t chase after someone, they could be setting you up.

Create your own paths

The environment can be your best friend if used properly. Is a wall or building blocking your way? Tear through it. Use this to flank enemies and set up unusual spots that will get enemies off guard. You can even make openings of your own and using them to push tanks forward without getting trapped y enemies. Use the environment as much as you can.

Class Importance

The class you play as must also be in sync with your play style. If you pick the Assault class, go on the frontline and get those kills, if you’re Recon, mark enemies and stay back and pick off opponents one by one. However, during a match, you may have to switch classes to help your team so don’t be afraid to do see if the match calls for it. Being flexible will give you an advantage so while you should have one main class, try not to neglect the other because you might need to use them in the hour of need.

Customize your weapon

As you level up your class you also level up your weapons. This unlocks specializations and upgrades which can make your weapons faster and stronger. This is why you should have a main class that you use primarily while also not neglecting other classes so that you can have the other unlocks too and not be at a disadvantage if you ever need to switch classes.

Play The Objective

People tend to get greedy and play for kills but try not to do that. It is a team based game and if you win you get more experience. If you play according to the role of your class like Reviving fallen allies as a medic, you will gain more experience because you’re playing the way a Medic should and will level up faster. Playing the Objective of the game mode and your role will benefit you and your whole team so always prioritize the objective.

Those are just a few tips to help you in the right direction when playing Battlefield V online. If you’d like to play the game before the release on November 20th, check out the link below

Steps To Play Battlefield V Early Than Global Release

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