Best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile

ith the ban of PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile has seen an unprecedented rise in India and for good reason. The game has one of the best gameplay mechanics in the battle royale genre along with a lot of money being invested in development. There are regular updates along with a variety of game modes which make the experience even more interesting. 

If you have made the switch to Call of Duty Mobile or were playing it for a while, the first thing you’ll want to know is the guns that are suitable in all scenarios. There are a variety of ARs to choose from but in this article, we’ll be listing some of the best ones along with their stats.

KN44 – Considered by many as the best gun in the game, the KN44 is the most versatile AR and it is suitable for close as well as mid-range combat. Its time taken to kill(TTK) is really low and has a very balanced stat sheet:-

  • Damage: 57
  • Fire Rate: 62
  • Accuracy: 51
  • Mobility: 55
  • Range: 50

HBRa3 – Another one of the greats, this assault rifle boasts of an incredibly fast fire rate which makes it an absolute beast in close-range engagements. The only flaw is that the gun isn’t as good as you’d like it to be during mid to long-range engagements.

  • Damage: 55
  • Fire Rate: 67
  • Accuracy: 54
  • Mobility: 54
  • Range: 46

LK24 – The LK24 Assault Rifle is one of the best guns for long-range fights due to minimal recoil coupled with a high damage per shot(dps). You’ll need to be skilled at the game to use it to its full potential. 

  • Damage: 47
  • Fire Rate: 62
  • Accuracy: 68
  • Mobility: 60
  • Range: 55

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