Best Scopes In Free Fire

Free Fire contains a wide array of attachments for all the guns available for use in the game. When it comes to scopes, it’s mostly personal preference but it seems that some scopes are better than others and offer more accuracy as well as visibility. In this article, we’ll take you through some of the best scopes available in the game across different distances. 

Red Dot – The classic red dot sight is one of the best scopes in Free Fire and excellent for close to mid-range combat. It’s easy to come across and supports numerous guns. It has very high visibility due to it being very simple and minimalist. It allows for extremely precise shots as well as the ability magnification. 

2x Scope – Best suited for mid-range combat, the 2x scope is also a favourite of many players and the precision sight picture makes it one of the cleanest scopes in the game. If you can get your hands on it, do use it and I promise you’ll love it. 

4x Scope – Ideal for long-range combat, just attach it to your favourite sniper to take out your enemies with flair and ease. You can also attach it to your favourite AR and shred enemies at mid-range with ease. The 4x scope is much harder to come by than a 2x or red dot.

Thermal Scope – Although it’s not as widely used as the other scopes on this list, the thermal scope is still highly suited for aggressive players who want to take out campers/ The thermal optics make it extremely easy to detect campers. It does not offer as powerful a magnification as the 4x scope so keep that in mind before rocking it.

8x Scope – The most powerful scope in the game when it comes to magnification, the 8x scope can be used to take out enemies at extreme ranges. It’s only attachable to snipers and offers high precision at those long ranges. Though it’s really rare to come by, the scope has a wide appeal among professional snipers in the game. It’s usually good to have it during early game fights when the circle is big because it’s practically useless at mid to close range battles.  

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