Best Snipers in Free Fire

A good sniper can turn around the fortunes of a team in Battle Royale games. When used effectively snipers can take out people in one shot and give you instant advantage in a firefight and this is why in today’s article we’ll be covering the best snipers to use in Garena Free Fire:-

  1. Dragunov: One of the best automatic sniper rifles in the game, the Dragunov or SVD deals a devastating amount of damage. This kind of power makes it a rare find as it is only found in air drops and is not part of the ground loot. A decent fire rate makes it one of the faster snipers in game. 
  1. SKS: Like a sibling to SVD, the SKS works pretty much the same way except for the fact that it is much easier to come by. It takes 3 body shots to down an enemy using the SKS provided that an opponent is wearing a level 2 vest. 
  1. KAR98K: This balanced rifle makes for a good gun to improve your aim as well as get some easy kills in the process. Unlike PUBG the Kar98K in Garena Free Fire is pretty balanced and deadly. 
  1. M82B: One of the most versatile guns around, the M82B is the newest gun to be added into the arsenal of Free Fire. It deals additional damage to vehicles and Gloo walls which makes this a go to option for many snipers in the game. This is not all, the gun also has extra armour piercing which makes it effective against armoured players. 
  1. AWM: The king of all snipers, the AWM is, without a doubt, the best sniper in the game. With its great accuracy over very long distances, the AWM can win you games without even having to get close to an enemy. What makes this gun amazing is its headshot damage. No matter which helmet your enemies are wearing, a shot to the head with this beast is always a one hit kill.

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