Black Ops 4 Has A Lesser Known Split Screen Feature, Works Across All Modes

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 lacks a story mode but has a very robust multiplayer experience that can be experienced in Split Screen mode which has made a surprising come back.

A lot of fans are quite happy and excited about Black Ops 4 and how much fun it is to play but one of the most surprising inclusions for me is the Split Screen feature that is playable across almost all modes.  You can play split screen in the new Battle Royale mode Blackout or in any of the other competitive multiplayer modes. To do so both players must be signed in into their respective PSN or Xbox Accounts and one of them must have PS Plus or XBL. The zombie mode also has a split-screen mode, which is available for up to 4 players, unlike other game modes.

While the Split Screen mode is great, it has its problems. Mainly problems tied to the framerate of the game which seems severely affected and the graphical downgrade when playing in split screen mode. Performance isn’t great and there are moments where lag is very noticeable but as time passes I feel Treyarch could iron out these issues. Also, the PC version of the game does not have Split Screen which to me is quite disappointing and I’d love it if they were to implement this in the PC version too where users can achieve a good split-screen experience.

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