Black Ops 4 Has The Biggest Launch Day Numbers In Call of Duty History

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been the biggest day one digital release in Activision history, as announced by the company, breaking the previous franchise record set by Call of Duty: WWII in 2017.

In an announcement made by the company, they further stated that Black Ops 4 also set a new PlayStation record for day one digital games on the PSN Store and, became the best-selling Activision Xbox One digital game on day one worldwide. While both consoles faired well, the PC community also loved the game which was evident from the fact that Black Ops 4 sold more than double the launch day sales of CoD: WWII even though this was their first ever release in Blizzard’s platform.

Black Ops 4 is an incredible game, and the community’s response to it has been amazing. We have shattered multiple digital day one sales records, and the number of people who connected online on day one to play has grown year on year,” said Rob Kostich, EVP and GM, Call of Duty. “But probably the most important thing is that the community is having so much fun across Multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout. We are so incredibly thankful for the community’s trust and support. This is just the beginning, it’s going to be an incredible journey with Black Ops 4.”

Black Ops 4 was received quite positively during its beta and this holds true even after the launch of the game. This is the first game in the series without a proper single player campaign and is focused more on the other aspects of the game like the multiplayer and the new Battle Royale mode.

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