Blizzard Caught Off Guard By Fan Outrage Over Diablo Immortal

Diablo is a lot of PC gamer’s favourite franchise and rightly so because of Diablo 2 which was an outstanding game but Diablo Immortal caused on outrage and led to the first time Blizzard got booed at Blizzcon.

Diablo 3’s launch was not great and disappointed a lot of fans. Although it has gotten better over the time fans wanted a sequel. Then at Blizzcon, they announced Diablo Immortal. A mobile game sequel. When the crowd started to boo out of disappointment, the presenter on stage said, “Do You guys not have phones?” Not a great way to react to an already upset crowd. During the Q&A session, somebody even asked if this was a badly timed April Fools joke. That’s not the worst part though.

The game has been called out for being what looks like a re-skinned version of Crusaders Of Light, a game made by Chinese company NetEase, who have also made Diablo Immortal. The UI of Diablo Immortal bears a very strong resemblance to Crusader of Light which can also be played on Steam as it as an F2P game. While the UI does bear a resemblance, the game that it’s a clone of is a game from 2017 called “Endless of God”.  Look at the two gameplay videos and you will see why people are upset.

Besides that, Blizzard has tried to delete the trailer video of the game that had a lot of dislikes and uploaded it again with a new URL but the people found out and it got slammed with even more dislikes. They were even deleting comments from the videos. This is a PR Nightmare for Blizzard who has been criticized for not listening to their player base and with antics such as these, it just seems very evident.

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