Borderlands 3 will not have Preloading on Epic Games Store

If you’re excited about Borderlands 3 and are looking forward to playing the game the moment it launches on PC, you might sadly have to wait a bit longer. Especially if you have a slow internet connection.

The Epic Games Store won’t let you preload the game because they supposedly don’t have the support for it. They’ve been under a lot of fire because of their exclusivity deals and most people aren’t happy about it. Especially after they realized that Epic Games has support for pre-loading but won’t have it for Borderlands 3.

According to Tim Sweeney, they haven’t done it for Borderlands 3 because they aren’t certain if they will be able to support the demands of a game like Borderlands 3. So maybe they’re just trying to not risk it because they’re not sure if it’ll work well and don’t want to end up having issues with it and then catching more flak for it.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s a bit of a bummer for people who have slow internet connections because they will have to wait till the day of the release to be able to download the game. Depending on their connection, this could take days because, in a lot of places, internet speeds are still slow.

At least they have the functionality according to their Trello board so hopefully, they can start using it for bigger games that they’ve made exclusive to their platform.

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