#BreakingTheMyth – Akanksha Sachan on Being a Girl Gamer

Gaming as a profession has been constantly looked down in the country. Gaming in general has had it’s fair issues of struggle, often regarded as a hobby to fritter away with one’s time, a get-away from studies causing poor grades. NOT TRUE! (95% in Boards W/ Dark Souls & Witcher 3) Luckily, to our favour, times have changed.

From what was deemed as “just another hobby”, a time killer, is now a full-time job. People are making millions off it, be it players or organisers. Women are advancing into Gaming/eSports which was initially perceived as a male exclusive avenue. Let’s have a look at Akanksha’s Journey as she breaks the stereotype surrounding girl gamers in India.

Q. Tell us something about yourself? 

“Primarily I am a Cosplayer. I was in love with gaming because all gaming characters had amazing costumes and that made me admire them. I have been Cosplaying since 2010 and that is partly the reason I got into fashion designing. It was gaming. It was the elaborate designs that made me want to be those characters that I saw on screen. I remember my first costume. The first time I saw myself in the mirror; I was exceptionally proud of what I had done

For most of my time in gaming, I remained casual. I played more to learn about game characters and not to compete or to take it too seriously. Cosplay was still my primary focus. The played MOBA’s such as LOL and FPS games from time to time. But at that time I didn’t take gaming too seriously.

Nearly a year ago, I got myself a new Gaming PC . And I guess that’s when things have changed the most. I now had to tools to take gaming more seriously; and the best part was that I didn’t have to compromise. I have a team and an amazing boss that supports my career as a Cosplayer.

Slowly but steadily I’ve grown as a gamer and things are looking bright from here on out. I’m sure that there will be more challenges ahead as there are today but now I’m confident that I can face them”

Q. When did you start gaming?

“I got my first computer in 2008 and I guess that’s when I played my first game(not counting those Cassettes day on Gameboys). I still remember getting to know the controls while playing ‘Project IGI’. I was hooked. I think for someone to be passionate about gaming, you have to start young. That is the time when it can really leave an impact; as it did with me.”

Q. What all games do you play?

I like to play PUBG , Tekken and other variety of games but I love  ‘League of Legends’.

Q. When did you start streaming?

Mostly it was through popular demands of my followers that repeatedly asked me to do this. So I gave it a chance and it was very well received. Thanks to all of that, I think I’m going to explore more of what i can do in streaming.

Q. Have you faced any difficulties pursuing gaming as your passion?

Most of the difficulties that I have faced have been monetary, I didn’t have much support from my family but they were never against it. They supported me as a Cosplayer, even when they didn’t really know what it was. I make a decent amount of money now and I’m surrounded with people that support me. Actually I would call myself lucky.

Q. Your journey has been truly inspirational, what advice would you like to give to budding girl gamers? 

To anyone who’s looking to make it in the gaming industry; just make sure that you surround yourself with positive energy. There are a lot of things and people that would for some reason pull you down. We all love to watch a train wreck but make sure that you’re not such a spectacle. Be known for good; and at the same time be ready to face the worst.

Gaming is supposed to be progressive and accepting of everyone but unfortunately that is not the case once you take the first step into the deep end of the pool. I had to face a lot of this until I met up with the right people, people that genuinely want to have fun and get better at gaming at the same time. Even after all the adversities, I got through it & I can only see good things lined-up for the future.

Q. eSports is growing worldwide, what do you think about the eSports situation in our country?

In my time working with Acro, I’ve been able to see the growth that gaming industry has seen in India. The last five years in particular have been very constructive; and we’re all very certain that the numbers will keep on improving. What everyone needs to understand is that Rome wasn’t built in a day; things will take time.


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