Call of Duty Blackout’s Top Landing Spots

Call of Duty Blackout can be a very hectic and competitive affair and because of that, you need every advantage you can get. Here’s Call of Duty Blackout’s top landing spots to help you start off in the best way possible.

Nuketown Island

Nuketown Island is a very risky place to go to but can yield great rewards. It’s a goldmine for loot with the underground bunker and the ruined houses however you can be ambushed by snipers when you leave so beware of that. Besides that, the signpost in Nuketown displays how many players are in the nearby area so you can prepare yourself for combat based on that.


A place that is very risky due to its location on the map. Being down south means that it can be difficult to get back into the play zone, however, there’s some great loot in the tower, especially at the top. Not to mention that there’s usually an ATV that spawns here so you can make a quick getaway if it spawns.


This place is great, especially if you’re going up against newer players. While most go here for the zombie kills to get that special loot, many people lay in wait to ambush unsuspecting players who are leaving after they get the good loot. The maze here is also a great place to go to if you’re being hunted by enemies and can even be used to turn the tables.


This is a relevantly safer spot and a good choice if you’re trying to play it safe and slow. The central location of this place means that you can head out towards wherever the play zone is and with the abundance of loot here, you can get quite a bit of good stuff to prepare for when you want to head out of here. It’s best to go here when you’re in a group because people tend to camp here and wait for easy picks so if you’re in a squad and traveling together, they’ll think twice before engaging a group.

Construction Site

The Sniper’s Nest. You have the high ground here but be warned, while it does provide great vantage points, you won’t be the only one with a similar idea. The loot here is good as well and there’s even a helicopter that spawns towards the southwest side in the forest. Get a squad team to go pick that up while you and your buddy secure the perimeter to have a huge advantage in terms of visuals and movement in case you need to make a quick escape.

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