Call of Duty Mobile Best Graphics Settings For Optimal Performance

Call of Duty Mobile has been out for a while and has been taking over the world by the storm. It crossed 100 million downloads pretty quickly, and for all the good reasons. People can now enjoy their favourite FPS on almost any recent phone, from a low spec budget smartphone to a high-end flagship one. And to make sure you get an optimal experience irrespective of how low or high-spec your phone is, we’ve prepared this guide with the best graphics settings. Let’s jump right into it.


First things first, lower the graphics settings. Even if you have a high-end phone, we really recommend this because it just reduces the strain on your phone. I mean, the game will look uglier but your aim is to stop enemies and get the smooth performance and this will help with both.

We personally play on low because it gives us the best framerate and we don’t mind the visuals because enemies are mostly easily spottable. Especially in multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch and Frontline.

So speaking of framerate, you always want this to be on the highest setting. For regular phones we recommend high since that will be the smoothest as it will be at 60fps. If you have a phone with a 90hz screen or anything above 60hz we would recommend any setting above for that.

And the best way to achieve that is by setting your graphics to low. To unlock the “Max Setting” for framerate, you will have to set the Graphics Quality to Low, Medium or High.

Below this, set everything off. Setting graphics quality to low will automatically turn off and block out most options. Depth of Field adds a slight blur to the sides of the screen when zooming in.

  • Bloom is just a visual effect that’s a bright light.
  • Realtime shadow updates shadows in real-time. It looks good but will eat power.
  • Ragdoll means how enemies bodies will fall after dying. When set to on, they will fall somewhat realistically depending on how you shot them. 
  • Anti-Aliasing fixes the edges and makes them smoother instead of rough. Turn this on only if you have a good phone and want the game to look good.
  • In graphics Mode, set it to Dynamic because it’s just a bit more vibrant and colours pop more. This means spotting enemies is easier for me.
  • Adjust screen is set to Auto because it does a good job of setting the buttons and visual elements properly according to your phone’s screen.

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