Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 1 Guide For Beginners

Activision has made a huge comeback with this year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Not only does has it restored the franchise to its former glory, it has also added a bunch of new things for both old and new fans to enjoy. The game’s Season 1 has been released recently, and with it comes some great new content. But if you’re someone who’s just getting into the game, it can be a little daunting to figure out where to start. That’s why we’ve made this handy guide to help you.

What to do if you’re a beginner

If you’re new to the game and you start off with the multiplayer, unfortunately, you won’t have much unlocked, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the game. There are actually a few decent default classes in the game that come in very handy at the start, whether you prefer to sneak around the enemies or go in guns blazing. 

Recommended Loadout for Aggressive Players

The best loadout for aggressive players to use is the Demolition Loadout. This has an AK47 with a bunch of great attachments. You wont be unlocking this gun or its attachment early on so this is a great weapon to use at the start. 

For your secondary weapon, you have a PILA Rocket Launcher that you can use to destroy enemy vehicles and also absolutely destroy enemies on the ground that annoy you. Nothing feels better than to just pull out an RPG and shoot at someone who has been wrecking you the whole match.

For your lethal equipment, you get C4 which is not only effective but also really fun to use. Throw them around, bait some enemies in, blow them up and be home in time for dinner.

The perks in this class are also very helpful as you take less explosive damage and get killstreaks faster.

Recommended Loadout for Stealth Players

Now, if you’re more of the sneaky type, you should pick the Ghost class that has a stealthier approach. The AUG is the main weapon that has a high right of fire and a suppressor so you can easily run and gun. Your secondary is the 50GS pistol which is essentially the Desert Eagle. This hard-hitting pistol is a great backup to your AUG.

For your lethal weapon, there is Thermite which sticks to surfaces and can burn enemies to death. If you’re able to strategize and use it effectively, it can be pretty devastating for your enemies.

This class excels in stealthy play as the perks in this hide your death markers which means when you kill someone it won’t show up on the map and you won’t be visible to digital surveillance so you won’t show up on the radar.

What’s New in Season 1

In addition to new weapons, Season 1 adds a Battle Pass to the game which you can buy for 1000 COD points. The Battle Pass provides a boost to the COD points you can earn as you play the game. If you don’t buy the battle pass you can earn up to 300 COD Points, but on the other hand, if you do have the Battle Pass, you can unlock an extra 1000 COD Points which can then be used to buy the Battle Pass for next season.  The 2 new guns added to the game are the Holger-26 LMG and the RAM-7 bullpup assault rifle.

As you progress through the Battle Pass, you’ll keep unlocking rewards. But if you want to unlock the new guns, you will have to play the game quite a bit. The Holger-26 unlocks at tier 15 of the Battle Pass. While the RAM-7 unlocks at tier 31. So you’ll have to spend some time before you can unlock these weapons.

You can also use CoD Points to skip Battle Tiers in case you want to quickly progress through this season’s Battle Pass and want to get the new guns faster. 

Thankfully this time around, new maps and weapons won’t be locked behind a paywall and everyone will be able to access them by just playing the game. And, the game already has a lot of guns so picking the best ones can be hard. But don’t worry, we’ll be putting up guides for those too, so stick around and you’ll see a lot of helpful tips.

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