Ashen Coming to PS4, Switch, Steam and GOG on December 9

The Ashen’s rebirth has restored light to the ash covered plains and the dark world you’ve always known. You must protect the Ashen at all costs, if there is any hope for the new light to survive.

There are those who prefer the darkness and will try to stop you on your quest. You’ll need to be fast on your feet, quick to learn and willing to work with others if you hope to survive against the many threats you’ll encounter on your journey.

At its core, Ashen is about relationships. You will meet people out in the world, perhaps a tinker or huntress, a fortune-hunter or weaver of shadows. Each character has unique knowledge and crafting abilities that will bolster your chances of survival and victory.

You must build a new life in these twilight plains and fight together instead of stumbling alone in the dark.

Key Features

• Passive Multiplayer – People you meet out in the world are players with their own agendas. It will be up to you to decide how to deal with them.

• Open World Exploration – Your settlement is nestled in the mountains, surrounded by hand crafted environments as far as the eye can see.

• Stamina Based Combat – Each encounter, no matter how trivial seeming, has the potential to end in disaster. Knowing the land and being patient are some of the most valuable weapons available to a lone wanderer in Ashen. Sometimes it is best to turn and run.

• Creatures – The creatures of Ashen include rare, lonely giants and hungry, twisted inhabitants of the night. Despite the perils of the darkness, life always finds a way. This is a land teaming with a diverse array of flora and fauna.

• The Town – The town will be cobbled together from survivors you choose to bring to your settlement. They might provide you with help ranging from blacksmithing to foraging expertise.

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Ashen Could Release on December 7th for Xbox One and PC

Ashen was showcased a few E3s ago for the first time but since there has been barely any info, however, we might now be very close to a release date.

Ashen is Aurora44’s Action RPG that was touted as Ragdoll Dark Souls due to its unique aesthetic and combat system that resembles the Souls Series. The game was first showcased at E3 2015 and was supposed to be a console launch exclusive. Information over the years was far and few but after being showcased at Gamescom 2018, we were hopeful for a release in 2018 and that might actually come true.

Xbox One Digital Marketplace Home

According to the Microsoft Store listing for Ashen, which says the game is “available now” and links to the game’s pre-release store page as spotted by WindowsCentral. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, will also be presenting at The Game Awards which could very well be when he announces Xbox exclusive titles and that’s when we’ll hopefully get the announcement that Ashen will be released on 7th December.

Ashen Release Date

Ashen is also rumoured to be a Day 1 Xbox One Game Pass title which means that only one purchase is required to play it on your Xbox One or PC. The game has a small emphasis on co-op which while not necessary will enhance your experience. We checked SteamDB and the game had some updates to it 7 days ago so we could very well see the game releasing soon.

If the Store listing is true, I’m very excited because I’ve been waiting for this game for a really long time because of how unique and promising it looked with it’s a different approach to survival and what seems to be a good combat system and RPG elements. You can check out footage of the game from Gamescom 2018 below.

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