Batman “Project Sabbath”: The Cancelled Batman Beyond Game

After Batman Arkham Knight there were rumours of a Batman Beyond game and most reports said that WB Games, the devs behind Batman Arkham Origin would be working on it. Well, it was happening until it got scrapped. But, we’ve got concept art of what the game would’ve looked like.

canceled arkham knight sequel

The game would’ve followed Damian Wayne with an Older Bruce being his mentor. It would’ve been heavily inspired by Batman Beyond but there seems to be no sign of Terry McGinnis, the actual Batman Beyond.

It would be set in a run-down Gotham which seemed to have been overrun by villains. Two-Face would have returned, this time as a Judge. Poison Ivy and Penguin would also return along with a new Female Black Mask while Gorilla Grodd would also show up.

In terms of allies, Dick Grayson who is Nightwing was also supposed to be in the game but we don’t know in what capacity. For transportation, Damian would use a Batbike to travel across a Gotham that looks way worse than it did in Arkham Knight.

Something that was interesting and something that people did want from new Arkham games was the Nemesis System from Shadow of Mordor which was confirmed. In this cancelled game, if Batman lost to a group of enemies, the Batwing would pick him up and the enemy would gain notoriety in his gang.

All of this, however, was scrapped but they also tried a Superman and Suicide Squad game. They are working on some sort of a Batman game which people seem to think is going to be based on the Court of Owls storyline. This rumour has slowly gained popularity because devs and people working on the game have been teasing images with Owls and even going as far as putting up a post with a Court of Owls logo t-shirt.

All of the information about “Project Sabbath” comes from a poster on 4Chan who also posted the images so take it with a grain of salt but it does line-up with previously known information. You can check out the full album here or on the link below.

4Chan Link

Imgur Gallery Link

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