Beat Cop – Quick Review

Beat Cop is a 2017 is a top view-side scroller game set in Brooklyn, New York. You play as Jack Kelly, a former detective and now cop who has been framed in a Murder. With none of your old pals to help you must uncover the plot behind your framing yourself by uncovering the secret that the dark streets of Brooklyn hides as you reprimand pedestrians, stop crime, write tickets, face off with the Mafia that hates you and endure a boss that treats you like shit.

Platform- PC, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, Android, iOS
Price- 479 Rs
Developer- Pixel Crow
Publisher- 11bit studios


  • Available of varied platforms including smartphones.
  • Pixelated graphics maintain good detail
  • Gameplay is engaging and often humorous
  • Sidequests are often interesting and engaging


  • Technical issues
  • Story becomes slow eventually
  • Dull and repetitive audio sounds

Score: 7/10

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