PlayerUnknown, Brendan Greene, Is Done With Battle Royale

Brendan Greene, the creator of PUBG, has said that he is moving on from the popular Battle Royale game, and is in fact done with the Battle Royale genre entirely.

Speaking in an interview with GamesIndustry.Biz at GDC 2019, Greene said –
“The last man standing concept is great, but I’ve done that. I don’t really intend to make PUBG 2. I’ve done battle royale, it’s time to try something else. There are ideas about how we connect to people and how we provide the different experiences I have.”

Brendan Greene will now be heading the Special Projects Division at PUBG Corp, and will be exploring experimental ideas around making games. It also sounds like he may not be making games focused around killing each other, instead trying to connect and bring together players in new kinds of experiences.

“I’ve done the killing thing. It’s fun,” he says, “I think I’ve provided others with a good way of killing each other. But I want to explore some other things.”

This is a big new step for Greene, and he does realize that. Being the creator of PUBG and responsible for popularizing the Battle Royale is no mean feat. The last time we saw such a big shift in the shooter genre was when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released. Back in 2007, that led to a decade of developers and publishers trying to milk and capitalize on the FPS shooter genre with a good progression system, and now they are doing the same with Battle Royale.

We’re all eager to see what PlayerUnknown will be working on next, and, more importantly, if his online handle will be attached his next IP. PlayerUnknown’s Prince of Persia anyone?

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