Darkborn Adds A Brutal Twist By Letting You Play As A Monster Slaying Humans

While most games put you in the shoes of humans fighting against monsters, Darkborn let’s you play as a monster fighting humans. It is an effective premise that’s not very common, and their first proper gameplay reveal is rather brutal.

Developed by Private Division, including former Battlefield developers, Darkborn is set in a lush yet dangerous setting where these so call monsters are under constant threat by humans.

A recent Game Informer interview, game director David Goldfarb said, “We always center our experience in our own perspectives. I thought it would be interesting to look at it from the position of a monster who is, in this case, innocent and not the typical threat. What would happen if you were the one being persecuted and the people were the ones who were ruining your habitat and murdering your family? What would that mean and what’s that journey like? That to me is really interesting.”

The human threat is referred to as The Pale Enemy, who attack and torture the monsters, and perform rituals on them. The game is set across multiple generations of conflict, slowly unraveling new mysteries and answers.

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