Mario Returns to Mobile Platforms with Dr. Mario World on 7th July

Dr. Mario makes his return next month with Dr. Mario World, a match 3 game where you’re trying to kill all the viruses before you run out of capsules.

Based on the original 1990 Dr. Mario game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Dr. Mario World features the same core gameplay with updated mechanics that take advantage of modern smartphones by utilizing the touch screen in intuitive ways to control your capsules.

The game features Dr. Mario, Dr. Luigi, Dr. Peach, Dr. Toad, Dr. Yoshi, and Dr. Bowser and will feature 5 worlds at launch with more to come after launch. The game will require you to purchase other characters besides Dr. Mario to unlock them using either coins earned by playing the game or by purchasing their MTX Currency called Diamonds.

The game is a mobile game and thus follows the Candy Crush method of gameplay with limited lives that refill over time and a microtransaction heavy system to buy extra items and hearts. But, if you’re a casual player who doesn’t really need all those lives and items and are patient enough to not spend your money on a mobile game then you should be fine.

The game releases on 7th July Worldwide for both iOS and Android but I really want to know something. Nintendo, Waluigi when?

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