Valorant Update Nerfs Sage, Killjoy and Shotguns Along With Other Changes

Valorant just released update 1.07 for the game which brought with it changes to agents such as Sage, Killjoy, Breach, and Viper. The update also nerfed all shotguns across the game along with many quality of life changes.




  • Heal reduced from 100 over 5 seconds >>> 60 over 5 seconds  
  • Self heal reduced from 100 over 5 seconds >>> 60 over 10 seconds

Slow Orb

  • Size reduced by 30%

Barrier Orb

  • Cost reduced from 400 >>> 300
  • Fortifying Barrier: Wall forms at 400 HP—after a 3 second delay, the wall becomes fortified to 800 HP

Sage’s heal has been nerfed to do 40% less healing than its original value. this was by far Sage’s most useful ability and what made her the most popular agent in the game. In addition to that Slow orb is also now less powerful than before. How these changes affect the meta for the game going forward remains to be seen.



  • Added a brief windup before damage begins
  • DPS reduced from 60 >>> 40
  • Visual effects have been added to make it easier to spot the grenade on the ground Stealth audio range has been slightly increased


  • No longer revealed by Sova’s Recon Bolt  
  • More effectively shoots at an enemy’s last known location

Killjoy nanoswarm ability was also nerfed making it significantly less viable in the current meta especially in higher ranks where every second counts.


Toxic Screen

  • Can now be placed during the buy phase of rounds, through spawn barriers
  • Toxic Screen now goes up faster along it’s full length, once it starts to form


  • Decay on all smoke abilities no longer affects allies

Viper’s Pit

  • The area of Viper’s Pit is now shown on her team’s minimap when deployed

Viper on the other hand has received a number of buffs. Although these can also be seen as quality of life changes as it makes her kit much more usable. These changes makes her more viable in a team composition.



  • Off-screen flashes now match behavior of other flashes in the game and apply a minimum amount of flash more aggressively
  • Charges increased from 2 >>> 3
  • Reduced windup time from 0.6 seconds >>> 0.5 seconds


  • Concuss now de-scopes players and prevents re-scoping



All Shotguns

  •  Aimpunch update:- When getting headshot by a shotgun, the aimpunch will be lower than all the other weapons
  • Tagging tuned for targets beyond 10 meters:- Hitting an enemy past 10 meters will apply a different tagging value to them instead of the standard tagging
  • Updated headshot multiplier from 3x >>> 2x


  • 1st falloff range reduced from 9m >>> 7m


  • Price increased from 1500 >>> 1600

Shotguns will now deal less damage down the range. Headshot damage has also been reduced considerably. This change seems rather random as shotguns are still nowhere near the meta for the game.


  • Increased firing rate from 9.25 >>> 9.75
  • Increased damage from 39 >>> 40

According to the developers, ” The Goal is to bring the Vandal in closer competition with the Phantom. We believe these weapons aren’t that far off in competition and hope these changes will do that.

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PUBG Mobile World Championship: PMCO 2020 Registrations Open Now

The 2020 official esports program for PUBG MOBILE kicks off today with the registration of the PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2020 (PMCO 2020), open to all players around the world. From amateur, semi-pro to professional levels, all players have the chance to test their skills and fight their way towards the World Championship. The year-round esports tournaments feature an unprecedented total prize pool of $5 million USD, which doubles the total prize money of  last year’s PMCO 2019.

The revamped 2020 esports structure reflects the bigger scale on multiple levels as well as additional professional support

As announced in the PMCO 2019 Fall Split Global Finals, PUBG MOBILE completes the structure of global esports ecosystem, supporting an amateur-semipro-pro as well as country-regional-world level in 2020. The tournaments will kick off with the  PMCO, which by being open to all-level players adds more suitable stages and additional competing chances to all  skill levels from different countries and regions. The PMCO is followed by the Pro- and World Leagues for professional players. The best teams coming out of the various PMCOs will have the chance to qualify for the Pro-Leagues (PMPL) and World Leagues (PMWL).

The Pro-Leagues will feature selected countries and regions, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Chinese Taipei (additional information for qualification coming soon in local social media), as well as South Asia and the Americas. The Pro-Leagues will culminate in the World Leagues in May and October, where top pro teams from around the world will convene to represent their respective regions. The best qualified teams will then move on to compete in the World Championship in December for the highest honor and a large chunk of the $5 million USD prize pool.

PMCO 2020: More chances for new teams from more countries and regions

Last year, more than 50,000 teams from around the world tested their tactical tournament grit in the PMCO 2019 throughout the Spring and Fall Splits, watched by millions of viewers worldwide. The tournament concluded with over 532 million total views tuned in the official livestream and 57 million total hours watched (excluding China platforms).

This year, PMCO is going to more countries and regions, including Latin America, North America, Brazil, Europe, Turkey, Germany, Middle East/Africa, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, South Asia, India, Pakistan, CIS and Wildcard, creating more additional entry opportunities for new teams to start their esports path to become the best of the best.

Beginning today until Tuesday, Jan 21, all players are welcome to register for the PMCO 2020 Spring Split competition via the PUBG MOBILE Club Open official website. From Jan 23 to Feb 2, registered teams will compete in online qualification matches, with winning teams qualifying to move on in the tournament.

PMCO is just the beginning – even bigger stages await aspiring esports professionals

With the kick-off of PUBG MOBILE esports program in 2020, PMCOs represent the entry gate to the World Championship, the final fight for the greatest honor and largest prize money. The best teams that stand out from PMCO 2020 will qualify for the next level of competition: The Pro- and World Leagues, where even larger stages and additional professional support awaits.

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PUBG Mobile Reveals Future eSports Initiatives

Earlier this month, millions of fans and community members around the globe witnessed the PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2019 (PMCO 2019) Fall Split Global Finals at the Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where Indonesia’s Bigetron RA earned the championship with grand prize of $180,000 USD. The entire PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2019 tournament earned more than 530 million total views and 57 million watch hours (excluding China platforms), which was an increase of over 11 times and nearly 15 times more than viewership and watch hours in 2018, respectively.

Divided into Spring Split and Fall Split, PMCO 2019 is one of the world’s largest mobile esports tournaments with a total prize pool of $2.5 million USD. PMCO 2019 provides a path for aspiring semi-pro clubs to pave their ways to become esports professionals, which represents the start of PUBG MOBILE’s esports ecosystem and pros to show off their skills.  

“The success of PMCO 2019 with millions of concurrent viewers is one of the testaments to the strength of PUBG MOBILE’s community and the true potential and broad appeal for mobile esports”, said James Yang, Director of PUBG MOBILE Global Esports, Tencent Games. “We are glad to bring players and over 50,000 teams together from different countries around the world, with 10 different regions represented in PMCO.”

Under the slogan of Mobilized esports, mobility, accessibility, and lifestyle, PUBG MOBILE was nominated for Esports Game of the Year in Golden Joystick Awards 2019 first time as stand-alone mobile game. During the PMCO Global Finals PUBG MOBILE’s livestream views topped the YouTube streaming charts, surpassing renowned games including Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V and more.

In order to provide a chance for all players of different levels from different countries and regions, PUBG MOBILE revealed global esports ecosystem structure will be completed as amateur/semipro/pro level and country/regional/world level in 2020. In addition to Campus Championships for amateur and PMCO for semi-pro and pro players, the World League for professional players will start in May and October in 2020. The competition will start with Pro Leagues in selected countries and regions including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as South Asia and the Americas. The Pro leagues will finally culminate in the World League, where top pro teams from around the world will represent their respective regions to compete in the World Championship for an even bigger prize pool.

The PUBG MOBILE esports tournaments in 2020 will offer an unprecedented prize pool of $5 million USD, which is double the totaling of PMCO 2019. It was also announced the PMCO 2020 Spring Split registration will start in January 2020.

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PUBG MOBILE is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play

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PUBG Mobile All Stars India 2019 Tournament

PUBG Mobile fans have another reason to rejoice as the PUBG Mobile All Stars India 2019 finals are just around the corner. The tournament features 16 of the top PUBG Mobile squads in the country who will face each other for a total prize pool of INR 50,000.

The teams have some big names on the list, including Entity Gaming, Fnatic, ETG Brawlers, Godlike and more. The participating teams are as follows:

The Grand Finals for the event are supposed to take place starting tomorrow, on December 21 and 22 at Hitex Exhibition Center, Hyderabad. You can watch the official stream live on PUBG Mobile India’s official YouTube channel.

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HyperX Launches Cloud Earbuds Gaming Headphones With Mic In India

HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., today announced the launch of its HyperX Cloud Earbuds in India.Developed for Nintendo Switch and mobile gamers, Cloud Earbuds feature signature HyperX comfort coupled with new patent pending, HyperX designed soft silicone ear tips, giving gamers the ultimate in comfort and superior sound for an immersive gaming experience on the go. HyperX Cloud Earbuds is priced at INR 5,990 (MRP) and is available in retail and etail stores with a two-year warranty.

HyperX Cloud Earbuds offer rich sound quality with Hi-Fi capable 14mm drivers to deliver clear low, mid and high tones with enhanced bass and ambiance for a more captivating gaming experience. The earbuds include a rubberized, tangle-free cable connection that features a 90-degree angled plug optimized for handheld mode. The Cloud Earbuds also offer direct connectivity for voice chat functionality supporting Nintendo Switch with a slim in-line mic. For added mobile convenience, the in-line mic can also be used for mobile calls and features convenient single button control for calls and streaming media.

“With the introduction of Fortnite Android Beta in September, the demand for high quality earbuds with in-line microphone continues to grow,” said Mr. Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, HyperX India. “The new Cloud Earbuds expand the HyperX line-up with a mobile solution designed to unlock the best gaming experience on the go while delivering the comfort and style inherent in HyperX gaming gear.”

The Cloud Earbuds are compatible with Nintendo Switch as well as smartphones and tablets with 3.5mm CTIA standard connectors. Offering versatility and convenient portability, the earbuds come with three sizes of patent pending silicone ear tips and a convenient carrying case for added protection.

HyperX takes the tagline we’re All Gamers to heart. Whether you are an amateur or professional player, our goal is to meet or exceed customer expectations with every gaming headset, keyboard, mouse or mousepad we design.


HyperX Cloud Earbuds Gaming Headphones with Mic Specifications

  • Headphone

o   Driver: Dynamic 14mm with neodymium magnets

o   Frequency response: 20Hz–20,000Hz

o   Impedance: 65 Ω

o   Sound pressure level: 116dBSPL/mW at 1kHz

o   T.H.D.: < 2%

o   Weight: 19g

o   Cable type and length: 4 pole, 1.2m

  • In-Line Microphone

o   Element: Electret condenser microphone

o   Polar pattern: Omni-directional

o   Frequency response: 100Hz-6,300 Hz

o   Sensitivity: -42dBV (0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz)

Compatible with devices that have CTIA standard connectors.

HyperX can be found on:

Facebook: and


About HyperX

HyperX was born from Kingston Technology, the world’s largest independent memory manufacturer, with the goal of providing gamers, PC builders, and power users with high-performance components. For 15 years, the HyperX mission has been to develop gaming products for gamers – high-speed memory, solid state drives, headsets, keyboards, mice, USB flash drives, and mouse pads – to the gaming community and beyond. The award-winning HyperX brand has carved its name atop the leaderboard by consistently delivering products that deliver superior comfort, aesthetics, performance, and reliability. HyperX gear is the choice of pro gamers, tech enthusiasts, and overclockers worldwide because it meets the most stringent product specifications and is built with best-in-class components. HyperX has shipped over 5 million headsets worldwide.

TotalBiscuit, the First Non-Player inducted into the eSports Hall of Fame

John “TotalBiscuit” Bain is about to become the first non-player to be inducted into the eSports Hall of Fame at the upcoming ESL One in Hamburg.

TotalBiscuit passed away earlier this year after a long battle with cancer at the very young of 33. However, his work and his impact in the world of video game journalism and criticism will continue to live on. TotalBiscuit started off as the host for World of Warcraft Radio that received a lot of praise from fans and was acknowledged by Blizzard themselves. After that, he ran his own website where he would post gameplay videos before moving onto YouTube.

On YouTube his “WTF…” series’ was extremely popular where he would give his own opinions about a game, what he liked and what he disliked. He was always extremely critical and even received a lot of flak for sometimes too aggressively criticizing a game, however, he always looked out for the best interest of the consumer and the player. He also had a long-running podcast series called the “Co-Optional” podcast which is now being continued by his wife.

Besides Youtube, TotalBiscuit was also a big fan of competitive gaming and eSports and sponsored a StarCraft 2 team, Team Axiom having previously sponsored Team Dignitas’ player BlinG. He also used to commentate matches around that time.

TotalBiscuit was someone who had a lot of fans and also a lot of critics, however, his work and his impact is something that was very influential to a lot of people and his induction into the e-Sports Hall of Fame seems like a valid and just one.

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