GamingMonk Community Interview: Aman Warsi

Over the weekend we had the pleasure to talk to Aman Warsi one of GamingMonk’s highest earners as well as a passionate FIFA player who is well on his way to make a sustainable career out of his love for eSports and FIFA. 

Here is a transcript of the interview:-

M = Manuviraj(Interviewer)

A = Aman Warsi(Interviewee)

M: How did you get into gaming?

A: I used to play casually with my friends and we mostly played PES. There was a gaming

parlour near my house and that’s where it all began. Later on, I heard about

GamingMonk and the GCS tournament. The first-ever LAN event I took part in was GCS


M: Do you see esports as a potential career for yourself and other Indians?

A: Yes of course. Take the example of FIFA ‘21, we are now eligible for global series which 

opens up space for many new players. Many players are getting signed by professional

Teams. Look at PUBG Mobile, it made waves in the Indian esports scene. All in all if 

you’re ready to practice and grind the game every day and if you have the determination 

to do it, coupled with a little bit of family support, I don’t see why you can’t make a living 

out of it. 

M: Is your family supportive in this regard?

A: Yes absolutely, they support me every day and in every event that I take part in. They

take care of everything- from managing my expenses to planning my trips, what I am

today is because of my family. 

M: You’ve played some PUBG tournaments too. What are your thoughts on the PUBG ban?

A: I think the nation comes first in this regard and the privacy and security issues are

really important to take into consideration. 

M: What are your tips for other budding players?

A: I have seen some players who lose one game and with that, they lose all hope. I think 

It’s about playing like you’re the best in the country and it shouldn’t make a difference 

who your opponent is. When  I lose, I go back home and realize the mistakes that I 

made and I try not to repeat them. You’re not gonna get the results every time and not

anytime soon so keep grinding, grinding and grinding.

M: Do you plan to pursue this(esports) for the foreseeable future as well?

A: Yes. My main goal currently is to qualify for the FIFA Global Series and I have already

told my parents that I’ll be taking a drop this year to pursue gaming. I want to get India 

on the map of the FIFA esports scene because I know we have the potential. 

M: Who are your favourite esports players?

A: In India, I look up to Saransh and Charan because to win a single tournament is one

thing but to keep winning takes a lot of skill and consistency. From abroad it has to be

Fnatic tekkz, I mean he’s only 19 and has been winning many tournaments. 

M: How has GamingMonk helped you further your career?

A: I didn’t know a single name in the FIFA Indian pro-community before I joined

GamingMonk and it helped me find a community for myself. I got added into groups

which helped me improve my game. Also, the monetary aspect also helps because if you have nothing to show for the time you spent gaming, why would your family support you.        

FIFA and Scripting: Fact or Fiction?

If you’ve played any of the recent FIFA games, online or offline, you probably have noticed how during certain occasions the game suddenly starts to feel off. Either your passes and shots are misplaced, your AI teammates act very dumbly, you keep hitting the post or maybe a player seems to have boosted stats during a match. Well, it’s not just your mind thinking that because the game might actually be making it harder for you based on a patent by EA themselves.

This patent that was first found by Juan Pablo caught a bit of traction after Youtuber jerrysoh619 made a video about the patent who discussed what was in it and how it affected FIFA. The video is linked below and contains mature language as the person in the video seems pretty livid with this patent.

We took a look at the Patent ourselves and decided to talk about all the points that we found interesting and how it would affect your FIFA gameplay. So let’s begin.

The Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment System

Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment is what this patent is called and its name makes it pretty clear as to what this system aims to do. The basis of this system is to get players to play more as seen from this statement in the first block of the patent:

All the quotes taken are excerpts from the Patent itself along with their block number in case you want to go through it yourself.

[0001] “The longer a user plays a particular video game , the more
likely that the user enjoys the game and thus, the more likely the user will continue to play the game.”

If a player plays a game for longer periods of time, especially if that game has microtransactions, they will most probably spend some money. So how do they ensure that the player plays the game AND spends money on the game? They dynamically adjust the difficulty to stop it from getting boring.

[0002] “Often, games that are too difficult or too easy will result in less enjoyment for a user. Consequently, the user is likely to play the game less. Thus, one of the challenges of game development is to design a game with a difficulty level that is most likely to keep a user engaged for a longer period of time.”

The first description of this system which aims to get people to play for longer periods of time by changing the difficulty level to make it either easier or harder.

[0009] “With some implementations, the modified execution of the video game is undetectable by the user.”

In some implementations of this system (which seemed to be almost the majority), the user won’t be able to tell when the game’s difficulty has been modified because it won’t tell the user.

[0029] “Before or during game play , the prediction model is applied to information about the user to predict the user’s expected duration
of game play. Based on the expected duration, the system
may then utilize a mapping data repository to determine how
to dynamically adjust the difficulty of the game, such as, for
example, changing the values of one or more knobs to make
portions of the game less difficult.”

One of the implementations of the system takes place either before the game starts or during it. This system takes into account a lot of different information about the user and then tweaks the difficulty(referred to as knobs).

[0034] “Embodiments of the present disclosure can be used to modify various aspects of game state of a video game, which may
or may not affect the difficulty level of the video game. For
example, in a game where weapons are randomly dropped,
if it is determined that a user prefers to play a game using a particular in – game weapon, the game may be adjusted to
present the preferred weapon to the user more frequently . In
some cases, such as when all weapons are evenly balanced, the type of weapon dropped may not impact the difficulty of
the video game and thus, such an adjustment may be based
on user play styles or preferences rather than difficulty level

One of the use cases of this system is to change what items can be dropped in a game and to drop a weapon that is more favourable by the player to keep them in the game. This may or may not affect the game based on how weapons are utilized in the game. This example doesn’t really seem to signify anything FIFA related but the one below will make it clearer.

“Some other non-limiting examples of features of the video game that can be modified, which may or may not be detectable by the user can include providing extra speed to an in-game character, improving throwing accuracy of an in-game character, improving the distance or height that the in-game character can jump, adjusting the responsiveness of controls, and the like. In some cases, the adjustments may additionally or alternatively include reducing the ability of an in-game character rather than improving the ability of the in-game character. For example, the in-game character may be made faster, but have less shooting accuracy.”

This example is something that every FIFA player can somewhat relate too.  Your players suddenly start feeling sluggish, players like Cazorla might outjump Ramos and your AI teammates might straight up act dumb. This is what this system can do and more.

[0040] “Further, the knobs may include variables that modify the video game in a manner that is not perceivable by a user or is difficult to perceive by the user. In some cases, whether or not the modification to the video game is perceivable by the user may depend on the specific video game.”

Even more talk of how the “knobs” includes variables to finetune the change of difficulty of the game that the user/player won’t be able to notice in most cases.

[0063] “In some cases, the adjustment of the difficulty may be dynamic and may occur during a user’s interaction with the video game. Further, in some cases, the difficulty adjustment may occur in real-time or near real-time.”

This right here makes it very clear that this system can work in real-time and can happen while the game is being played and is dynamic. The sudden change in how your team just turns into a squad of bumbling fools who may have never touched a football before happens in a matter of moments and this properly explains why.

[0065] “In some embodiments, the prediction models are applied at the beginning of the game to determine how to adjust the difficulty of the entire game. In other embodiments, the prediction models are applied at different times during the game and/or at different stages in the game.”

Again, it’s describing how it can be changed during different stages of a game including the beginning. This could be why sometimes it’s easy to score a goal at kick-off while other times it doesn’t happen.

[0104] “Further, the user clustering system may parse chat
message data of the user to determine the user’s engagement
level and/or how difficult the user finds the video game.”

This right here has me worried. Going through your chat messages to find out whether or not you found the game difficult or how you feel about the game seems quite unethical. It may be hidden in the user-agreement for games that people seem to always skip over so that’s probably how they got away with this. Still, this seems like an invasion of privacy and I really hope there’s a better explanation for this.

[0116]  “If another user does not have a problem timing jumps, but has trouble aiming a weapon, the difficulty configuration system may generate configuration values that make it easier to shoot objectives by making the hit area of a weapon larger. In some cases, both of these changes may be made without the users realizing that the game has been modified.”

Describing how attributes of the player and opponent can be changed on the go to make it a more enjoyable experience without the user recognizing that there’s been a change. Reminds me of sudden late comebacks in FIFA when you’ve been dominating the whole game.

[0119] “In cases where the user computing system does not have a network connection to the interactive computing system , the video game may be configured to dynamically adjust its difficulty based at least in part on user interaction data stored in the user interaction history repository.”

And this system can happen even if you’re offline. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing singleplayer or multiplayer, online or offline this system can work. It can use your console, can be stored on disks and can be done on the server too.

The Conclusion

After reading all this you might think to yourself that this can’t be happening or it’s too vague or that it doesn’t really ever talk about Sports games but mainly other genres of games so there’s no way it’s on FIFA. But here’s the thing, it’s almost extremely likely it’s on FIFA and we’ll tell you why.

FIFA is EA’s biggest revenue bringer and brought in about $800 million in net revenue from Ultimate Team in 2017 and has only gone up since. Now consider the fact that they want to use this system to make people play for longer and to spend money. You add 2 and 2 together and it’s pretty clear that this system has already been implemented in FIFA 19 and has been in the older FIFA games as well in some form or the other.

If you have been following FIFA for a while you might remember things like “Dramatic Moments”, “Momentum”, “Home Advantage” and such from the older titles which all aimed to dynamically alter the tide of the game.

So does FIFA really have some sort of scripting going on which screws with you or is it just you being bad, that’s for you to decide based on the information given above. If you’d like to read more about this, a tweet is linked below along with a link to the Patent which I highly suggest you read through because it goes over the Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment system in a lot more detail and is quite a fascinating read.


Patent Link

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EA Refuses To Comply With Belgium’s Gambling Laws, Under Criminal Investigation

Thanks to the epic fiasco surrounding Star Wars Battlefront 2′s loot boxes, governments around the world seem to be tightening their grip on how microtransactions are handled in the games. Earlier this year, the Belgian government declared certain loot boxes to be gambling, causing big names like 2K Games, Valve and Activision Blizzard to remove loot boxes from their titles in the country.

However, EA plans to stand its ground, refusing to remove loot boxes from one of their most popular games, FIFA. In April, the publisher said, “We strongly believe that our games are developed and implemented ethically and lawfully around the world, and take these responsibilities very seriously. We care deeply that our players are having a fun and fair experience in all of our games, and take great care to ensure each game is marketed responsibly, including in compliance with regional ratings standards. We welcome the dialogue with Minister Geens on these topics, as we do not agree that our games can be considered as any form of gambling.”

Additionally, EA also states that the loot boxes in FIFA 18 cannot be considered as gambling because the players always receive specified number of items, and the publisher doesn’t authorize any way to cash out or sell any item or virtual currency in return for real money.

Belgium’s Gaming Commission considers these loot boxes as a form of gambling as the players do not know which items they are going to receive when they purchase a loot box, making it an illegal game of chance. Hence, EA may now be facing a criminal investigation, under the Brussel’s public prosecutor’s office. If proved that they’ve been involved in perpetuating gambling among the community (including minors), the company will be liable to pay a hefty penalty.

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FIFA 18 eWorld Cup Kicks Off!

The FIFA eWorld Cup 2018, formerly known as the FIFA Interactive World Cup has kicked off!  Over the course of 9 months, 20 million players participated in the qualifiers but out of those 20 million today, only 32 players remain. These 32 players will fight for the title of the best FIFA 18 player in the world and along with it a cash prize of $250,000.

Last year’s Champion, Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing

The tournament follows the actual World Cup in many ways. The tournament fixtures start off with the Group Stages, followed by the Round of 16, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and then the Grand Finale. However, there is one difference. This tournament takes place using the Ultimate Team mode so expect Brazilian Ronaldo teaming up with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to play against a team that also has Messi and Ronaldo.

Another way in which it follows the actual World Cup is with its anti-doping measures. Starting this year, FIFA will be testing the players for performance enhancers like Adderall. They will be following the regulations set by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Association) and players who are found to be breaking these rules will be punished. The tournament is taking places in London and will end after the Grand Finale at 6PM GMT on Saturday, August 4th. The matches will be streamed on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook.

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