Fighting EX Layer’s DLC characters Sharon and Terry Bogard launch March 26

Fighting EX Layer downloadable content characters Sharon and Terry Bogard will launch on March 26 alongside the version 1.2.0 update, developer Arika announced. Sharon is included for free with the update, while Terry Bogard will cost $4.99.

Here are the specific release times:

Here is an overview of each character, via Arika:


After abandoning her past in order to spend her days peacefully with her lover, Sharon is blackmailed by the Secret Service and forced back into one more mission investigating a mysterious energy source.

Telling herself this will be her final mission, she separates from her lover one last time.

Terry Bogard

Morning. Terry drinks his usual morning coffee, puts on his usual outfit, and steps outside. However, he notices something is different in the air. “This place… where am I?”

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