Axiom Verge Now Free On Epic Games Store

Axiom Verge is now available for free on the Epic Games Store for a week. However, there have been reports of a couple of issues regarding it.

Multiple users have reported that they are unable to redeem the game because the game does not show up as free during checkout but that issue seems to be fixed since then as there was an issue with the game becoming free on all regions.

Another issue that was reported was that the game kept crashing when loading into a new area. After a bit of by poking around by Scott LaGrasta, it turns out the game was missing a sound effect by the name of “steam”. The log file also showed that the game crashed because it was missing “Steam.xnb

This was confirmed by Tom Happ, the man behind Axiom Verge who removed all of Valve’s DLLs by removing all the files with the name “Steam” in them. It’s been fixed with an update and all is good now but this brought to attention something.

The lack of a support forum meant users were seeking help on the Steam Forum for the game. But thanks to folks using Twitter and Steam, this issue was brought to the attention of the developer but this just shows how far behind the Epic Games Store is in terms of quality of life features.

The game is now fixed and totally playable. It’s a Metroidvania game that has a great soundtrack and good gameplay and is absolutely worth checking out. Click here to go to the store page to claim the game for your account.

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