EA has filed a New Trademark for Jade Empire

EA has filed a new trademark for Jade Empire on 22nd January 2019. While not much it can mean a couple of things so let’s start speculating what they could be.

Before we start though lets talk about Jade Empire itself. Before there was Mass Effect, before Dragon Age came this gem. A game inspired by Chinese Mythology and Martial Arts that had the “trademark” BioWare world building and story telling. They decided to not work on the sequel for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic but instead chose to work on Jade Empire.

While the game was received well and was even ported to PC after a lot of requests from PC fans, the game never got a sequel something that almost all major BioWare games have received.

The boring and the most probable reason behind the filing of this new trademark is EA continuing to maintain rights to the intellectual property. However, there could be more to it.

The original release of the game was in 2005 for the original Xbox and the PC release came in 2007. It’s been more than a decade since then and maybe EA wants to push out a remaster of this game. An HD remaster for the Xbox One or maybe even a complete new remaster although highly unlikely could happen.

A sequel could also be on the books as BioWare have been known to work projects in parallel so maybe after Anthem launches, a team could start working on pre-production for the next Jade Empire title. We know they are working on a new Dragon Age title so maybe after that it’s time for Jade Empire to make a return since Mass Effect won’t be back any time soon.

Anthem looks interesting and even though it is being developed by BioWare, it is quite different from their previous story-driven RPG titles. After Mass Effect Andromeda, the next story-driven RPG is going to be the Dragon Age game and if that fares well, we could very well see a Jade Empire series.

BioWare haven’t had the best track record lately and with both Gregory Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka retired, both who were the main force behind Jade Empire it might not happen. Maybe working on something that hasn’t been in the limelight and having an IP that could be soft-rebooted might help bring back the charm of the old days or maybe even move it forward in a good direction.

I would like to remind you that this is all speculation based on a new trademark being filed and could very well be nothing but a new Jade Empire game would be pretty cool.

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