System Shock 3 Rights Sold Back By Starbreeze

The publishing rights to System Shock 3 have been sold back to OtherSide Entertainment by Starbreeze Studios.

Starbreeze is looking to getting fully reimbursed for selling back the rights to the developers who had originally sold it to them in hopes of being able to produce more games of the franchise if System Shock 3 sold well.

Starbreeze has hit hard times lately and this looks like a way for them to gain back some of their capital to pay off the debts that they are currently in. While System Shock 3 is being look forward to by a lot of fans from the original series, it is a risk and with Starbreeze currently in a rough place, it makes sense.

System Shock 3 was originally teased in December 2015 but not much information has come out since about the game. There are a few images of the concept art but that’s about it and nothing much is known about the game besides that it will be a direct sequel to System Shock 2.

Starbreeze seem to be in trouble and that means so is Payday 3. While the game has been in development for a while, the recent changes at Starbreeze along with the problems that they’re currently facing could spell doubt for the beloved Payday series.

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