Ghost of Tsushima to Release in 2019 (RUMOUR)

Sony has been on a roll during this generation with their amazing exclusive titles such as Spider-Man, Horizon: Zero Dawn and inFamous: Second Son. However, one of their upcoming exclusive titles, Ghosts of Tsushima had no release date, until now.

In a presentation by Sony’s Shareholder that goes over a lot of things about the company including their Music and Video Games division, they were listing their in-house studios with their games and their sales.

One of those studios is Sucker Punch Productions who made inFamous Second Son and are currently developing Ghosts of Tsushima. According to the presentation, Ghosts of Tsushima is meant to release in 2019.

There is no proper release date but it states that it is meant to release in 2019. While there has been no info about the game in recent times especially since Sony skipped E3 2019, it is a little hard to expect the game to release this year.

However, with half the year left, we could see the game release in late Q4 of this year after maybe seeing more about the game at Gamescom this year or during PlayStation Experience this year whose dates are yet to be announced.

Earlier this year in April, there was a job listing for a Narrative Writer for Ghost of Tsushima which lead many to believe that the game will be a 2020 release which seemed extremely likely.

Maybe the information about the game given to the shareholder might be old and since then Sucker Punch has decided to push the game back for a 2020 release.

As with any rumour or leak, take this with a grain of salt but considering it is coming from a shareholder, there might be some truth in this.


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