Ghost Recon: Wildlands Update Adds 8 Player Battle Royale

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is about to get its final major content update. This new update comes with a brand new game mode called “Mercenaries”.

Mercenaries is an eight-player free-for-all PvPvE gameplay experience. Your objective is to call for rescue, locate and reach the extraction point, and be the first to board the chopper.

The first phase is Recon. In this phase, you need to find weapons, gear and items but more importantly, radio transmitters. To find these transmitters, you will need to get Intel markers which will help you get an advantage by giving you information on any of the three things listed below.

[GRW] [News] [July 17th] Screenshot 1

• The position of other players for a limited amount of time

• The position of rare items like gear and weapons

• The position of a vehicle

Once you the intel marker, you won’t be able to use it again and if you don’t use it, your opponent will be able to. You won’t just be fighting other player but also AI enemies so be careful. After activating three transmitters, you’ll get the location of the extraction zone and move onto Phase 2.

[GRW] [News] [July 17th] Screenshot 2

Phase 2 is Deployment where you get to the chopper. Once the helicopter lands, all the players will know its location and then begins Phase 3.

[GRW] [News] [July 17th] Screenshot 3

Phase 3 is Extraction. For extraction to take place you need to fill the extraction gauge by staying within a specific area near the helicopter. You also cannot extract if there’s an enemy in the extraction area so you will either have to kill them or somehow get them out of the area.

This is a good change to the battle royal formula and a good send off to such a popular game that has a lot of content updates since release.

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