Onechanbara Origin First Details, Screenshots Revealed

Onechanbara Origin resurrects The Onechanbara and The Onechanbara 2, the origin titles of the swordplay action game series Onechanbara, in full high-definition on PlayStation 4. In addition to a new telling of the story of half-sisters Aya and Saki, who hate and want to kill each other, the game employs Katsumi Enami as its main character designer. Marking 15 years since the series first began in 2004, the full story will be revealed in 2019 with the release of Onechanbara Origin.


■ Story

Tokyo, 20XX.

A ruined age in which the living dead known as zombies run rampant. The age of half-sisters born from different mothers descended from a bloodline of swordsmen.

The older sister lived with her father, who trained her relentlessly, and grew up spending all of her time mastering the sword. The younger sister lived with her kind-hearted mother, and grew up hating the father who took her only sister and abandoned her and her mother.


Before long, the father went missing and the older sister utilized her sword skills to become a zombie hunter. As for the younger sister, her mother was killed and she became maddeningly vengeful, then learned how to control zombies.

The older sister is trying to find her younger sister, who is her only remaining relative. The younger sister is trying to resurrect her mother with a secret art passed down from ancient times. It is said that the secret art requires the heart of a blood relative…

That is correct. The enemy of the vengeful younger sister is in fact the older sister.

In a vortex of love, hate, and conspiracy, the battle of sisters begins.

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