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Watch Vivek Negi as he takes out the best players in the country to become one of the most talented and the only player to have excelled in multi-games across all platforms. He’s truly an inspiration. Watch his journey here!

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Tirth Mehta Secures India’s First Ever eSports Medal at Asian Games 2018

The Asian Games this year had it’s first ever eSports tournaments and India’s Tirth ‘gcttirth’ Mehta secured a bronze medal for the country. Tirth participated in the tournament for Hearthstone, an online collectible card game made by Blizzard Entertainment, the same folks behind the Diablo trilogy, WoW and Overwatch.

Tirth won the India Qualifiers which were held by Electronic Sports Federation of India (ESFI). He then went 2-0 after beating both Pakistan and Sri Lanka to win the South Asian Qualifiers and cement his place in the main event that was to be held in Jakarta.

The main event was a single elimination bracket event, meaning losing meant you were knocked out. Tirth took on Japan’s Akasaka ‘Tredsred’ Tetsuro in the first round and defeated him 3-2 and moved on to the Semi-Finals where he faced the eventual winner of the tournament, Lo ‘Kin0531’ Tsz-kin from Hong Kong to whom he lost 3-2. Hope was not lost though as the Bronze medal was still up for grabs and Tirth defeated Vietnam’s Nguyen Anh Tuan to secure the Bronze Medal.

Tirth later posted on Facebook thanking those who helped him succeed and said, “This was definitely a group effort, and the medal belongs not only to me but to the whole gaming community of India  Let’s work towards getting that gold in the 2022 Asian Games!”. This is quite a big step for the Indian eSports scene and also for Tirth himself. Congratulations to Tirth and we hope his victory inspires more players to fulfill their dreams and proves to those who doubt the validity of eSports that it’s not a waste of time.

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#StreamerStories – Saloni Pawar

Gaming in itself has recently picked up the pace in the past few years. Streaming comes into the picture when Gaming is combined with community & presented on a more social platform.
Saloni Pawar, also known as “Meow16k” is a streamer from India. One of the very few girls in the industry!
The 18 year old streamer is set to mould the streaming culture in India, which was once very rigid. With streamers from different spheres coming together such as Twitch, Youtube & Facebook, India is soon to have it’s breakthrough.
We will let Saloni narrate her journey.
Gaming is a tough category, you will have to be strong because people are going to throw stones at you, instead of throwing stones back, you just need to keep moving!

Early Days

“I’ve been into gaming ever since I was 14. I used to play a lot of story driven games like, Assassin creed, Far cry, Prince of Persia until one fine day I got my hands on Counter Strike 1.6, I never played offline again.
I loved the idea of playing online and communicating with friends at the same time. Multiplayer games like Fortnite, PUBG, GTA & Overwatch are solely responsible for my love of online gaming”

Plunge into Streaming

“Streaming was something on the sides apart from just playing. A couple of friends suggested me to stream CSGO, so I tried & I haven’t looked back since. I started off on a really high note gaining a decently good response. I didn’t have any plans of becoming a full time streamer. Now I stream on twitch almost daily under the name Meow16K, I do a bunch of games, music and cringe. 🙂 “

Home Grown eSports

” eSports is tough to understand for people who aren’t part of this community, so convincing them to let you pursue it makes it even more tough.
There are a lot of saved videos on my Youtube channel when I newly started streaming & you can hear my mom yelling at me in the background for playing so long. I don’t blame her for not acknowledging eSports that time. Luckily to my favour, times have changed, I have her sweet support now! “

Industry Insights – Gaming

 “There’s lack of unity in the community, it gets people back against their walls. Rumours, name calling, & hate. All in all it’s keyboard warrior’s show. Everyone’s looking for ‘Masala’. There is no way eSports can grow here without togetherness.
There has to be common respect among  gamers, if we really want eSports in India to be as huge as in other countries.
Times have changed, the only way is UP!
Who knows what the future holds, keep your head high & shine on!”
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#PlayerStories – Fighting the Odds & Following Her Passion W/ Shagufta Iqbal

With the rising value of eSports industry in India, more and more players are making it to the hall of fame. It is needless to say that female participation is also increasing in this arena, diminishing the barriers and obstacles with their great feats of achievement. As a matter of fact, a research carried out by Sportskeeda shows that 32% gamers in India are women. This is just the first step of a one long journey taken up by female eSports players to elevate their status in this line

Today, we present you a woman who is one of the most proactive trekker of this expedition of reaching the hall of fame, Shagufta Iqbal. Being a hard core CS:GO gamer, she has represented the nation in multiple eSports events which gives many a feeling of pride and at the same time makes many gaze at her success.

Let’s have a look at her journey!

 Plunge into Gaming

“My name is Shagufta Iqbal but I am more popularly known as ‘xyaa’ in the community. I am a full-time Software engineer and part-time streamer. I have been a gamer all my life. What started as a hobby became a very vital part of my life, so much that I am hoping to be able to do this full-time. Apart from gaming, I absolutely love cats.

My earliest memory of gaming has to be me playing Adventure Island or Duck Hunt on my console with my sister.

Right now, I am obsessed with PUBG. I also play alot of Overwatch when I’m not playing PUBG. Also, trying to get the hang of Fortnite but building is just too hard.

I used to watch alot of twitch streamers. I got inspired and started my own youtube channel but that didn’t go too well so I stopped. Later I was approached by GamingMonk to do a casual stream on their youtube. That was probably the best decision of my life. I had a lot of fun and once the stream was over, I just couldn’t wait to stream again. So I created a twitch and started streaming and there was only going up, everybody who came in to watch was so supportive and warm! I was making friends through streaming and I really loved it. I stream almost daily now”

Balancing Work & Passion

“Finding time to stream after working 12 hours a day gets really tough! Juggling between work and gaming puts alot of stress on you. I used to push myself alot before by working insane hours and then streaming everyday which became too hectic for me and I ended up taking long breaks because I got very tired. From my experience I’ve learnt that you can’t do everything at once, you need to give yourself some off time so your mind can refresh. So I do take 1 day or 2 day breaks from streaming every week so that I can rest and freshen up my brain”

Message to other girls in the field

Yes gender is sort of a big deal and girls do get alot of flak just for being girls. Remarks lashing preferential treatment in gaming are bound to put you down. Keep your head up & don’t let it bother you.

You need to look past that and keep doing what you’re doing because in the end, it doesn’t matter what everyone says as long as it makes you happy.

Vision of eSports in India


The onset of Optic Gaming in India does look very promising for the eSports scene in the country. India is finally getting recognition. There are also alot of big brands investing in esports in the country. With every passing year, the prizepool and the number of events is increasing. The future does look bright. With such remarkable talent India indeed has a bright future, the only way is up. Despite the shilly-shally around gaming, I feel the field has a lot of potential, take a plunge and lay down your path!
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