PUBG Mobile Guide To Create Custom Rooms

PUBG Mobile is an incredibly huge game, and while it’s always fun to play against a bunch of random people online, sometimes you want to play against people that you already know. Or maybe you want to hold a casual competition, or you’re a streamer who wants to play with their community members. After all, PUBG Mobile has a lot of players who love to play the game on a regular basis. That’s why, the game has given an option to create a Custom Room, where you can host your own games and set rules. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Custom Rooms and what all you need to be aware of while hosting a lobby.

PUBG Mobile Custom Rooms

  • The first question is, what is a Custom Room? Well, it’s essentially a player hosted lobby where you can set custom rules for the match and have people around you join and play against each other.
  • It’s helpful for creating tournaments, private events, and sessions where you want to have some control over who all can join the lobby.

How to Create a Custom Room

  • You can create a Custom Room in PUBG Mobile by tapping the Choose Match mode option in the lobby and selecting room. It will also help you to create custom matches, change the maps and player modes as well.
  • In order to create a Custom Room, you need to have access to a “Room Card”. You can do that by purchasing the Elite Royale Pass for 600 UC, and leveling up your RP and rank. Presently, this is the only way you will be able to create Custom Rooms in PUBG Mobile.

Level Up RP Rank To Redeem Room Cards

Rank NeededRewards
Rank 14
Elite Royale Pass
Room Card (3 Days)
Rank 37
Elite Royale Pass
Room Card (7 Days)
Rank 85
Elite Royale Pass
Room Card (7 Days

Creating Your Own Room

  • On the lobby screen, head to the custom room settings by opening the Customize Match option and selecting “Room”. You can find it at the bottom of your screen.
  • Once you’ve selected the option, press the “Create Room” button on the bottom right corner of the screen to create the Custom room. This will lead you to the game settings.
  • Here, you’ll be able to modify the Custom Room settings to suit what kind of game you want to play and limit the players who can join your room. You can set the following parameters:
    • Room Name
    • Match Mode (Solo, Duo, Team)
    • Room Password
    • Map Selection

Joining a Custom Room For Players

  • Once the Custom Room has been created, it’s pretty simple for players to be able to join in. You can do so by checking the match mode settings on the lobby screen. It will show you a list of available rooms, and you can select the one you want to join.
  • The Custom Rooms will likely have a password that you’ll need to join the lobby. If you’re trying to play with a streamer or take part in a competition, you’ll be provided the password by the host. Just enter that and you will be able to join easily.

And that’s all you need to know about creating and joining Custom Rooms in PUBG Mobile. You can now start hosting your own lobbies, especially if you’re a YouTuber or you’re trying to organize a small tournament for your community.

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PUBG Mobile Tips To Improve Your Game Sense

PUBG Mobile’s popularity keeps on rising and with so many players competing against each other, you will need every advantage you can get. So, here’s 3 tips to help you improve your game sense and get an edge over your opponents.

Stay in Cover as much as you can

  • Now, this seems like an obvious one but people tend to forget this. If you’re new, you’ll most probably be playing in Bronze where most of your enemies are AI so you will get pretty confident as you rake up the wins and kills but it will also spoil your game sense a bit as you start to face off against better human players.
  • Always try to be near cover, especially when engaging an enemy as this will give you some breathing room and a place to retreat to in case you are surprised by their presence. If there’s nothing nearby, trees and bushes are your friends, otherwise, try to stick with a bigger and better cover like buildings.

Improve your Crosshair Placement

  • This is a tough one to coach but your crosshair should always be in a position where you think the enemy’s head will be. Adjust this for different angles that you may encounter in the varied terrain of the maps.
  • If you’re peeking a corner, aim at the edge of the wall so that when you start to peek it with a wide peek running peek, you won’t have to move your crosshair much and will have an advantage. Anticipate where the head will be of the enemy and keep your crosshair there, with practice this alone can improve your skills tremendously.

Don’t be afraid to Camp

  • A lot of people get triggered if you camp(stay in one sport waiting for enemies) but you gotta do whatever you can to survive. This is super important if you’re playing alone and can only watch a single angle.
  • Don’t stick to a spot though for too long because if you’re outside the circle then you might have to rush which will leave you vulnerable. When you’re in a good part of the circle, have good loot, that’s when you should play the waiting game and just wait for the numbers to dwindle down and take out unsuspecting foes. Getting kills is cool but winning is cooler so prioritize the latter, always.

That’s just 3 tips related to improving your overall game sense and help you get an edge over other people. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to help you get better at games and if you’d like more PUBG Mobile tips, check out the links below.

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4 Hidden Tricks in PUBG Mobile That You Might Not Know

We have posted quite a few PUBG Tips but here are a few tricks that you may not know about that could be useful if you’re ever in trouble and need some way to get an advantage. So without further ado, here are four hidden tricks in PUBG Mobile you might not know about that can be helpful.

1. Car Bug

The car bug is when you jump onto the side of a car but not on top of it. You jump right onto the edge so it looks like you’re floating and then you go prone and you’re basically completely hidden while also being in a usual spot from which you can aim and get people.

2. Crawling Underwater

If you are near a body of water and think someone might be over and don’t have any cover, you could use this trick. Go prone outside the body of water and select any throwable object. Then start aiming to throw it but don’t actually throw it. Just hold it and start crawling towards the water until you’re completely submerged and not visible. You won’t have to worry about oxygen and can catch an enemy by surprise.

3. Red Zone Camp

This is a risky thing to do but can help you switch your tactics. You take damage if you’re in the red zone, however, if even a single small pixel of your character’s body is touching the blue circle, you won’t take damage. You can use this and always stay at the edge until the very end. Remember, camping is a viable strategy in this game.

4. Stairway Spot

If you’re inside a house and want to ambush people use this. If there’s a staircase, you can jump onto the ledge on the wall of the staircase and position yourself above the staircase, a spot where nobody tends to check, especially in FPP. You will literally have the drop on them once they start climbing the staircase as they won’t spot you and you can kill them. You will be in a vulnerable spot though so if there is more than one person and you shoot too soon, you could be in trouble so do this when there’s back up around.

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PUBG Mobile Best Weapons Guide

PUBG Mobile has a lot of weapons you can choose to help you win. From Pistols and SMGs to Shotguns, Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles, there’s just about every kind of gun you can find either on the battleground, or in the air drop. With so many options, choosing the right weapon for your play style can be a difficult task. So here’s a handy guide with all the best weapons in PUBG Mobile across the different weapon types. Without further ado, let’s see what they are.

AWM- Long Range God

The AWM is the most powerful gun in the game as it will kill someone even with a level 3 helmet with one headshot. However, the gun can only be found in airdrops which mean that getting it is a risky affair. If you do get it though, you will tear through your opposition if you’ve mastered this gun.

SKS – The Assault Rifle for For Long Range Fighters

With the proper attachments, the SKS is better than the SLR which is also a fantastic weapon to use. For battle between 200-600m, this gun with attachments is a beast that will not let you down.

AKM- The Power Hitting Rifle

The AKM is a damn good weapon if equipped with a compensator as it deals the highest damage out of the other non crate ARs. The fact that it can be found so easily and with an attachment can be turned into a mean machine makes this a very viable choice.

M416- The All Rounder Assault Rifle

With all the attachments, this weapon right here will have an edge over the AKM. However getting all the attachments can be tricky but if you do, this weapon will never let you down.

UMP9 – The Close Quarter Killer

Set it to auto and watch enemies close to you drop like flies. This thing is great when it comes to close encounters due to its high rate of fire and its magazine capacity. The Vector is also a good choice but can get you in trouble due to its magazine size.

The AUG, Kar98, Scar-L and the Groza are also great weapons that if you find are absolutely worth using with the proper attachments. What are your favourite weapons? Let us know down below and check out the links below if you’re looking for more PUBG Mobile guides, or tips for any of your favourite games, like Call of Duty Mobile, Garena Free Fire or Clash Royale.

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How to Effectively Use Health Boosters, Blue Circles and Muzzle Attachments in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has some very fine-tuned gameplay mechanics and elements, and while a lot of people are playing the game, it’s possible they might not know about them or it’s something to which they haven’t paid a lot of attention. That’s why today we’re going to tell you in detail about some of the lesser known items and gameplay elements in PUBG mobile, namely the health boosters, the blue zone and the attachments for the muzzle.

Health Boosters

PUBG Mobile has three types of health boosters(Not Health Restorers like Med-Kits). The Energy Drink, The Pain Killers and the Adrenaline Shot. All three of them give you different amounts of health back so let’s take a look at them.

  • Energy Drink: This fills your boost bar to 40%. This in total restores 23 HP to your character
  • Pain Killers: This fills your boost bar to 60%. This in total restores 40HP to your character
  • Adrenaline Syringe: This fills your boost bar to 100%. This in total restores 86 HP to your character along with a movement boost for 2 minutes.

Blue Zones

The Blue Zone has a total of 9 circles, with the 9th one being the final circle. Each circle does a set amount of damage per second which you could use to your advantage so let’s see the data.

  • 1st Circle: 0.4 Damage/Sec
  • 2nd Circle: 0.6 Damage/Sec
  • 3rd Circle: 0.8 Damage/Sec
  • 4th Circle: 1 Damage/Sec
  • 5th Circle: 3 Damage/Sec
  • 6th Circle: 5 Damage/Sec
  • 7th Circle: 8 Damage/Sec
  • 8th Circle: 11 Damage/Sec
  • Final Circle: 14 Damage/Sec

Muzzle Attachments: Compensator, Flash Hider and Supressor

There are 3 types of muzzle attachments for your SMGs and AR’s muzzle, namely the Compensator, the Flash Hider, and the Suppressor. If you’re confused as to which one to use and when this will hopefully help you.

  • Suppressor: The Suppressor muffles the sound of gunshots and completely hides the muzzle flash when you fire your gun. This makes it harder for enemies to pinpoint your location.
    Weapons that you should use the Suppressor on are as follows: Kar98k, M24, AWM, M16, SCAR-L, M416, Gorza and the Mini-14.
  • Compensator: This helps reduce weapon recoil pattern by 25% which can make certain weapons-usable like the AKM. It also has further Horizontal and Vertical Recoil reduction which varies from Snipers to ARs and SMGs.
    Weapons that you should use the Compensator on are as follows: Uzi, UMP, Vector, AKM, SKS, Mk14 and Mini-14.
  • Flash Hider: The Flash Hider’s main job is to remove the muzzle flash from your weapon but it does not completely hide it. It does help reduce all weapon recoil by 10% so there’s that. If you have either of the above two attachments, they tend to make the Flash Hider redundant so stick with those.

That’s a bit of information regarding some of the game mechanics, if you’d like to see more such mechanics broken down, let us know. If you’d like tips about the game, check out the links below.

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Top 5 PUBG Mobile Tips To Outplay Your Opponents

PUBG Mobile is a huge game in India, and with the number of players increasing by leaps and bounds everyday, you can face a lot of competition in the game. So, it’s always good if you have an upper hand over your opponents, and that’s why we’ve prepared this handy guide of the top 5 tips and tricks that might be able to help you outplay your opponents in PUBG Mobile.

1. Cook Grenades, Don’t Throw Them Immediately

Cooking your grenades can be the difference between killing an enemy or not. Hold the grenade in your hand and throw it when the timer reaches about 2 or 1-second based on your distance. Ideally, make the grenade explode as soon as it reaches your target instead of it sitting there for a few seconds which allows the enemy to escape.

2. Block The Bunker Tunnels

If you know there are enemies in the Bunker Tunnels, block the entrance/exit with a vehicle and then blow it up. This will trap the enemies inside which could potentially kill them if they’re outside the blue circle.

3. How to get Extra ammo

When you’re picking up ammo for a gun, exchange the gun twice to get extra ammo already loaded in the gun. This could give you an extra clip or two, which can easily be the difference between life and death, especially towards the end of the game.

4. You can Hide In the Tree near the roof at School

This tree near the school can be jumped onto and used as a vantage point for unsuspecting players. Get on there, hide and wait for your opportunity to strike and pick off enemies at your discretion. Don’t stick around too long on the tree though.

5. Blocking the Bridge can be an Effective Tactic

Blocking a bridge is a viable tactic but it often makes people go another way instead of using a bridge. If you want to really ambush players, don’t block the bridge and hide behind the vehicles and attack the enemy when they approach. Or, you could also climb the bridge part way by using the side ledge and get on top of it.

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PUBG Mobile Best Sensitivity Settings Guide

In our previous guide, we told you about the best control and layout settings for PUBG Mobile. But the game has a comprehensive menu of options and sliders when it comes to sensitivity settings too. And in this guide, we’re going to take you through it, along with the control settings and tell you the best settings for you to choose.

Sensitivity Settings

While you’re in the game, swipe your thumb from the middle part of the screen till the edge of your screen. If your camera is rotating about 180 degrees which are directly behind you, you’re good. If it is too much or too little, you might want to adjust standard sensitivity accordingly so that you’re consistently close to 180 degrees.

  • Look at one spot and try to aim at it consistently at least 10 times. If it feels too slow, turn up your standard sensitivity. Too fast, then decrease it. Keep doing this until you find a comfortable sensitivity and then try aiming at other specific spots from a single place to see if you’re comfortable with your new setting. 

Before you jump into a match with the new settings, it’s always best to go into the training area and try out the weapons and get some practice with your new sensitivity settings. If something feels off, you can jump back in the menu and tweak it easily. Make sure you check sensitivity for both hip fire and ADS. And if you’ve changed the sensitivity for the scopes, be sure to practice with that too.


  • Here you should set it to advanced mode since it doesn’t auto-fire.
  • We highly recommend using Advanced because you have more control over when to shoot because sometimes, you don’t want to shoot someone and want to sneak behind them or be stealthy. Plus, auto shooting just wastes bullets which can be the difference between winning and losing.
  • In Advanced, the shooting met is set it to custom where all weapons are set to Hip Fire besides Sniper Rifle which is set to ADS. This will allow you to scope up guns only when you want to. So if you’re in a close-range situation, you won’t have to un-scope to hip fire. 
  • For Sniper, having it set to ADS helps when you need to do a quick scope shot or when you just want to get a single shot and quickly get out of the scope. This can be extremely helpful with sniping so if you’re a sniper player you should try this out.
  • In a similar fashion, you can use the aim button when you’ve set it to ADS to stay scoped in after you take a shot. This is useful for holding angles and when you know there’s going to be multiple enemies that you will have to take out.

The same settings can be used in BR Mode.

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PUBG Mobile Best Controls Settings Guide

PUBG Mobile is an incredibly fun game. It lets you play by yourself or with friends, giving you tons of options for how you want to play and enjoy the game. And the settings that you can customize to your liking have a lot of options too, so we’ve prepared this guide to help you figure out the best controls for your game. We’ll take you through all the options, giving our suggestion as to which ones we think are the best and from there you can customize according to your play style. Let’s dive into it.


You have three options here, and you can pick any of them depending on how you want to play.

  • The first one uses the left part of the screen to move, while the right half is used for aiming. There’s a separate button on the right half for firing your weapon.
  • The second option uses the left part of the screen to move, like the previous option, but the right side has a button which is used to both aim and fire the weapon
  • The third option has a circular button for movement on the left part of the screen, while the right half of the screen has the button for shooting. We recommend going with the third one, where you have fixed buttons for both movement and fire. This will give you better control over your player character as accidentally touching the screen outside the button won’t move your character or fire your gun, and you won’t have to stick to just one side for aiming, making it more flexible.
  • If you want to switch, just hop to the controls panel in the settings. And if you’re not sure which one is right for you, you can try them in the training area before picking.
  • Once you’ve picked your preferred control setting, tap on Customize. This will open another screen with the layout of all the buttons, showing them as they’ll appear on the screen in the game.
  • Here you can pick up individual elements and move them to positions that are the most comfortable to you while playing. Don’t be afraid to play around with them and experiment till you find a layout that suits you.
  • You can have separate layouts for both third person perspective (TPP) and first person perspective (FPP). So if you want a particular layout for one mode, but not for the other, you can do that easily.
  • Once you’re done setting your layout, be sure to tap on save to make sure it changes.

With that sorted, we can now move on to the vehicle settings.

Vehicle Settings

Here, you’ll see three options again.

  • The first one where you have separate buttons for moving forward and back on the left, and two more buttons on the right half of the screen, to turn the vehicle.
  • The second option has a single button that controls all movement, whether this going forward or back, or to turn the vehicle in any direction.
  • The third option has a steering button on the left side of the screen to steer the vehicle, while the right side of the screen has separate buttons to take it forward, brake and bringing it backwards.

And that brings us to the end of our Controls and Sensitivity settings guide for PUBG Mobile. Keep checking back for more guides for all your favourite games. You can also find our best Graphics Settings guide for PUBG Mobile by clicking here.

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PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks to Earn More BP (Battle Points)

PUBG Mobile is an incredibly fun game, and a lot of it comes from different skins, crates, and models. To obtain these fun items, you need to have Battle Points. So in this guide, we’ll tell you all about what Battle Points are, how you can earn them and where all you can spend them.

BP is the in-game currency of PUBG Mobile that any player can earn by completing matches (you don’t even need to win!), completing missions like getting a certain number of games, getting a number of kills, using a particular weapon and more. You can use them for a variety of purposes, from purchasing customization crates to changing your character’s basic appearance and gender.

Where can you use Battle Points?

Spend Battle Points To Alter Character Looks & Gender – Players can use Battle Points to change their character’s appearance and gender. The first time you customize your character when you’re starting the game is free, but for every subsequent time you want to change their basic appearance, you need to spend BP. You can access the option via the Inventory under “Reset Appearance”. Prices differ on which aspect of your character you want to alter.

Purchase Soldier’s Crate With BP – Players can use BP to purchase “Soldier’s Crate” from the Shop – these contain random outfits. The BP cost of the crate increases each time they’re opened once and reset every week.

Times OpenedBP Cost
1st Time700 BP
2nd Time1,400 BP
3rd Time2,800 BP
4th Time4,200 BP
5th Time5,600 BP
6th Time7,000 BP

How Can You Earn More Battle Points?

Complete A Match & Earn Battle Points – Completing a match earns a player some Battle Points but winning a Chicken Dinner or eliminating many opponents can increase the BP you receive. So, everyone in the game gets Battle Points, but the better your performance, the more BP you get as a reward.

Log-in Daily For Bonus Points – This is perhaps the easiest way to earn Battle Points. All you need to do is log in to the game, that’s it! Players can earn more BP simply by logging into the game daily. Log-in bonuses reset at 00:00 UTC so make sure to do it every day.

Receive BP From Friends – Friends can send each other Battle Points in PUBG Mobile too. You can receive as much as 50 BP through friend gifts. Return the favor and give them gifts back – do this daily as there’s only a limited number of gifts you can send out.

Connect Social Network Accounts To Get BP – Connecting your social media account to PUBG Mobile can earn you some easy Battle Points too. When you first start the game, you see an option to log in using Facebook or Twitter. But you can connect other social media accounts as well. Combining social accounts on Facebook, Google Play, Game Center & Twitter can earn you 2,000 BP. Even if you don’t play using those accounts, be sure to still connect them.

Earn BP Through Missions – You can also earn Battle Points by completing missions, There are different types of missions – daily, challenge and progress missions. Check them out on the right & bottom part of your main screen. Remember, in order to receive these Battle Points, you need to click on “Collect”, otherwise you won’t get them at all.

Gather Points Via Event Rewards – Some events reward players with the Chicken Dinner BP Crate. You can earn up 150-300 BP per crate so be sure to collect them & complete any missions that have them as rewards!

And that is how you can easily earn Battle Points and use them to buy crates and skins to customize your characters. Be sure to check back regularly for more guides as we’re adding more content for your favourite games daily.

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PUBG Mobile Duos Tips and Tricks

We’ve already talked about what you should keep in mind while playing PUBG in a squad and what things are important to remember when playing solo, but we haven’t talked about Duos yet. Simply put, Duos is like a less complex version of squads, where instead of four people in a squad, you have groups of two. But you still need to communicate effectively, though it’ll be a little easier because you’re only communicating with one person.

So, today we’ll be giving you some tips and tricks using which you can ensure your two-member team becomes unbeatable, and get that chicken dinner every time.

Landing – Stay Together

The first rule of playing as duos, just like with squads, is always land together. A lot of beginners make this mistake, they end up going separately from their team members and immediately end up getting killed by an enemy team. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake and plan out with your team in advance where you want to land.

The moment you land, start looking for a good weapon. And always be on the lookout for more, not just for yourself but for your team, giving them any extra weapons you might find. This will make sure you’re ready for the fight right from the beginning.

Keep an eye on how many people are landing close to your decided spot, and keep alerting your teammate of their potential whereabouts so they’re always aware and ready.

Looting and Weapons

When looting for weapons in the beginning, try to spread out so you can cover more ground. Instead of everyone going together into one building, each of the two of you can go into a different one to maximize potential loot. But don’t venture away too far, and keep communicating your position to your partner so they can help you out in case you need it.

Another thing you should keep in mind while looting items; always be mindful of your team’s equipment and choose accordingly. This way, you can help your partner with attachments and they can do the same. For instance, if you pick up a sniper rifle, your team mate can give you a good scope if they find one, and you can help them find items for their build. It’s always important to coordinate with your partner and keep sharing items amongst yourselves.

Fighting the Enemy

The moment you see an enemy, alert your partner of their position. A lot of times, someone will start firing by themselves because they want to get a kill, but end up getting their own team killed instead. So don’t be greedy, and remember you’re part of a team.

Don’t walk alone into a fight, and always cover each other. Getting kills is faster when more people shoot an enemy and put some pressure on the opposing team as well.

Additionally, when entering combat, be mindful of your enemies’ positions, coordinate with your team and try to flank them. This will help you dominate the battlefield easily.

Remember that there’s strength in numbers, so make sure you’re ready to revive your fallen teammate, but don’t rush into it if you have enemies firing at you. And always look for cover while healing so enemies can’t ambush you by surprise.

Try to make sure both of you make it to the final circle, it’ll really boost your chances of winning that chicken dinner. Always remember you’re playing in a team, and you two will be an unstoppable juggernaut.

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