PUBG Mobile Settings Guide For Best Graphics and Performance

PUBG Mobile can run on almost all budget smartphones, but you do need to figure what are the optimal settings for good performance on your phone. After all, you want to make sure you have every advantage you can to win that chicken dinner. So, here’s a guide to explain what the different settings mean and help you choose the best settings for your device.


The framerate means the number of frames that show up on your screen every second. If your framerate is low, the game will seem laggy. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to make sure your framerate is high and stable, and to do that set it to Ultra/Extreme, whichever is the highest available option in your phone.


The higher the framerate, the smoother the game will look, and that will help improve your gameplay as well. One of the ways to ensure a high framerate is to lower your graphics setting. And people do like to keep their settings low so they can spot enemies more easily. For that, keep your Graphics setting on Smooth. You can try Balanced too, but we recommend Smooth as it also unlocks the Extreme option for framerate. Your game won’t look beautiful, but you will be closer to winning a chicken dinner for sure.


In the Style setting, we recommend using the ‘Colorful’ option. This is more or less subjective, but the Colorful option has higher contrast due to which the colours pop out more and it may help you spot enemies more easily.


Anti-aliasing helps improving object edges by making them smoother. With this setting off, you can notice that the edges are jaggy and a little off-looking. This makes the game look a lot better, but it does take a toll on the overall performance, bringing your FPS down.

Below that you’ll also find the ‘Auto-adjust’ option, but we suggest you leave that turned off because we’re manually adjusting the settings to focus on high framerate.

That should make sure you have an optimal graphics experience getting into PUBG Mobile.

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PUBG VS Free Fire – Which One is For You?

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are two of the most popular games on smartphones right now, and if you’re planning to get into either of them, trying to figure out which one suits you the most might not be very easy to do. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide comparing the two games to help you out. Let’s see what both games have to offer, shall we?


Free Fire has a lot of characters. You start off with two free characters and can unlock more as you play. Most of the characters can be unlocked by normally progressing through the game. You can even buy them, should you choose, and some can even be obtained via login bonus. But some characters are locked behind a paywall in that you need to buy them with diamonds, which in turn are purchased with real-world currency.

Additionally, each character in Free Fire has their unique skill or ability. And you can unlock more by leveling up the character. Depending on your playstyle, you can level up the corresponding skills and double down on it.

On the other hand, PUBG Mobile is quite simple. The battle royale mode has no character system. Everyone has the same character, though you can change the appearance. Everyone starts out the same and there are no skills to unlock. There are characters in the Evo mode, but they can’t be used in the Battle Royale.

The Battle Royale Mode

PUBG has made battle royale the most popular game mode in India and a lot of other countries. In PUBG Mobile’s Battle Royale mode, 100 players drop on a map and the aim is to be the last man or the last squad standing. It’s a simple concept: escape from the Blue Zone, kill your enemies, stay away from the red areas and survive till the end.

In Free Fire, there are only 50 players in a match, and the map is much smaller. So not only do the matches are shorter, you can get into combat much faster because of the smaller map.

Both games have a pretty good variety of weapons, skins and attachments. So which one should you go for?

Even people who are not really into gaming are somewhat familiar with PUBG Mobile. So if you’re just looking to dabble into games with your friends, PUBG Mobile is your best bet as you can easily find people to play with and chances are some of your friends are already playing it. Additionally, PUBG Mobile has a much bigger esports scene right now, so you can even take part in tournaments should you want to.

On the other hand, Free Fire has a lot of unique things to add to the battle royale formula, like characters. The matches are shorter and fast-paced, unlike PUBG where one game can take a while. With the different skills and weapons, you can experiment a lot more in Free Fire, especially if you like trying out different playstyles.

In the end, irrespective of which game you pick, you can always take part in the tournaments for it on GamingMonk.

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PUBG Mobile Vector Attachment Guide

We have a few assault rifle guides for PUBG Mobile, so today we’ll help you out with one of the most popular SMGs in the game, the Vector. This is a guide on how to handle the Vector’s recoil and the best attachments you can find for it on the battlefield.

Vector is an SMG with a high rate of fire. While the recoil for this gun is controllable, the biggest issue it faces is ammo capacity. It’s a deadly weapon for close-range combat and can be pretty useful for medium to long-range as well.

Before we get to the attachments, let’s take a look at the weapon stats.

The Vector has a base damage of 31 but the high rate of fire takes the DPS up to 563, which means you can drop your enemies quickly in close quarters.

The horizontal recoil in the Vector is pretty low, so the main thing that needs to be handled is the vertical recoil. Additionally, one thing you should note is that the gun is pretty accurate for its first 10 shots.

The vertical recoil and low ammo capacity problems can be easily solved by using the right attachments.

The Vector can support a lot of different attachments, more than any other SMG in PUBG Mobile, which makes it a versatile weapon. Let’s talk about the best ones you should have while playing with the Vector.

Quickdraw Extended Magazine

The first thing you need to look for is a Quickdraw Extended mag. If you can’t find that then look for an Extended mag. That will take your bullet count from 19 to 33, which means you can fire for longer without needing to reload. Combine that with its high firing rate and it can work wonders for you in a clutch fight.


For the muzzle, we suggest you go with a compensator which will reduce the horizontal and vertical recoil. In fights where each bullet decides whether who lives and lies in the game, one can’t understate the significance of a compensator. But if you think you can handle the recoil yourself, you can take a stealthy approach and go with a suppressor instead.

Half Grip/Vertical Grip

Now let’s talk about the lower rail attachment. For this, you have two options, depending on your playstyle. If you prefer engaging in close-range combat, then go with the half-grip. Otherwise, go with the Vertical Grip because that’s more helpful in mid-range and long-range firefights.


If you’re someone who picks the half-grip for the Vector, it means you probably stick to close-range and in that case, you should go with the Red Dot sight which will help you aim more accurately.

But if you’re choosing the vertical grip, go with the 6x scope because that will help you fight at long range, and you can switch it to the 3x which will be helpful in mid-range fights.


For the Stock, you only have one option and that’s the Tactical Stock. This will make your Vector more stable and help you take care of the recoil.

Finally, if you pair your Vector with a DMR, your loadout will be perfect. It’ll be very suitable for the fraggers who like to push aggressively.

The attachments mentioned above will help you tackle the Vector’s recoil a lot. And once that is taken care of, you can move around a little while shooting and really take advantage of the SMGs better movement speed and rate of fire.

If you found this guide helpful, share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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PUBG Mobile – Beryl M762 Best Attachments and Recoil Guide

We get a lot of comments by people asking us to make a guide for the M762 in PUBG Mobile. So, the wait is over, and here’s our definitive M762 guide with the best attachments so you can handle the weapon and its recoil with ease.

The Beryl M762 is pretty similar to the AKM, but has an advantage in that there is a huge variety of attachments that you can use with it. There’s an attachment for almost everything, including the upper rail, lower rail, magazine and the muzzle.

The M762 has a strong recoil, and it’s important to be able to handle that if you want to use it properly. But don’t worry, the attachments will help you with that a lot too. But before we talk about that, let’s take a look at the base stats of the M762.

The base hit damage is 46, which is less than the AKM, but when you spray the DPS goes up to 534 which is higher than the AKM, thanks to the M762’s high firing rate.

You can see the M762’s recoil in the screenshot above, and you’ll be able to tell that it has considerable vertical recoil and even some horizontal recoil.

What we need to do is take advantage of the high firing rate and DPS with the gun’s spray. And that’s where the attachments come into play.


Using a compensator with the M762 is absolutely necessary. Not only does it help with the recoil, it also improves the entire experience of the gun. If you’re not able to find a compensator right away, you can make do with a flash hider or suppressor and switch to the compensator as soon as you find it. A suppressor won’t be very useful because you’ll be mostly using this gun at short to medium range, just like the AKM.

Vertical Grip

Now let’s talk about the lower rail attachment. The best option for this gun is the vertical grip because it really helps with the recoil in the M762. With this you’ll have a better control over the spray and will be able to spray better.


The best option you have in the magazine is the Quickdraw Extended Mag. With this, you’ll have a better bullet capacity as well as faster reloads. But if you’re in a pinch and have to choose between the Extended Magazine and the Quickdraw Magazine, choose the Extended because that will help you more with the spray.


Let’s talk about scopes now. We’ll recommend either the 6x or the 2x. You can set the 6x at 3x and use it at close range, and you’ll also have a good option for the long range. Otherwise go for the 2x scope which will help you have more control on the spray and aim at the enemies more easily.

Now, a few tips on how to handle recoil.

  • First of all, only use the M762 for short or medium range fights. Due to the strong recoil it’s not suited for the long range. And if you don’t have a better rifle or gun then you can use this on burst or single-fire mode.
  • Second, try not to move a lot while shooting with the M762 otherwise you’ll also have to adjust for horizontal recoil. So as long as you’re fighting at medium range, try to stay in one spot when you’re spraying.
  • Finally, make sure to set your sensitivity. We recommend going with a lower sensitivity in general, but for ADS we say for twice your normal sensitivity because that’ll help you pull down faster while spraying.

So that’s our guide for handling M762 recoil and attachments. Let know what else you’d like to see a guid for in the comments!

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PUBG Mobile Getting Death Race Mode and Snowy Erangel in Next Update

We’ve seen a consistent stream of content coming in for PUBG Mobile, and it seems like Tencent wants to keep that going with the next update as well. They’re planning to bring some major new additions to the game with 0.16.0 update, as it’s being called, the details of which you can find out below.

As revealed by Mr GhostGaming, there will be three major changes that we can expect to see:

Death Race Mode:

PUBG will be adding a Death Race mode for players, inspired by the movie of the same name. The new event will allow players to battle against each other using vehicles, which will be fully locked and loaded with weapons and explosives. There will also be crates dropped (or spawned) on the race course, offering the players temporary boosts, with the main aim being eliminating all your opponents while racing against them across the course.

TPP to FPP Perspective Switch:

Players who have been craving some more immersion in their PUBG Mobile matches can now rejoice! Tencent is adding the option to switch between Third Person (TPP) and First Person (FPP) perspectives, just like PUBG PC. You’ll now be able to freely switch between the views on the fly, whether you’re on foot or in a vehicle.

Snow on Erangel Map

Looks like Tencent is getting into the Christmas festive season! We already have the Vikendi map for our winter battle royale matches, but the devs will be adding a snowy touch to Erangel as well. And it will be feature packed, complete with snow-tipped mountains, ski lifts, and ski boards. That’s right folks, now you can ski in PUBG, and not just the mountains either. According to the leaks, you should be able to use it anywhere on the map.

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PUBG Mobile Squad Tips and Tricks

There’s a huge difference between playing PUBG in solo and playing in a squad – in one mode you only have to worry about yourself, and in the other you need to coordinate and communicate with your team in order to make it till the end.

So, today we’ll be giving you some tips and tricks using which you can ensure your squad becomes unbeatable, and get that chicken dinner every time.

Landing – Stay Together

The first rule of playing squads is, always land together. A lot of beginners make this mistake, they end up going separately from their squad and immediately end up getting killed by an enemy team. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake and plan out with your team in advance where you want to land.

The moment you land, start looking for a good weapon. And always be on the lookout for more, not just for yourself but for your team, giving them any extra weapons you might find. This will make sure you’re ready for the fight right from the beginning.

Keep an eye on how many people are landing close to your decided spot, and keep alerting your teammates of their potential whereabouts so they’re always aware and ready.

Looting and Weapons

When looting for weapons in the beginning, try to spread out so you can cover more ground. Instead of everyone going together into one building, each team mate can go into a different one to maximize potential loot. But don’t venture away too far, and keep communicating your position to your team so they can help you out in case you need it.

Another thing you should keep in mind while looting items; always be mindful of your team’s equipment and choose accordingly. This way, you can help your teammates with attachments and they can do the same. For instance, if you pick up a sniper rifle, your squad can give you a good scope if they find one, and you can help them find items for their build. It’s always important to coordinate with your team and keep sharing items amongst yourselves.

Fighting the Enemy

The moment you see an enemy, alert all your teammates. A lot of times, someone will start firing by themselves because they want to get a kill, but end up getting their own squad killed instead. So don’t be greedy, and remember you’re part of a team.

Don’t walk alone into a fight, and always cover your teammates. Getting kills is faster when more people shoot an enemy and put some pressure on the opposing team as well.

Additionally, when entering combat, be mindful of your enemies’ positions, coordinate with your team and try to flank them. This will help you dominate the battlefield easily.

Remember that there’s strength in numbers, so make sure someone is always ready and willing to revive a fallen teammate, and the others cover them to make sure the enemies don’t take you by surprise. You can also try to draw enemy fire towards you while your teammate is being revived to give them better odds of survival.

Try to make sure your whole squad makes it to the final circle, it’ll really boost your chances of winning that chicken dinner. Always remember you’re playing in a team, and your squad will be an unstoppable juggernaut.

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PUBG Season 10 Coming On Nov 9, Will add New Character Called Sara

Season 10 of PUBG Mobile is on its way, and it aims to bring a lot more to the table than the current one. In addition to new items, missions and a new theme, it will also introduce a new character, named Sara.

According to the leaks, Sara will have a vehicle reinforcement skill which will let her reduce any damage taken by a vehicle she’s riding in. The leak was first shared by YouTube channel Mr. Ghost Gaming. It also reveals that Sara will have a host of costumes, emotes and dialogues which players can unlock by completing in-game missions. She’s the second character to be added to the game, after Victor, who was added to the game back in August, in the 0.14.0 update.

Here’s what Sara’s in-game description says,”Sara is a vehicle expert who loves automobiles and going for rides. She excels at reinforcing vehicles so that they take less damage when she drives or is riding in a vehicle.” It sure sounds the ability will come in quite handy when you’re trying to drive away from or into heavy gunfire. Be sure to check her out when the Season 10 update hits on November 10.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.14 Lets You Become a Zombie

PUBG Mobile is getting a brand new update with version 0.14 and this version adds a lot of new things to the game.

The first big one is the addition of an Infection Mode in which players will randomly be put in as Team Zombie or Team Defender. If a Zombie kills a Defender, they become a Zombie but Zombies can only use Melee attacks and special moves that have a cool down while Defenders can use their guns. If even one Defender stays alive.

There is also a new Character System where players will be assigned with a predefined special skill for Evo Ground mode. One of these characters is Victor whose special skills lets him reload a submachine gun faster.

They’ve also made changes to the UI and have added in a Selective UI. Along with that is also the Android Resources Extension Pack which reduces the size of the Android installation package. This contains some equipment and resources that are used less so they’re displayed with a placeholder icon unless the Pack is downloaded.

Finally, the background of the game has been changed to show docks with ships in the back. A seven seas outfit, emote and a pirate-themed ship has all been added to the Erangel spawn island.

Speaking of Erangel, the update Erangel 2.0 is scheduled to release at the end of 2019. Update 0.14 releases on 14th August.

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MortaL’s Replacement Confirmed! sc0ut Joins Team SouL

After the shocking news that MortaL was quitting competitive PUBG Mobile and leaving the Team SouL roster, there was one question on everyone’s mind. Who is going to replace him? Well, Team SouL were quick to find a replacement in Team IND’s Tanmay “sc0ut” Singh.

In an Instagram Story, sc0ut announced that PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 will be his last tournament with the Team IND roster. Sometime after that, he announced via a YouTube community post that he will be joining team SouL and taking the spot that once belonged to MortaL.

He says that the decision was mutual and taken with the full cooperation of his teammates. There’s no bad blood between then and sc0ut still considers himself a part of Team IND.

sc0ut is one of the best fraggers in the Indian PUBG Mobile scene and his addition to Team SouL will be a good one since he also knows the guys on that team. Meanwhile, Team IND are looking for a temporary teammate for the upcoming PUBG Mobile India Tour tournament as the remaining team members might be taking a small break after it.

What do you think about sc0ut replacing MortaL on Team SouL? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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MortaL Retires from Competitive PUBG Mobile

Team SouL recently won the hearts of every Indian PUBG fan after they made their way to PMCO Berlin and came in at 12th place after putting up a very valiant effort. But it seems like heartbreak isn’t over for Team SouL fans as MortaL has announced that he’s retiring from Competitive PUBG Mobile.

As seen from his Youtube Community post, Naman “MortaL” Mathur is stepping down as a competitive player from Team SouL but will still be a part of the organization probably as a streamer and not a pro player. He doesn’t know about who will replace him yet as that is up to the team and not him.

It is also important to note that he did not decide this after the PMCO Berlin performance but had realized that being a professional player and being a streamer at the same time was hard during the Regional Qualifiers for PMCO in Delhi. He now wants to focus on streaming and trying out different games besides PUBG Mobile.

It’s safe to say that the decision did come out of the blue but the man is just looking for happiness and if streaming gives him that happiness then props to him for not forcing himself to play competitively. He may return to the esports scene later but that’s a maybe and doesn’t seem like it will be any time soon.

This must be a big change for him and we would like to wish Naman the best in this endeavor.

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