Saints Row is Going to Return Soon!

All you fans of the third street Saints can rejoice because the Saints Row series is finally going to return and we have official confirmation of it.

In THQ Nordic’s recent Financial Report, they’ve talked about a lot of things and one of the things they’ve talked about is Saints Row. It’s not just that they want to start making a new Saints Row game but rather, the developers for the series, Volition, is already deep in development of a brand-new game.

This game is going to be the first full entry since Saints Row IV which released in 2013. We don’t if it’ll be a sequel or a reboot like a lot of popular titles that have returned these days. Saints Row IV had a very weird ending, even the “True” ending. The spin-off game Saints Row: Gat out of Hell also has multiple endings one of which reset the whole universe so maybe they’ll use that to start fresh.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Saints Row series, the first title started off as gangster story, which seemingly was heavily inspired by GTA. The 2nd game also focused on gangster life and was much more serious tonally. Saints Row 3 is when things started to go a bit off the rails and it got it’s wackiness and Saints Row 4 turned that wackiness up to 100.

They were great games and have a lot of fan following so we’re glad to see that they’ll be making a return and we’re very excited to see where the story goes from here and how or if they handle the events of the previous games.

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