Shakedown: Hawaii development enters final beta

Shakedown: Hawaii is in its final beta and preview copies have been sent to press, developer Vblank Entertainment announced.

Vblank Entertainment will use the final beta period to “find out which missions players enjoy most and which could use a bit more love, to catch any potential difficulty spikes before launch, and overall, to ensure that you experience the best possible game on day one.”

Over the past few months, the game has received various “under the hood” changes and mission tuning, as well as a bump in visuals for an “even higher quality 16-bit look.”

Once final beta testing is complete, the game will be submitted to certification and a solid release date will be announced.

Vblank Entertainment also announced that the PC version of Shakedown: Hawaii will launch via the Epic Games Store. The developer did not say whether it still plans to release on Steam.

Shakedown: Hawaii will be released for PlayStation 4, Switch, PS Vita, 3DS, and PC.

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