Spider-Man PS4 Version 1.14 Update Now Available, Adds ‘Bombastic Bag Man’ And ‘Future Foundation’ Suits

Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Insomniac Games have released the version 1.14 update for Marvel’s Spider-Man, which includes the “Bombastic Bag-Man Suit” and “Future Foundation Suit” for Spider-Man.

Here is some background on the suits, via Insomniac Games writer Christos Gage on the PlayStation Blog:

Spidey has a long history with the Fantastic Four, going back to 1963’s Amazing Spider-Man #1, when our rookie wall-crawler tried to join the team—only to end up fighting them! That was just the beginning of many years of adventure (including the 2010 Spider-Man / Fantastic Four miniseries written by yours truly and drawn by Mario Alberti) that has led us to today, with the new Fantastic Four comic written by longtime Spidey-scribe and game story contributor Dan Slott.


There have been too many cool Spidey / Fantastic Four moments to count, but one of the most memorable in their illustrious history was in Amazing Spider-Man #258, when Spidey swung by the Fantastic Four’s headquarters for help with the alien symbiote he was wearing as a costume (that’s right, it later became Venom). The Fantastic Four got it off, but then Spidey was left in his underpants (we’d never do something that silly in the game… wait, I’m being told we did). So Spidey borrowed a Fantastic Four costume… but they don’t have masks! So, to conceal Peter Parker’s secret identity, his frenemy, the Human Torch, gave Spidey a grocery bag to wear on his head. As The Thing might say, what a revoltin’ development!


Another chapter in their shared story came when Spidey actually joined the Fantastic Four, then calling themselves the Future Foundation, and they all wore cool black and white costumes. Hey, Dan wrote many of those issues, and I scripted one or two myself! That suit was awesome looking because – but you don’t want to hear me yap, look for yourself!

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now for PlayStation 4.

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Spider-Man PS4 Will Get Something Related to Fantastic Four Soon

Marvels’ Spider-Man for the PS4 is a great game with a lot of content and it seems that we might get Fantastic Four related content very soon.

Marvel’s Fantastic Four Week kicked off this week and during the live stream, Marvel’s Ryan Penagos said “Something ‘fantastic’ is coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man real soon. I can’t tell you anything more right now…but you’ll want to keep an eye out for this. It’s going to be amazing and fantastic.”

Insomniac Games acknowledging the announcement.

The fact that it was specifically announced during this live stream and that it will be “amazing” and “fantastic”, two adjectives used to describe Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four respectively could mean that we could either see member’s of the Fantastic Four in the game to set up a Fantastic Four game or the current most plausible theory that we might get Spidey’s Amazing Bag Man or the Future Foundation Suit.

The Amazing Bag Man from Spider-Man PS1

We’ve seen a lot of Suits being added to the game, including the Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit after a lot of vocal fan requests so it can be safe to assume that this content could be a suit or two. For those unfamiliar with the two suits, the Amazing Bag man suit is given to Spider-Man by Reed Richards after he has Richards remove the black symbiote suit to be analyzed. The costume is a Fantastic Four costume with a brown bag on his face as the Fantastic Four don’t use masks to hide their identity.

Future Foundation Suit from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

The Future Foundation is a black and white suit which Peter gets after joining the Fantastic Four after the death of The Human Torch. The suit can change to a black stealth mode, to his usual red and blue or even to his civilian clothes with just a thought but it has mainly been shown to be black and white.

The final story DLC for the “The City That Never Sleeps” trilogy is out and that could be one of the last few DLCs we get for this title. Maybe the last updates will be more costume updates but if they announce another DLC, I’m sure fans would love it or if they announced a sequel.

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Top 5 Best Stories In Video Games of 2018 | GamingMonk’s Best of 2018

Admit it or not, games with good stories always leave us wanting for more. And this year has been especially giving for fans who like their games heavy on the story side. Let’s check out our top five, shall we?

Red Dead Redemption 2

Without spoiling too much, Red Dead Redemption 2 is truly a tale of red, dead redemption. Arthur’s journey, both external and internal is a roller coaster ride as he discovers some remarkable eye opening facts, about himself and his loved ones.

God of War

If you ever played the original God of War games and thought to yourself, “I wonder what this dude would be like if he ever became a dad”, well, think no more. The reboot is quite amazing, both from a visual and a narrative standpoint. Changing the formula from an angry, young man, Kratos is back as an angry, old father. Taking his son on a journey to scatter his mother’s ashes, the game gives players deep insight into his relationship with his son, Atreus. Moments where Kratos struggles to express his affection, and a terrible secret that may very well change his son’s life forever.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

What more can we say about the title that is the only game to ever receive the Marvel Stamp of Approval? The story in Marvel’s Spider-Man is well-paced, and is just the right length, without feeling too stretched or too short. Peter Parker’s relationship with Mary Jane is quite heartwarming too. . . if it doesn’t make you feel bad about not having someone.

Detroit: Become Human

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