State of Decay 2 Coming To Steam with Cross Play

At Undead Labs, we are dedicated to serving a passionate community of fans and are continuously listening to feedback, and our goal is to always be a fan-first studio. One of the top requests we get is to bring State of Decay 2 to Steam. Today, the team is happy to announce that State of Decay 2 is coming to Steam in early 2020 for all of our fans to enjoy!

The original State of Decay and the remastered Year One: Survival Edition found a home and an enthusiastic community on Steam, and we are excited for State of Decay 2 to join them. State of Decay 2 on Steam will feature Xbox Live cross-play, enabling you to play with up to three friends across your platforms of choice (Steam, Windows 10 and Xbox One). After all, no one survives alone!

Stay tuned for more details in early 2020, and in the meantime be sure to add State of Decay 2 to your Steam wishlist now, and Follow the Steam store page to receive immediate updates.

Tune in to our livestream on Monday November 25th at 3pm PT for more details (@UndeadLabs on Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube). Thank you for being part of our amazing community of survivors!

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Top 5 Steam Games Under Rs 299

The Steam Summer Sale has been on for over a week and if you have spent most of your money on games then don’t worry because here’s a list of great games under Rs 299.

Mortal Kombat XL (Rs 254)

If you want a fighting game that’s not too difficult to get into and one that is extremely fun then look no further because Mortal Kombat XL is for you. This has all the DLC characters and if you sit down to play this with your friends, you won’t get bored. Thanks to all the brutal X-Rays and moves, it’s always exciting and fun to play.

Metro Redux Bundle (Rs 212)

If you’ve recently watched Chernobyl or want a good nuclear winter game then look no further. This bundle has the first two Metro titles, 2033 and Last Light. You play as a Russian guy who traverses around Moscow using the Moscow Metro while also fighting off monsters and creatures born because of the radiation. While the games can get a bit spooky and creepy, they’re still fantastic.

Black Mesa (Rs 211)

You’ve probably heard of Half-Life by now. In case you haven’t then you will now. Half-Life 1 is hailed as one of the best FPS shooters of its time and changed how people perceived FPS games. Half-Life 1’s famous mod Counter-Strike is what has led to the creation of the famous esports title CSGO. Sadly, Half-Life 1 is a bit dated and might turn you off if you want to play it for the first time. That’s where Black Mesa comes in. It’s essentially a remaster of Half-Life 1 with better visuals and audio while retaining the core gameplay and story. If you want to experience Half-Life or want to relive it, Black Mesa is a great way to do so.

Mad Max (Rs 247)

Taking inspiration from Mad Max Fury Road, this game is loads of fun. The combat is similar to the Arkham style of combat and is fluid. This is an open-world game and to traverse the big world around Max, you have your own car. This car is also used to fight off against other vehicles which is not just fun but has a certain oomph which makes it very satisfying. The game flew under a lot of people’s radars and now is a great time to get into it.

Sniper Elite 4 (Rs 235)

Play as the world’s best ball-busting Sniper in Sniper Elite 4. Take advantage of your range and snipe people’s heads and balls off to not just save the world from the Nazis but also for your own entertainment. Giggle away as you get a close-up of peoples heads, kidneys and balls getting destroyed thanks to the X-Ray system and your excellent aim.

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How to play the Steam Summer Sale Grand Prix; Get Free Games

The Steam Summer Sale is back and has a game this year as well which rewards players for participating. But, this time around, the Summer Sale Grand Prix is a little bit confusing. Don’t worry though because we will help you understand how to participate in this. Before we start, make sure to arrange your Wishlist because you could have the game at the top of your wishlist gifted to you, more on that later.

How to Start:

To start, you will want to click on the Steam Grand Prix Summer Sale banner which will redirect you to the Grand Prix page. Once here, scroll down a little bit and click on “Join the Races”.

Choose your team, preferably the same team as your friends( Don’t pick Team Corgi though, it’s waaaaay in the lead right now). Once you’ve picked your team, the dashboard will open up. This is where it can get a little confusing.

The Boost Meter:

Here you have a thing called the “Boost Meter”. This basically acts as a way to increase your team’s speed and to move ahead in the race. So when you use the boost, you’re moving your team ahead. If you coordinate this with your friends and teammates, there’s a 0.1x multiplier.


The Boost Meter is filled with points and Nitro which is earned by partaking in Grand Prix Quests. Grand Prix quests are just objectives that are quite doable. There’s a lot of different games that have these quests and even just playing a game will give you points. For e.g. playing CSGO and winning a competitive match will give you 50 points. These points can be redeemed by clicking the particular quest and redeeming it after completing it.


The Boost Meter’s starting capacity depends on how much you’ve spent on Steam in the past. However, this capacity increases by 430 points for every Rs 100 you spend. It also increases by 100 points at the end of the day.

Attacking the Opposition:

When you use the Boost Meter, there is a 1-in-4 chance to get an Attack. Using this will slow down the team of your choosing. Using this with a 100 teammates at the same time will give a 0.1x multiplier to the attack.


Every time you Boost your team, you receive coins. These coins can then be used at the Pitstop. Here, you can get Grand Prix themed Steam backgrounds and Chat Emoticons. You can also get a Grand Prix Badge and a Rs 120 discount code.

End of Race Prizes:

At the end of the races after 24 hours every day, the top three teams will receive Grand Prix points. The 1st team gets 3 points, the 2nd team gets 2 points and the 3rd team gets 1 point. In a similar fashion, 300 random users from the team that finished 1st will get the item on top of their wishlist gifted to them. For the 2nd placed team only 200 users will be given the top wishlisted item and for the 3rd place only 100 users.

At the end of the event, the Grand Prix points will be added up. The team that finishes 1st with the most points will be declared the winner. 1000 users of the team that finishes 1st will receive the top 3 games in their wishlist.

Similarly, the team that finishes 2nd will have 1000 users who will receive their top 2 games and the team that finishes 3rd will have 1000 users who will receive the top game in their wishlist.

So please, arrange your wishlist accordingly because you may or may not get a game gifted to you.

And that’s about it. Enjoy the Steam Summer Sale and make sure to arrange your wishlist.

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Steam Summer Sale 2019: Top Deals

The Steam Summer Sale is here and with it come a lot of discounted games. While there are a lot of games on sale, we have a few that we feel you should absolutely get this Summer Sale if you haven’t already.

PUBG PC (Rs 499| 50% off)

If you haven’t bought PUBG yet and are interested in trying out the actual, most authentic experience of the game then now is the best chance. The game is currently 50% off which means that you can get it for just Rs 499 which is also its lowest price on sale.

Borderlands The Handsome Collection (Rs 295| 97% off)

If Borderlands 3 has you excited but you can’t wait until it releases, the Handsom Collection is for you. The Handsome Collection includes Borderlands 2 with all its DLCs and Borderlands: The Presequel along with its DLCs. Its currently 97% off and is available at just Rs 295 which is an absolute steal.

GTA V (Rs 1,049| 50% Off)

Grand Theft Auto V is 50% off this sale and is available for Rs 1,049 which is one of the lowest prices this game has been on sale for. If you don’t already on this game on PC this is a good time to get it as you can try RP servers and your own Custom online servers to play the game if you don’t want to play GTA Online.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Rs 593 | 40% Off)

An extremely good RPG that you can put 100s of hours into. If you’re looking to play a different type of game, one with a lot of focus on story and your character then this is a game for you. The game is currently 40% off and is available for just Rs 593.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (Rs 499| 50% off)

A really good multiplayer shooter that is regularly updated with new content and also has quite an active community. If you want to try a shooter that’s not CSGO or PUBG, try out this game, that too for just Rs 500.

Dying Light Enhanced Edition (Rs 449| 70% Off)

One of the best zombie games out there that can be played in both single-player and online co-op. You can parkour, grapple across buildings and do so many cool things in this open world game which also happens to have a good story. The Enhanced Edition comes with almost all the main DLCs for just Rs 449.

Rocket League (Rs 282| 50% Off)

If you’re tired of competitive shooters and want to try out a completely different competitive experience, Rocket League is a great choice. The game caters to both, the hardcore players and the casual ones. There’s a lot of different game modes and you can play solo matches or go up-to a 4v4 match that’s absolute chaos. The game is 50% off and available for just Rs 282 which is a steal for such a great game.

HITMAN 2 – Standard Edition (Rs 539| 60% Off)

Hitman 2 is a game that can be described as a big murder room simulator. There’s tons of replayability thanks to the various ways you can approach a mission. The game has very solid gameplay mechanics and if you own Hitman 1 or want to play Hitman 1 with the Hitman 2 upgrades, you can do that. The base game is currently 60% off and is available at just Rs 539.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands (Rs 874| 65% Off)

If you’re interested in the Ghost Recon franchise after the recent announcement of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Wildlands is currently available for just Rs 874 which is a great price if you want to get a feel of what the game is and how it plays.

Sniper Elite Complete Pack (Rs 924| 69% Off)

The Sniper Elite games are just absolutely fun. The sniping feels so refreshing and fun that shooting people in the head or balls never gets tiring. The whole series is on sale right now and is 69% off, which means you can get four games for just Rs 921.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition (Rs 299| 70% off)

If you haven’t already bought this game, do it now. Do it and play it. This game is always going sale for Rs 299 and with the amount of content this game offers, you won’t find many games like it.

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Steam Summer Sale Date Leaked: Starts on 25th June

Its summer time, E3 is over and things seemed to have calmed down for a bit after all the hype excitement of E3. But, that’s about to change thanks to Steam and their famous Summer Sale.

While not officially announced yet, the SteamDB twitter has pointed out that the date has been leaked thanks to it being pointed out by SteamCN, the Chinese Steam community page. This leak states that it starts on June 25th, 10AM PST which is 5PM GMT/ 10:30PM IST.

The Steam Summer Sale is going to last two full weeks according to the leak and we can expect Summer Sale specific trading cards, XP and mini-games to make a return.

Thanks to Epic Games coming in with their Epic Mega Sale as well as snatching up devs to publish their games exclusively to their storefront, we can maybe hope and expect that Steam will try to outdo their sale and maybe even have some crazy deals.

Steam Summer Sale used to be a crazy time back when it first began with amazing flash sales and great discounts on some much sought after games but the past couple of years, people have been a bit disappointed by the Steam Summer Sale. Maybe this year, Steam will make a comeback and have those crazy amazing sales that they were known.

So, prepare your wallets, your bank accounts, your bitcoins and your body for the Steam Summer Sale which may or may not make you broke, unless you already are.

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