Superman: World’s Finest, Rocksteady’s Next Game Leaked?

Everybody wants to know what Rocksteady’s next game will be and they’ve done a good job keeping it under wraps for a really long time but it might have just slipped out.

Over on GameSystemRequirements, a listing for a game titled Superman: World’s Finest popped up about a day. This listing states the developer of the game to be Rocksteady Studios. Now, there have a been a lot of rumours and “leaks” as to Rocksteady’s next title. Some said it was a Suicide Squad game, others said it was Arkham Insurgency while a few said it was a Superman game. Earlier this year, someone on 4chan “leaked” an image that stated that Superman: World’s Finest would be shown at E3 2018, something that never happened. That leak also said that the game’s villain would be Brainiac and that other DC heroes would also show up.

As to the credibility of GameSystemRequirments, they also listed Devil May Cry 5 a whole month before it’s official reveal. We also looked up other popular rumours to see if those titles existed and the only one that got a hit for existing on their listing was Bully 2. We tried searching for Arkham Insurgency, Harry Potter, GTA VI and Bully 2.

Take this listing as a grain of salt as with all such “leaks” and rumours but I have a feeling that at TGA this year which is just 9 days away we will get an official look at Rocksteady’s next title which could very well be Superman: World’s Finest.

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