Xiaomi’s Battle Royale Game “Survival Game” Announced; Currently in Closed Beta

Xiaomi is looking to enter the Battle Royale, mobile gaming market too with their upcoming game “Survival Game” which is currently in closed Beta.

Survival Game is a battle royale game that takes a lot of influence from PUBG with its own mechanics and quirks that make it stand out from its competitors. Gameplay wise the game is a lot like PUBG with the looting and mechanics and shooting. Even the UI and on-screen controls are a lot like PUBG. However, there are differences. The game features Jetpacks that every player has which adds a little bit of verticality to the game and takes over sprinting and climbing stairs. Jumping out of windows also has a neat somersault animation which is absent in other games.

The playable heroes in-game are something that you might see in Fortnite because of how wacky and weird they are. The players are all inside a spaceship which is very evident with the shiny lights and all and you jump off from it. You can traverse the map with various vehicles including an Auto-Rickshaw. The map is Erangle inspired and the visuals are more on the grounded and realistic side.

The game is in it’s closed Beta so if you want to play it you will have to apply for it and hope you get selected. You can do it either by joining this Telegram group and following the instructions that are pinned. Or, you could directly download the APK and then activate your account by going here and following the instructions. The closed Beta recently ended so you might have to wait until the next round of Beta but the steps will likely remain the same.

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