NVIDIA RTX 2060 Founder’s Edition Review

Is Nvidia’s cheapest RTX card worth buying? Can the RTX 2060 justify its high price? If you are looking for a new card but are confounded by the changing GPU market, stick with us as we check out the RTX 2060.

Foremost, the RTX 2060 is priced at Rs. 31,000 for the founders’ edition card. The price seems pretty steep when you compare it to the last generation’s GTX 1060. But, the new card paints a really different picture when it comes to performance.

With the ’60’ nomenclature, people tend it compare it with the GTX 1060. However, the card goes beyond expectations to cruise somewhere well between the GTX 1070 and the GTX 1070 Ti. In some instances, the performance is at par with the GTX 1080.

When compared head to head with the GTX 1070, the RTX card packs in the same number of CUDA cores. The RTX 2060 has a lower base clock speed but both the cards are almost in-differentiable when it comes to ‘boost clock’ speeds. Both cards require an 8-pin PCIe connection to power up. RTX 2060 is 2 GB shy of 1070’s 8 GB VRAM, but the memory type is GDDR6, compared to GDDR5. RTX 2060 operates at 14 Gbps memory speed, 6 Gbps more than the GTX 1070’s memory speed.

A GTX 1070 FE costs Rs. 35,800 and if you plan to go for a 1070 Ti, you’ll have to pay a hefty Rs. 40,350 for a Founder’s Edition card. The RTX 2060 easily beats GTX 1070 and even competes aggressively with the GTX 1070 Ti. Going by the performance, So, a sub-1070 Ti performance card at price almost 10 k less is a decent deal.

If you don’t believe us, see the benchmarks yourself.

Looking at the benchmarks, the RTX 2060 can handle most AAA titles at ultra settings very comfortably, given that you pair it with an equally powerful processor. If you are confused by the Metro Exodus benchmarks, don’t worry, because Metro Exodus benchmark tool is a really intensive one. When we actually played the game on 1080p, we recorded a comfortable 82-83 average FPS.

Along with all these crazy specs and benchmarks, you get Nvidia’s latest addition, the ‘Ray-Tracing’ technology. While RTX 2060, is not a very powerful RTX card, you can enjoy ray tracing as long as you stick to 1080p. If you venture out any further, things tend to get choppy. If you are still not sure what ray tracing is, perhaps a direct comparison will clear things out for you.

Ray Tracing helps produce real-life shadows and reflections.

The RTX technology is still in its early stage and suffers from severe performance loss with ray tracing turned on. But, to be honest, ray tracing is realistically beautiful and takes graphics to the next level.

To sum it all, RTX 2060 is a very well balanced card. It offers great performance for the price. However, the answer to the question ‘Should you buy the RTX 2060?’ depends entirely on your budget (and partially on your liking for RTX.)
If you have a pocket for a 30-35k card and like the new ray tracing technology, RTX 2060 is the best card you can get. If you don’t have a 30k budget or don’t like RTX, you might be better off considering a GTX 1660 Ti.

Top 5 TVs for Gaming (Rs. 25,000)

TVs make a great replacement for conventional Monitors for gaming. You get more inch per rupee, better connectivity and there’s no need to worry about a lot of cables. If you are an occasional or casual gamer, you could consider a TV instead of a monitor. But if you want to game professionally, we recommend you to buy a good gaming monitor for best performance. Anyways, here’s the list we have.

Thomson UD9 43 inch LED TV Smart TV

Ultra HD (4k)
60 Hz Panel
Response Time – 6.5 ms
Price – Rs ₹24,999

If you love for 4K is just too much, but your pocket weeps when you look at the prices of 4k displays, don’t lose hope. Infact, turn to Thomson UD9 43 inch Ultra HD LED TV. This TV by Thomson has a 60 Hz, 4k display and is equipped with all your connectivity needs. It has 3x HDMI and 2x USB ports so you can easily hookup your consoles, blu-rays players, and pen drives to enjoy all your 4k content.

As a cherry on the top is the 6.5 ms response time, which seems pretty decent for a TV. However you should always consider these response time claims with a grain of salt as these specifications are often deceiving. It is a smart TV and comes with built in Wifi and a RJ45 Lan Port.

SANYO NXT 49 inch LED TV Smart TV

Full HD (1080p)
60 Hz Panel
6 ms Response time
Price – Rs 24,999   

If size is the king for you, don’t think twice because Sanyo offers a massive 49 inch Full HD display at a price that is easy on your pocket too. Equipped with 3x HDMI and 2x USB ports, you get all the connectivity you need. The screen is a 1080p running at 60 Hz which ensures that your game play doesn’t feel shutter-y.

The company reports a response time of 6ms. However, we still stand by the point that these results could be sugarcoated or cherry-picked. It comes with two 20W speakers and has inbuilt bass and treble control feature. Like the Thomson UD9, this is also a Smart TV.

Vu Iconium 43 inch Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV

Ultra HD (4k)
60 Hz Refresh Rate
8 ms Response Time
Price – Rs 24,999

This is another great 4k Smart TV that doesn’t break your wallet. Vu has established itself as a reliable brand in India in a relatively short span to time. The display has a 60 Hz refresh rate. There are 2x USB 2.0 and 3x HDMI ports on the side for easy access.

The mentioned response time is 8ms. However, the ‘deception thing’ we talked about above applies here too. This is a Smart TV and uses Dolby Technology to drive it’s sound. The display is backlit and TV supports HDR too. You can control the TV by installing the mobile app that comes with it.

Mi LED Smart TV 4A Full HD TV (Black)

Full HD (1080)
60 Hz Refresh Rate
6.5 ms Response Time
Price – Rs. 22,999

Xiaomi phones have flooded the Indian market. Thanks to their robust built, simple UI and reasonable price. But Xiaomi also makes other appliances including TVs. Mi 4A LED TV comes with a 60 Hz, 1080p screen. It has 3x HDMI and 3x USB ports unlike other TVs in this price segment, who only have 2x USB ports. Xiaomi uses DTS-HD sound technology, which some consider to be superior to Dolby Sound due to its higher encoding data rate.

We turned to an independent website to get the response time information, which turns reports a response time of 6.5 ms. Again, the deception thing! Phew!

Vu 49 inch Full HD LED TV

Full HD (1080p)
60 Hz Refresh Rate
8 ms Response Time
Price- Rs 22,999

If you like size more than the resolution, you can save some bucks by considering another Vu TV on our list. This TV has massive 49 inch display and supports 1080p at 60 Hz. Connectivity is a bit limited on this display with 2x HDMI and 2x USB ports. Also, this is not a Smart TV. On a positive side, the display is a DLED screen. The company reports a response time of 8 ms. It is a 2016 model but if you look out for deals you might find it for a very good price.

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Build a PC For Gaming AND Productivity under INR 75000

With the launch of RTX 2060, mid-tier gaming is once again alive and kicking. With no new hardware launches soon, it’s a great time to put together the dream PC you have been waiting for. When it comes to picking up the ‘right’ components, the task seems similar to finding a needle in a haystack (or an assassin). Well, anyway, here’s Gaming Monk’s PC build recommendation for a budget of 75k.


Ryzen 5 2600 – INR 16290

For the processor, we have chosen the red team’s Ryzen 5 2600, clocked at 3.9 GHz. 2600 is a well-balanced CPU. It has 6 cores and 12 threads and delivers great value for money. When compared to i5 8400, Ryzen trails ‘a bit’ behind in the FPS segment. However, when it comes to productivity, those extra 6 threads pay off well.


MSI B450M PRO-VDH – INR 6600

To fit this chip, we have chosen MSI’s B450-Pro VDH motherboard. This motherboard has a B450 chipset which supports overclocking and has all the features that you’ll need, including a steel plated PCI slot to support your beefy card that we’ll talk about in a while.


Corsair Vengeance 8 GB DDR4 (3000 Mhz) x 2 – INR 9598

For memory, we have chosen two Corsair Vengeance 8 GB DDR4 (3000 Mhz) sticks. Ryzen CPUs greatly benefit from higher memory speeds two 3000 Mhz Ram sticks will help us extract every bit of performance from our 2600.

Graphics Card

RTX 2060 (FE) – INR 31000

For GPU we have gone with Nvidia’s mid-tier flagship, RTX 2060 (FE) priced at Rs.31000. The GPU delivers better performance then the past generation’s 1070 and is enough to take down any game at 1080p or even 1440p. It also comes with Nvidia’s new “Ray Tracing” and Tensor Cores which will help you enjoy the eye candy of real-life reflections and shadows in exchange of FPS (until Nvidia addresses the FPS loss somehow.) Anyway, the GPU delivers great performance for its price, when the comparatively slower 1070 is priced at 35k.

Power Supply

Corsair CX 650 – INR 5400

To power up our system we have chosen Corsair’s CX 650 power supply. The PSU is 80 plus bronze certified ensuring a reliable supply to your beloved components. That extra wattage provides us enough headroom to overclock these parts for that ‘extra’ FPS when you really need it.


Kingston 120gb sata ssd – inr 1800
WD Blue 1TB 7200rpm hdd – INR 2975

As far as storage is concerned, no modern PC is complete without a SSD. So we’ll go with a Kingston 120GB SATA SSD for booting up. For your games, movies and other stuff, you can put that in a WD Blue 1TB 7200 RPM HDD.


Circle CC 819 Black – INR 2600

And finally, we have chosen Circle’s CC819 Case for you to put your components. It is a decent looking case and has enough room and airflow space to keep your rig cool while you knock your enemy’s head off or render that youtube video.

The total for cost for this build runs up to INR 76,263 which is a little over our inital INR 75,000 budget, but spending those few extra bucks make sure that we get a rig that can take care of everything we can throw at it.

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Top 5 Weird Gadgets at CES 2019

This year’s CES has been amazing, but as usual, there was some really ‘unusual’ stuff at CES this year too. Here are the top 5 weird gadgets that caught our eye at CES 2019.


If your pillow started to breathe, it would be pretty creepy, right? But that is the whole idea behind Somnox. This bean-shaped pillow is designed to breathe and match the rhythm of your heartbeat to help you drift into your dreamland. If that doesn’t help you doze off, it can play audiobooks or sing lullabies to help. It seems like that the world seriously needs some form of affection.


Touchpoint Stress Relievers



If I told you that you can wear a set of vibrating bracelets to relieve stress off your mind, you wouldn’t believe that it would possibly work. But it was there at the CES and it works! These stress relievers by touchpoint claim to reduce stress by more than 70 per cent in just 30 seconds. The technology used is called ‘Blasting’ (we don’t know why.)


Every day, machines are becoming more effective and humans are becoming lazier. Zocus can help you tackle your daily procrastination by effectively eliminating distractions. This $99-dollar device disables your notifications when you are working and focused, and lets them through when you are on a break. Seems like self-discipline has a high price now-a-days.


People will do anything to get in shape (except working out and eating right). If you know someone who has $481 to spare, ask them to get a pair of Modius’s headgear (if you consider it that). This device stimulates parts of the brain that have been known to reduce appetite and in turn, help cut out that excess body fat.



This AI robo-mouse acts as prey for your cat. It runs and mimics the movement of a real mouse, has various tail options to customise it to your cat’s liking and costs just $140 (you didn’t see that coming, did you?). Anyway, it might be a good investment if your cat is too lazy.

Well that’s pretty much it for this year, god knows what we’ll see next year.

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