Tekken 7 Adds New Character Leroy Smith along with Zafina in Season 3

Tekken 7 is getting a brand new Season along with a Season Pass 3. This new update will add new moves to all characters, brings back Zafina and Leroy Smith.

Leroy Smith is a man who was born in New York but lost his family because of gang violence. He left the city and now returns 50 years later as a master in Wing Chun, the same Martial Arts that Ip Man studied and taught.

The other character revealed for Season 3 is Zafina who was introduced in Tekken 6. Zafina returns but this time she seems to have absorbed the powers of Azazel and might be having some trouble keeping its evil from taking control.

This Season will also bring a major update to the game as all the characters will be getting new moves added to their moveset. This will probably change the meta of the game.

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