Top 5 Most Accurate Zombie Games According To “Experts”

With the release of Resident Evil 2 Remake earlier this year, World War Z a few days ago, and Days Gone coming in Hot this Friday, we can safely say that zombies are back in fashion. With that in mind, we look to the experts to see what they think of zombies in video games, and what they think are the most accurate zombie games.

In this case, the experts are The Zombie Research Society (for real), and they tell us which games did zombies right:

Resident Evil

With a lot of attention to detail in the world and characters trying to survive in it, Resident Evil makes the cut, despite breaking some conventional rules about zombies.

The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us handles the zombie epidemic aspect of it rather well, with the reason behind the outbreak being the Cordyceps Virus.

Dying Light

Dying Light mixes it up by having the day and night cycle change the way the zombies behave. Also, the game’s setting of having the outbreak right around the same time as the the Olympics explains why some zombies can move that fast.

State Of Decay

State of Decay integrates the community building aspect of the post-apocalypse really well, making you need to team up and manage resources in order to survive.

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead has been hailed as one of the best zombie shooters of all time. The setting is simple, but the level design and mission structure makes for a very compelling experience. And the variety of zombies make demand that you approach different encounters in different ways.

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