Trials Rising – Review

Trials Rising is the latest entry in the long running Trials series, and still offers the same sense of tension and excitement that the series is known for. Physics, skill and absurd obstacle courses come together in this glorious amalgamation of sheer fun in Trials Rising.

One of the first difference you’ll notice in Trials Rising are the greater variety and depth to the tracks themselves. They has far more twists and turns, going in and out of levels, giving the game a more 3D look in comparison to the traditionally 2D style design. Another welcome change are the improved tutorials – never before had I considered that slowing down and avoiding huge leaps (which look damn cool, btw), would actually give me better control and also a shorter completion time.

The progression system is also enjoyable, at least for the first 30-40 levels after which the grind begins. You unlock cosmetics (which you can also buy, because it’s 2019, and that’s what games are), and other items as you progress, but it all grinds to a halt towards the later half of the game. There are a ton of tracks to unlock, and they are all really well done. It just really sucks that there’s huge grind attached to it all.

You could always throw money to get rid of the grind, and this is one of my biggest complains with the game. I may even have given up on the game, but despite my complains, Trials Rising is simply FUN! It’s always easy to jump back in for a few more rounds, grind out a few more challenges, unlock new tracks and items, and repeat the cycle.

There’s a ton of value to be had with Trials Rising, and once you get a hang of all the tracks in the game you can start competing in leader-boards with friends. Trials Rising has a smooth learning curve and offers a lot to master. If you can get past the grind, which is not really an issue n the first half of the game, you’ll be playing some of the best levels ever made in a Trials game.

Score – 8/10

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